Chapter 8:

Vol. 1 Ch. 8 Battle Field Trip


Chapter 8

Battle Field Trip

The morning after Safu left.

"Okay, time for us to show you youngsters how to fight monsters!"

I heard a shout waking me up from my sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a gray knight with a cape in front of me which is wearing a gray plate mail and some gray knights which are wearing gray plate mails. I remembered that if a silver knight is not around, a gray knight that has completed the 'Captain Test' will wear a red cape and will be called as the captain.

Students who are about a few years older than me that have different weapons are also gathered on the center of town which was in front of me. They were looking at me with curious looks and whispering to each other.

"Isn't he cold sleeping here at night?"

"Doesn't the insects bother him?"

"Look, someone is giving him food. Poor kid."

"I think he's the 'Kid who lives in the Center of Town'. I heard about it from Seed."

"Shhhh! Be quiet! Didn't you learn anything about discipline and respect from school?!"

"I don't want to hear that from someone who shouts when someone is sleeping!"

I replied annoyed at this dumb gray knight.

"Hey, 'Kid'. Want to join us? We will teach these students how to hunt monsters, why don't you come along? You might need it for the future."

I might get party members when I become an adventurer, so this will be educational.

"Fine, but I have a question first... what's with this all of the sudden? The school in this town doesn't even let their students outside the school into town, what's up with this activity? Is it really okay to send them outside of the walls."

The silver night whispered to me.

"The mayor was the one who decided it. The Capital needed to take some tax from Quina to pay for the adventurers that left yesterday. The Mayor decided to just get some new adventurers to protect the city. He said that getting a few from our school will be enough."

"And how will showing them how you guys fight make them stay here?"

"I don't know, the mayor just said we needed to show them how life is easy in this town. That mayor researched which of the students wanted an ordinary non-noble life and these are those students. If these students see how easy life as an adventurer is here in this town, you can make them stay."

Life in this town is easy if you don't have the desire to gain levels and just live the rest of your life selling some Mini Bear item drops.

"That Mayor sure is something when it comes to his tax."

The students of this school don't stay at Quina most of the time after they graduate at 15 years old. They go out to their hometowns or they go to Anima directly to start being an adventurer. Almost no one stays at Quina because of the low level monsters around the town.

When dangerous things happen like the Giga Bear that attacked a few years ago. Whatever that event in the Elf Village, we needed to rely on reinforcements from Anima.

Anima mostly over commits, sending a needlessly large amount of adventurers to solve the problem. But that will damage the tax funds of this town, which is what our great mayor really doesn't want.

"And so, we will start hunting! Let's go everyone!"

A bunch of Gray knights walked to the northern gate with the students between them. I walked beside the platinum knight to ask him about a certain someone.

"Where is that girl? The one with black hair and black eyes."

The girl I am saying is the person who told me to 'Not do it again' after she found out that I sneaked out of the town.

"You mean Vas-chan? She left and went to Anima a year ago. She has things to do there."

"Knowing Vas-chan, she must've gone to become a good knight."

The other gray knights joined the conversation.

"That kid is very mature... it actually feels like she's older than us."

"By the way, I heard a rumor from the people that went with her, they said she suddenly disappeared one day."

"She probably got tired of those people, those people are knights from this town. The knights on this town are very incompetent and lazy."

So she already left... maybe I'll see her again in the future. She had black hair and black eyes, it's very easy to find her when I get to Anima.

We walked past the border.

"Now Swordsmen, go and collect monsters come back in 20 minutes!"

The Knights that have a shield and a sword went around and lured monsters around the forest.

After 20 minutes, they came back and found a pack of charge dogs and some mini bears.

One person went in front of the monsters.


The person who used it has a great shield and a sword.

The monster started to charge after him.

"<Barrage Mode>!"
"<Rapid Shooting>!"

A gray knight held a bow and shot arrows towards the monsters. He killed the Mini Bears in one hit and charge dogs in 4 hits.

"<Arrow Shower>!"
"<Arrow Shower>!"

When a gray knight used the <Arrow Shower> skill, he only has one arrow before shooting, after shooting it up in the air, the arrow duplicated showering the monsters with arrows. The arrows that rained down turned into firefly like particles a few seconds after hitting the ground.


Some of them uses <Steal> skill from the monsters, which is probably a skill that gets items from monsters.

I have read in the books before that a monster drops an item after it is killed. I don't know if that's true, but I never ever found something left from the mini bears I killed.

I also learned that there are carving skills of some classes, which gives a separate item from the item drop after killing the monster. The <Steal> skill also does that, but only at a very low chance.

After a while the monsters were all killed.

