Chapter 29:



Born into a dungeon cell Celtzer was malnourished and dehydrated. His mother was a slave for Dr. Greyson. He impregnated her and had their child Celtzer. Celtzer was sold into trafficking when he was just four years old. He managed to escape at the age of six and go back to find Greyson. 

He located a hospital in Xudroule where Greyson worked and followed him home. Celtzer had stolen a knife from a nearby store to kill him with. At night he snuck into the house and into the dungeon where his mother was. He saw Dr. Greyson raping his mothers newly decomposing corpse. He dropped the knife and tears came out of his eyes. 

Dr. Greyson turned around and saw him. Celtzer screamed and tons of strings came out of his hands and back, stabbing all of the prisoners and Greyson. He had unlocked his Diablo ability. He stuck Greyson to the wall and spilled all of his guts onto the floor. Greyson ended up dying from the shock but that didn’t stop Celtzer. 

“This world is full of evil, only I can fix it and prevent people like you from getting what they want.” 

Celtzer then became a criminal with the epithet "Master Of Puppets."

“Get up.” 

Jack's heart thumps.

“I said get up!” 

His heart thumps faster. 

“I would like to give you another gift, only if you promise to use it to get to me.” 

“I will” 

Jack's heart thumps rapidly. 

Jack’s eyes regain colour and he stands up throwing up blood. 

“He will not let me die this easily.” 

“Well then Jack, I will put your heart back.” 

Celtzer uses his string to stitch his heart back in. 

“You are missing an arm too.” 

He uses his string to build him an arm. 

“Now our fight will be fair, right Jack?” 

They fight in the dining hall, Jack knocks him into the table. 

“I just set that up!” 

Jack slices into Celtzer’s arm cutting to the bone. He kicks him down into another table. He stands up, blood covering his face and eyes dehumanizing him and bites off his own thumb. 

“Look what you did to me Jack. Stop hurting me! look what you did to my mother Jack!” 

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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