Chapter 5:

A New Feeling

The Lifeless Supermoon: A fateful encounter

On Kanako's view point, everything is different.

"I am back!"

"Welcome back! Its so late at night, where have you wandered about?", her mother asks him.

"It was a supermoon today. So I couldn't miss the chance. Sorry."

"Well, its alright. Show me the pictures you took. Mother wants to see them."


He goes upstairs, to where his room was. It was kind of messy, but not too messy. Just what a typical boys room should be. Although he was not tired, he lied in his bed for some time, chatting with his friends.

He also has an online account, where he uploads the pictures he took. He is pretty popular for it too.

"Well, and go! Nice. The picture was uploaded. Now I just wait for people to see."

But holding his phone up in the air while he was just lying in bed was pretty tiring, so he put it in his chest and stared at the ceiling, staring blankly into it, as if some ghost was there, that only he could see. But it was nothing like that. He was just daydreaming.

"That girl was pretty beautiful, wasn't she? No wonder she was an actress."

As his thoughts went deeper and deeper into the gutter, he slapped himself to consciousness. Those red marks due to the slap was visible very much.

"What the heck am I thinking? Boys minds are truly terrifying. Normal thoughts turns into erotic ones if given enough time. Well I guess it's natural."

As he was going deep in hid thought, he heard a call from her mother.

"Kanako, dinner's ready!"

"Coming!", he said cheerfully.

As he went down, he was presented with omurice by his mom, with ketchup on top, his favourite. But he was a bit of-minded then, as he was thinking about something else.

"Whats wrong Kanako? Is anything wrong?", her mother asked, concerned.

"No. But I have been thinking about something. Well anyway."

"Heh? My son is in love?"

"Mom!? Its nothing like that!", he said, all embarrassed.

"Is that so? Well, your expression looked like someone who is in love though?"

Although she said that just to joke with him, Kanako gave it a thought. Maybe that is actually the reason?

"Love, huh? I don't think it's possible. I mean, we just met for a couple of minutes, and I am not sure if I would see her again..."

He put a mouthful in the meantime without noticing, and chocked on it. But his mother saved him with a glass of water, but he was still thinking,

"Well, if another 'one in infinity' chances happen, maybe then, I might get to know this feeling better."

Taylor J
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