Yes, it did look easy. But it was too simple, I wasn't impressed. That was the simplest of the simplest strategy.

Seeing this the students reacted.

"So that's how you kill a bunch of monsters."

"At school, the battle simulation area only gives us one monster as the enemy."

"Still, that looked easy... I think we can do it too!"

"Okay! Try and kill that minibear over there! don't worry, we will taunt it for you!"

A gray knight taunted one mini bear and the mini bear attacked him. He just blocked with his shield like it's nothing.

"Now try it! You 4 first!"

The students attacked the Mini Bear, I saw that some of them knows how to fight and some does not.

After a few seconds the Mini Bear fell down. After a few seconds it stood up again, but one student was ready for it and dealt the final blow.

It seems that the students in our school learn how to fight.

The other gray knights also followed. They taunted monsters and the other students killed it.

"You want to try, Kid?"

"Nah, I'm fine."

"I heard you are training archery and sword wielding in the adventurer's guild everyday for the past month, don't you want to try it now?"


Killing these Mini Bears are easy for me now, but the problem is that I didn't fight them head on. I only used a strategy that didn't put me in dangerous situations.

But me learning those sword skills or archery might be a waste if I don't try it. Even if I practice every day, a real life situation is very different from image training. It will put my life in danger if I don't experience it.

With these many knights here, I won't probably be killed if my life is put in danger.

"Fine, but my equipments are not here."

"We'll let you borrow ours."

They let me borrow a bow, arrows, and a bastard sword.

"Don't you find it heavy wielding that much weapons?"

"This kid works every day, this is nothing to him."

The gray knight answered the students question.

I winded up my bow and aimed it at the Mini Bear which is 500 meters away.

I shot at it and it him in the head, making dark red HP gush out.

"A critical hit in that range? Amazing."

I continuously shot at it, unlike the first hit the next ones didn't deal a critical strike, probably because it is moving. I better practice against moving targets at night.

When it gets near I pulled out my sword. I blocked a mini bears attack with my sword.

Aura-nee is stronger... this is nothing...

Aura-nee, which is a level 36 adventurer, is a lot stronger than this mini bear, even if she was holding back.

No... wait...are monsters really this weak?

I noticed something on its eyes... its slightly glowing pink... or is this just my imagination? Is this some effect caused because it's currently daytime or something?

I pushed it back and pierced my sword through its chest, making dark red HP gush out and it died. It stood up again and I slashed it again, killing it completely.

"Amazing kid, I was prepared to use <Taunt> on it when it started charging at you, but it seems it wasn't needed."

The other students started whispering.

"He's so good..."

"Why? I have been practicing for a while now, but why is he better with the bow than me?"

"Me too... he blocked that sword completely without flinching... a non adventurer vs a monster... that strength is impossible."

"He's still not better than Risa-san though."

The reason why I was able to block it was because of my body strength and my dexterity. I probably have a stronger and more dexterous body than normal people because of my everyday physical activities.

The Knight Captain went near me.

"Join us as an apprentice knight!"


I don't want to join the kind of system that produces these incompetent gray knights.

"Oh come on! Even if it's just a day!"

A one day apprentice knight... I might learn something from this...

"Fine, I accept."

After that, I went and became a pretend party with 3 students.

" I'm Pattzy, I specialize in archery, I'm 13 years old and aims to be a hunter."

A small girl with dark purple hair with red eyes that is a lot smaller than me approached me. She has a bow on her hand and a quiver on her back.

This person must be a dwarf. For some reason I felt something good on my chest when I saw her, but I ignored it. Is this the influence of Onee-chan to me? Seeing little sisters or something?

"I'm Lieus, I'm aiming to be an 'Assassin' Class, 12 years old."

A person stepped forward, it was a tall male with long ears and light long brown hair with blue eyes, probably an elf. He has two daggers on his belt

"I'm Breig, I'm aiming to be a 'Great Swordsman' that specializes in wielding spears. Also 12 years old."

The last person of the group is a cat beastman with green hair and yellow eyes. He is holding a spear. He has a buffed body and a feet taller than me.

By the way, I'm 127cm right now at 8 years old.

"I see, then I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Nameless, I don't really know what class I want to become, but I know archery, swordsmanship, and sneaking."

"Sneaking? How did you learn that?"

"I had a friend adventurer and I had her teach me."

The truth is, I sneak around monsters which probably improved my sneaking.

The Knight Captain went to us.

"Are you done with your introductions? Then, let's go!"

Each party has two knights that escorts them. For us, only the Captain is the escort. He's probably stronger than the other gray knights.

"I'm going to scout the area and tell you if I see one."

