Chapter 11:

Satomi, the youngest army officer.

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

In the long rich history of Canadian warfares, none of mankind had ever seen such a war as the 'Beralta Bomb Crisis'. This dealt such a blow to the Canadians that half of the country were blazing in flames which seemed nowhere near the Chernobyl incident in Russia, rather this was far worse.... Millions of people mainly children were lying on the heavily damaged streets and earthen soil, however, which concerned them the most was their nutrition situation as they were barely getting met with even a little bit of their demands...

It was exactly the leap year 2036 when on the 29th of February, a group of trained and skilled soldiers of the so-formed Outright Army Alliance(OAA) consisting of the best forces from each of the country included in the alliance to make Canada free from the unjust oppressions of an exotic terrorist organization namely, 'Tranquility Bombora' who were planning to destroy the developed countries to put off their burden as failures in case of contributing to success of each individual's separate underdeveloped countries.

(In the base of OAA)

The president of the entire organization, who rather looked like a frail old man in his 50's, stood on the podium in front of the highly trained and chosen 500 soldiers from all over the partner countries and declared the following announcement,

"On Guard! Listen! My fellow soldiers, I am sure you have known by now about the cold and unbearable condition of the people of Canada. It's nothing but a matter of sorrow that a part of mankind feels no remorse towards the brutal killing and starvation of the countless innocent people. But fortunately, it is now in your hands to change their fate and bring glory as the saviors of a major war. However, to keep things short as action is to be deployed immediately, I hereby proclaim Satomi Kurosaki, the young Japanese prodigy to take the rightful heir as the army officer directly in control over all of you during these missions. Since more than one leader will end in turmoil so it has been decided that only he is to command over all of you. I now call upon Satomi to ascend the stage and deliver a motivational speech before departing for the immensely dangerous missions."

*Loud and huge amounts of chattering among the crowd starts on who this army officer is*

Meanwhile, with his head help up high and fully confident in himself, Satomi Kurosaki took upon the mike after climbing up to the rostrum and introduced himself gently and politely,

"Attention everyone! I am Satomi Kurosaki, the prodigy of Japan as you have heard. I am only 25years old but I truly believe that I am capable enough to maintain leadership over all of you."

*Complaints regarding the officer-in-charge starts to rage on*

Within the crowds, all the soldiers present there were in their thirties and so seeing the youngest soldier who they found unworthy to even be present there were agitated deeply at the decision of him being the army officer. They started shouting,

'Why is the youngest of us being decided as the leader??'

'Is this a joke?'

'We are involved in preventing the likes of a world war so we must need a leader who's got the experience to do the job. I doubt this wimpy kid can handle the pressure.'

'I thought we were fighting top class terrorists not some random gang of hobos...'

'I won't follow someone who can't even be rough and he doesn't seem he's experienced or skilled enough.'

Just then, with a rather unpleasant smile, Satomi began to talk whereas he started giving off a creepy aura filled with the thoughts that he is the strongest and everyone became terrified as his mouth had opened like the shape of a crescent moon and his eyes had become sharp and fully white,

"Heh heh heh heh heh heh......mwahahahaha.... You mere peasants are bad-mouthing me?!?!?! I have never seen such indulgent crowd as you people. Did you never hear of the codename: The Record Slayer? Yes, I am HIM, the one who has set a new international record in every athletic and military exercise miles off the previous records. Now, I don't care about those of who are ready to disobey me because the moment they step on my field I am gonna kill every last one of them by unheard methods of brutal torturing and execution and none has the power to stop me from doing so. So stop all your blabbering and listen to your daddy!!"

Thus Satomi ended his speech with yet another creepy smile, however, this time it vibrated off an evil and horrific purple aura. 

Every soldier present there understood that they were nowhere near his power and trembling with fear, they all decided to obey him.

Satomi again shouted,

"Did I make myself CLEAR?"

After this they all answered at once without hesitation,

"Sir YES Sir!"

"Good. Now I want this attitude maintained till we banish all the terrorists from Canada."

While the administrators knew of the potential of Satomi, others were quite shocked at how this 25 year old boy who had rather frizzly green hair and an over-confident face was so skilled enough that even their bones started to shiver via his aura. He was a bit taller than the average person and had scars over his body which proved his immense hard training over the years.

Soon after all the organizing and arrangement of different groups to execute different missions at the same time, Satomi Kurosaki, with his 499 soldiers moved towards Canada in military trucks and other machineries. As the base of the OAA was in Washington of U.S.A, it took around 3 to 4 hours to reach the mission point in Canada.

The cold war then continued for 3 to 4 months afterwards before it ended.

*4months after their departure from OAA base*

Subaru, quite tired after mostly carrying out all dangerous execution missions himself, shouted all of his underlings,

"My fellow comrades, today we have succeeded in beating the crap out of the outsiders invading the harmless country Canada. So, REJOICE!!! You might as well consider we have stopped another world war from occurring. Now we can return to our sweet home and tell our family about the glory we earned. We will now be renowned as the Heroes of the Crisis."

Upon finding the permission and speech of their army officer, all the army soldiers started to announce loudly,

"Who's the prodigy, who's the leader, it's none other than Sato Sencho!!"

(Sencho translates to captain, it is a Japanese word)

After returning to the OAA base after this long haul, Satomi Kurosaki was awarded with many awards for his bravery and courageous deeds. All the administrators and soldiers were really happy for him and from the deepest of their hearts agreed that he deserved it. There was never a leader, in this case the youngest ever, who could lead a battle to victory without the loss of his men.

After the necessary particulars were done working on, everyone started to bid their new friends, formed during this time together, goodbye subsequent to packing their bags before starting to head their respective home country.

Although undergoing the hardest training mankind could ever face, Satomi never had the chance to enjoy the same life as that of a regular person his age. It was decided as his fate from his birth by the monks that he would have the greatest potential in army. So, without further ado his parents decided to send him to the jungle temple at the very young age of 5years, to stay there alone with the trainers and trainees. He was the youngest ever there too but to everyone's surprise, he easily overcame any tackle and barrier to earn the techniques of their teachings in the quickest amount of time in history. There, he was known as the     "Martial Tensei"       (Here, Tensei means genius.)

However, he still thought of his parents very dear to him, never getting any adoration or praise for them. He was not exactly happy nor sad to go back to his parents for the first time in 15years.... Still, as any mystery always occurs, in complete silence and sudden charisma, what awaited Satomi was as unclear as the lands of Himalayas covered with mist. As any could guess, with his sharp mind and unlocked sixth sense, he could sense a turmoil in his future which he shrugged away. But who will tell him that not relying on his instincts for the first time is what put him in grave danger.......