Chapter 30:

The Puppet Master


He used the strings as legs like a spider. Jack punched him with Diablo energy but it had little effect. 

“What's wrong Dr. Jack does your stomach hurt?"

Celtzer ripped open his own stomach and played with his guts. 

“Greyson how does that feel? This is what you did to us!” 

“15% Hurricane Form” 

Jack used Donovinian’s sword and his Diablo ability to cut the string. He swung at Celtzer’s neck. 

“Please forgive me mother for I could not save you.” 

Jack stopped. Celtzer stuck a string into Jack’s stomach. He cut off Celtzer’s head and took the string out. Jack dropped the blade his arm of string began to deteriorate and fall off. 

“I’d like to ask you a question father.” 

Jack was transported to the Ethereal Plane. 

“Why did you bring me back?” 

“I didn’t, it was Zelith” 

“Who is Zelith?” 

Another man appeared in the Ethereal Plane. He wore a white hooded trench coat with short leather boots and a katana on his right side. 

“No, you are… You killed my parents, Maray and Shrilon Vecner.” 

“You should know by now they aren’t your real parents.” 

“I know that Cthulhu is the father of the god inside of me.” 

“You and Nyarlathotep may be different but you are both in the same body, the difference between you is he is every Jack and you are only one.” 

“I will kill you regardless of them being my parents or not, that is my whole reason for living!”

“You are not strong enough yet.” 

He lifts up his sleeve revealing Death’s Ring (X). 

“You only have unlocked the Sorcerer's Ring (V).” 

“Don’t die yet Zelith, I have to be the one to kill you.” 

“I will not die.” 

“Why did you save me?” 

“You will know in time.” 

Zelith left the Ethereal Plane. 

“Jack if you continue on the path I lead you on you will kill Zelith. As the father of the world I can see each outcome for every decision. So will you listen?” 

“I will” 

Jack leaves the Plane and walks to another cell block. He finds his crew and releases them. When he enters the throne room he finds Baltom, The King Of Algaria. 

“Where do you think you’re going criminal? The Master of Puppets will kill you!” 

Jack walked up to the throne. 

He whispered “You have my sword, king.” 

Jack takes back Excalibur and puts it up to the king's throat. 

“If you kill me he will come after you.” 


“King Gavenious of Islena” 

“A new challenge for us then.” 

Jack slit the king's throat. 

“Attention Ghosts! We are the new Kings of Algaria! We will now go to Islena to fight King Gavenious!” 

Jack picked up his coat and they left. They walked for days heading to Islena, to avenge Jack Vecner...