"You will go alone Kid? I can't do that as a knight."

"It's actually safer for me to go alone than go with you people. I'll run away if I sense danger."


I went ahead and went around the area. I can sense some monsters now through feeling and vibrations because I did it every day for the past years.

Whenever I feel a monster I signal the others who are a hundred meters behind me to change directions.

I did this until I sensed a lone GiaToad and signaled the others to come over here.

"There's a lone GiaToad in that direction."

"You know detecting too? Just what kind of training did you do at the adventurers guild?"

"It's a matter of connections. Unlike you people who stay at school and follow the system, I am more flexible in learning from real adventurers than simulating than what is in the book."

"I-I see..."

I looked at the Knight Captain.

"Let's try to kill that GiaToad."

"No, I won't allow it."

"Why? You can probably kill that thing easily, right?"

"Yes, but I can't protect you three when other monsters show up."

"I can assure you that there are no monsters left here."

"I'm just being careful, don't do it, okay?"


This knight, I'm sure he's just lazy.

"By the way, what is your level?"

"level 16."

Level 16? That's so low considering that he looks like a middle aged person... or is leveling up just too hard.

The GiaToad is a level 10 monster. Meaning you need 3 level 10s to kill it.

"Let's just try it, taunt it and we can kill it. These three are damage dealers so it's probably easy to kill it."

"A GiaToad is very dangerous you know? It has strong legs and you guys might get squashed if its jumps."

Why is he so scared?

Pattzy went near him and looked at him with pleading eyes.

"I want to get stronger too... please? Let's just try it?"


"Come on Knight Captain, isn't this your chance to make them become adventurers of Quina?"


We made a simple plan to kill it.

We just hide a few meters on the side while the Captain is on the other side.


After he used taunt, the GiaToad jumped towards him. We couldn't see how it jumped because we were hiding behind the tree.

We heard a loud landing sound and assumed that it has already landed on the captain.

"Let's go!"

The four of us went towards the GiaToad.

Pattzy and me shot arrows at it, Braig used his spear to pierce it and Lieus used his two daggers to continuesly hit it. The Captain also dealt damage while guarding against its attacks. The attacks are just head buts. Why is this knight so scared before?

We killed it easily. The Captain probably did most of the damage but I guess this is good experience for the three.

"See? It was so easy."

"Weird... why did he use that attack? I expected a tongue attack and a jump attack... are the monsters becoming more docile?"

"What are you saying? There are times where monsters attacks are the same, right? They aren't smart like what I have learned from the books."

"Yes... it must be my imagination..."

When walking home I lead the way, the Captain now believes that I can truly sense enemies. I felt something weird.... why are the monsters so few right now?

Compared to when I hunt, the monsters are very few, could it be because there are many parties in here right now than normal?

But I read from the library that these monsters respawn through something called 'Monster Blessing'. They respawn 24 hours after they are killed. For evolved monsters, they go back to the point where they have not evolved yet. A reset of some sort. That Giga Bear from before must've turned back into a Mini Bear 24 hours after Aura-nee and Moi Guy killed it.

After walking for a while I noticed something on the corner of my eye. It's a pink figure of a person or something. After looking at that direction, there was nothing there.

Was it my imagination?

After walking for a while, I sensed a monster called ParaBee that is about a foot in length.

Why is it alone? ParaBees always come with others. But this one is alone, why?

Anyway, the books said that a ParaBee is very aggressive. But I think that's wrong since a ParaBee has never attacked me before. I have been detected by it but it didn't attack me.

Just to be safe, I shot it down with my arrow. After shooting it, it didn't even attack me. What?

I shot it a lot of times until it died.

After walking for a few meters I sensed some presences. This people must be adventurers. Four to be exact, a party.

I looked at them and one of them had long black hair, and about the same height as me, looking from afar.

That person is not the person who I saw before, it wasn't the one the knights called 'Vas-chan'. But someone different.

I can feel a connection with this person... I don't know why... what is this? I feel like this person and me have some sort of connection, even just by looking. This person looked around as well, but probably ignored it thinking 'My imagination?'.

The party didn't see us and continued deeper into the forest.

I wanted to follow them but there are the students behind me, so we better return to town. I'm probably going to see that person again back in town later.

We went back to town.

"Oh! Center-chan and Pattz-chan!"

Onee-chan was on the entrance and she hugged Pattz.

"Pattz-chan! You're so cute! Why won't you call me Onee-chan!"

"Roxelle-san.... I'm older than you."

Since Onee-chan is 3 years older than me, she is 11. Pattzy is 13, which is definitely older than Onee-chan.

