Chapter 9:

Vol. 1 Epilogue and Authors Afterword



-Pattzy's point of view-

I woke up the next day in my dorm with my two female friends looking at me with malicious grins.


I know what they are expecting. Yesterday was one of the rarest event that happened in this school. The event where we had a chance to interact with boys at the same age.

"Before that, I'm going to say something important."

"What is it?~"

"I'm going to go back to Anima the next scheduled carriage departure."


The two were surprised with curious and lonely expressions on their faces.

"W-What happened?! Did you suddenly meet a man and decided to be with him for one day?!"

"Is the reason why your tummy is slightly bloated because you are pregnant?! I heard a rumor that dwarves quickly gives birth after doing it."

"N-No! And what the heck is that rumor?! This is!—"

I showed them what is hidden in my bed.


"You did it with a monster?"


I got tired of reacting and explained it to them.

"I see..."

"It's okay Pattzy-chan, you didn't mean it."


The two hugged me. These two are really good friends even though they are too playful.

"By the way, did you meet any guys?"

"Well... three of them."

"Three of them?!"

"Wow! One for each of us!"

"........They're just friends."

"Tell us about them!"

"One beastman that wants to be a hero, one elf that's a little annoying, and one boy who lives on a bench."

""A boy who lives on a bench?""

"He seems pretty famous in Quina."

""Maybe we'll meet them someday!""

"You two will... but I probably won't be able to meet them probably until we become adventurers."

I looked at the two of them.

"By the way... Pattzy is just an alias.... my real name is—"

And a few days later, I left Quina with Braig, gave him the dog and went back to the City of Dwarves.

Everyone from my house greeted me.

"""""""Welcome home! Princess Topaz!"""""""
-={End of Vol. 1}=-

Extra Interlude

-No one's point of view-

"I didn't know the powers changed per generation... I need to be more careful next time..."

A female that a person might consider as a Beastman talked to herself while gently patting the head of a Giga Bear.

The female looked up the stars.

"This is a good power, but it is very unstable. I prefer my old power..."

"Hey! She's over here nya!"

A few seconds later, a loud female voice was heard by the woman the female voice came from a light brown haired small female beastman.

"Vas-chan! Why won't you just talk to us! We have the same goal, don't we?!"


After looking back and apologizing, the female 'Beastman' jumped from one tree to another, so fast that only blurs can be seen.

"She's so fast! Eclipse! I'll leave it to you!"


"We'll get all the food later at the market if you try to stop her nya!"

"Leave it to me."

The person with a big appetite threw something at the person running away.

A very heavy Scythe towards suddenly flew by the runaway. Even if the distance is very far, the Scythe reached her location. It missed her but it cut all the branch on its way.

The person who threw the scythe has long black hair, black eyes and is 125cm tall.

"I missed her....will I still get eat?"

"......Of course......but why did you try to kill her nya?"

"I didn't try to kill her, I just predicted the branch she will land on. But she noticed and changed her position in mid air."

The girl beastman can't blame her that she wasn't able to hit the agile being, but since the black haired girl tends to do weird things when she's not eating, the girl beastman decided to just treat her to dinner later.

An elf boy that is out of breath went towards the two people who were talking.

"Haaa....haaa... you guys are too fast, why didn't you wait for me?"

"You're just too slow! I can't believe Eclipse is faster than you even though she's not an adventurer like you!"

"Anyway, Did you get Vas-chama?"

".....Vas-chama? You have some nerve calling another girl like that when you already have me!"

"N-No! Sorry! Sorry!"

"You must like pink more than light brown, don't you?"

"Well.... they are equal."

The girl beastman hit the elf boy with her shield, making some red HP gush out.

"What did I do!"


While pouting, the girl beastman looked around.

"Where's Ecplise?"

"She went towards Anima."

"Why didn't she say so! I don't want to run to Anima! It's very far!....haaaa....... since Vas-chan went that way, let's follow her..."

"Maybe I'll just use the carriage..."

"We're still not sure if they're heading to Anima, if you want to use the carriage, be my guest."

"Really? Thanks!"

"You don't really care if I go solo, don't you?"

"I'm only just going to be a burden, I think it's safer if you go alone."



"We're breaking up nya."

"....I hope our journey will be peaceful...."

The two chased after the female that person might consider as beastman and the black haired human.

Authors Afterword(This part is boring and annoying so skip it :D)

Hello, this is Roreru Enzeru. When I made this novel, I was not thinking about posting it online and just wanted to keep it to myself. I'm the type of person who wants to make stories that I want as if I'm the one reading it. When I saw an advertisement from a website, I decided to try and post it.

I'm going to admit that the amount of volumes I have made right now is more than 5 volumes. I'm saying this so the readers would expect it to continuously run for at least 4 volumes more depending on how busy I am with the thing I hate the most, reality.
(I have 8 volumes , but I'm considering on recreating vol. 6-8, sorry for the rant. I'm finding it a waste to discard 3 volumes T.T)

I thought it would be easy to post every day since it was already pre-made, but I was wrong... it is very hard. Rereading a volume made me embarrassed of myself because I saw a lot of mistakes and also inconsistencies. Even after posting it and rereading it, there are still a lot of mistakes. Not to mention English isn't my first language. I also had to make some new scenes that literally gave me headaches since I need to consider if it affects the future volumes.

Also, I realized that it seriously turns into a certain genre(wasn't planned when I started making this before). I'm going to add that genre after I finish posting Vol. 3.

Bonus(Ranting to myself)
Hardest Chapter: Chapter 8

No matter how much I revised the part, I can't seem to send across what is on my mind. I'm sure you noticed it, it was the one about 'Evil' and 'Justice'. I reread it and it seemed that the things I wrote are seriously different from what I was planning to say. But since I want to post it on a regular basis, I decided to post it even though it wasn't ready.
I thought: "Hmmmm..... Whatever! I'm going to post this even though I have no idea what I just wrote!" and click publish. I hate myself for doing that but what's done is done T.T.

Thank you for reading Vol. 1'The Kid who Lives in the Center of Town.'!

Vol. 2 'The kid who Realized what his 'True Desire' is.' is next!

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