"Come to think about it, you weren't with the people chosen to go at this field trip... I guess it's nice to be able to go out any time since you live in this town."

People who live in Quina can go out from school anytime unlike the people who live from other towns.

Thinking about the people who can't go out of school, they are noble. Just like captain said, these students are nobles that don't want to be nobles or something and live a normal life.
Looking around, we are the first party to be here so the captain said we can walk around for a bit.

"Center-chan, you didn't come yesterday."

"Oh, I said goodbye to some of my friends yesterday so I saw them off."

"What?! Why didn't you say so! I should've been there to console you!"


Pattzy looked at me and smiled with her eyebrows in an inverted V.

"I need to go back, my friends are waiting for me at school!"

"What did you come here for?"

"Gear-sensei-chan asked me to check out what is happening on this field trip, she said that Pattz-chan is here so I went on with it!"

"I see..."

Onee-chan went back to school.

"Well then, let's go around town."

"I want to go to the adventurers guild."

""Me too.""

The three went with me to the adventurers guild.

On the way, we were talking about stupid things.

"You guys, why don't you like to live like nobles?"


The three made a shocked expression on their faces.

"H-How did you know?"


"I-I never told anyone that..."

"Huh? Do you feel that way too, Pattzy-san?"


It seems these three kept it to themselves that they didn't want to be nobles. How did that mayor find that out? That guy is so much a mystery.

"Hmm... the reason is that I want to become a world renowned Hero!."

"A Hero?"

"Yes, I want to be the one who punishes evil!"

Braig shouted.

"What do you mean punishes evil?"

"A person who defeats the criminals and the evils of this world!"

"You want to kill criminals? Doesn't that make you evil?"

Lieus asked the question.

"That is not evil! It is justice!"

"But killing someone is evil, does that mean killing you means justice?"

The two continued on this stupid discussion.

"Haaa.... the things you two are talking about are dumb..."


"Those things doesn't really matter. It's better to just keep them to yourselves and not bother with it. All you guys are saying are what you think, things like evil, good, justice and other stupid things like that just depends on the preference of a person."

"How is that a preference?"

Lieus looked at me and asked the question while we are walking.

"It all depends on what you feel, not what you think. For monsters, we are evil. But for us, we don't think of them as evil because we can easily take them on."

"What do you mean?"

"Hmmm... think about how Stealing is evil. Thinking back when people still don't have a set of values, laws, morals or man made things like that, stealing wasn't evil. It's only become a crime because a person considered it 'Unfair' back in the past."


"Let's say a person made lot a of people believe that 'Stealing' is 'Unfair' and declared it as 'Evil'. The others who got something stolen from them will then considered this as 'Evil' as well. But why does taking away the things of others evil? Nothing decides that 'Stealing' is evil. What if a person in the past who loved to steal said that 'Stealing is Justice'? Then all of the people who liked stealing would be stealing freely now these days. Those stealing people didn't say the same like 'Stealing is Justice' because they didn't need to. Which is what you call 'Strength'. 'Strength' because they can do it. Think of animals who can steal something from another predator who hunted a prey. That's not 'Evil', it's just survival of the fittest. We have just made a perfect defense for it, and that is considering it as 'Evil'."


"Since some people can't protect themselves from 'Stealing', they made the law as self defense against 'Stealing'. Saying something is 'Evil' is just, controlling things that are bad for certain people. All in all, calling something evil is just 'Self Defense' of the weak. The concept, 'Evil', was made for these people who can't defend themselves from these threats. Us intelligent beings are just using logic to protect ourselves. Evil is just a man made thing leaning on 'Survival of the fittest'."

"Based on that, are you saying killing is not really evil?!"

"If you look at society now, it is considered 'Evil'. But removing that, killing isn't really evil. Like I said, what made 'Killing', 'Evil'? If 'Killing' was considered good, people will probably kill more than prevent someone from being killed. The first people who made that law are people who are on the 'I don't want to get killed, so let's make this law.'. Even the concept of 'Peace' and 'Chaos' are just preferences."

"So, the things people consider 'Evil' right now is really just something that was because of history?"

Pattzy asked the question.


"I don't understand!"

Braig shouted and put his hands on his head.

"You don't need to understand, I'm just saying that when you consider that nothing has happened in history. You need to accept that history has already made its effects and 'Evil' is already marked what 'Evil' is today. So just do what you think is right and don't let other people's decision affect it. It's useless to think about it anyway since 'Justice' is just a preference. Thinking about it is useless and just follow your instincts and what you feel."

"Why did you explain it like that? You just have to say 'Follow your instincts to find out what is evil' or something like that?"

Lieus asked the question.

"Hmmm... maybe Nameless just wanted Braig to realize that doing 'Justice' to something also means being 'Evil' at the same time'. Being a 'Hero means being a 'Villain' at the same time."

"Oh, now I get what you mean... you're saying that 'Justice' is the same as 'Evil'."

"Not really, I'm saying that 'Justice' and 'Evil' are very stupid things you can live without."

We continued talking about stupid things then we reached the adventurer's guild training ground.

Braig now looks like he has smoke coming out of his head for some reason.

Braig and me practiced with a wooden sword and a wooden spear. He tries to stab me a lot of times but I block or parry it. I guess there is a lot of gap between the strength of non-adventurers and adventurers. Lieus practiced hitting a dummy with his daggers and Pattzy did archery. Pattzy is very good at archery. Probably because she is practicing for a lot of years already.

"Haaa..... you have a lot of stamina..."

"I get that a lot..."

After sparring with Braig for an hour, he was tired and sat on the ground. I'm still okay because of my other activities.

"Nameless, since your done. Can I practice my sneaking on you?"


For what we practiced, it wasn't the same as Varii's training, but different. It's him assassinating me.

He will sneak up to me and stab me with a wooden knife. I'm not blindfolded this time because this should be considered as a real life situation. The place we are practicing is a room similar to where me and Varii practiced. A room with trees and grass and stuff.

Lieus tried to assassinate me, but he was too noisy. I hear some leaves move and feel the vibrations on the ground.

Before he even steps out of hiding I already pointed him out.


Are these people really learning how to fight? But I guess they really never went through real life situations like me so they improved slower than me.

We did this for an hour and he wasn't able to hit me even once.

After it is done, Lieus looked like he lost color and is depressed on the bench.

"No worries, Lieus-san, Nameless is just very good."

"You're good too. You've been practicing Archery a lot don't you?"

"Well.... yes..."

Pattzy said while scratching her cheeks.

"Oi! Are there students here!"

I heard someone shout from the entrance and it was captain.

"Ah! here you are!"

"Ah, is it time to go back already?"

"No, you guys want to hunt again?"

"You were so against it before, why do it again?"

"Come on! Let's just go! Don't you want to or not?"

"""Let's go!"""

The three replied.

This Captain must be thinking 'With non-adventurers as my party, I won't share the varas with anybody else and it will be free undistributed EXP just for me'. Is this town full of selfish people?

We went out to the field again. Now, I don't see that much monsters.

"Where are the monsters?"

"I don't know what is going on today, but this is a chance for us to teach you properly!"

No, you only want to take this opportunity to farm EXP and Varas.

"Oi Captain, won't you get in trouble for involving Minors for what you are doing?"

"What are you saying? This is a government project so I'm not violating any laws."

I decided not to talk about it since this will benefit me too. I can work with people so I will learn how to coordinate with them.

We went to different monsters and killed them easily. I was wrong... this doesn't benefit me at all. These monsters are really docile! I can feel it! They aren't these docile! Even charge dogs!

I also noticed the pink glow on their eyes. It might just be a natural phenomenon, but I don't know. Maybe monsters turn this way at this time of the year or something?

No, that's not it... it was not like this for the past two years, even for this time of the year.

"I think you can hold on by yourselves! I'm going to check on the others!"

The Captain decided to go on his own leaving us. That guy probably thought that we're very slow on hunting monsters and nothing will happen to is so he'll just hunt on his own.

An hour later, at night time.

We got caught up in exploring without being careful. I was still careful but noticing that the charge dogs won't even charge at us when they see us, I decided to let my guard down a little.



There is a charge dog that is barking at us meters away. I was wrong to let my guard down.

But something is wrong.


The charge dog isn't charging... it's just barking at us.

"What should we do? Should we run?"

"Shouldn't we just kill it? This monster might attack the others. Leaving evil should not be done."

"I don't see why not."

"I think I'll just stay here in case trouble comes, I'll be the one to deal with it."

Me, Braig, and Lieus decided to kill it and Pattzy decided to stay back.

When the three of us went near it, I noticed that there wasn't a pink glow in its eyes unlike other monsters.

When I tried to shoot it.


It dodged swiftly... what?

Lieus went to it and slashed it but it dodged all of his attacks.

What is this? This thing is dangerous... is this really just a normal charge dog?

Braig also tried to pierce it but it dodged nimbly. What the hell is this dog?

We fought with it and it just dodged us and didn't attack. Why?

A few seconds later...

"What's that?"

We turned back and looked at Pattzy, Pattzy went to a trunk of a tree and reached out inside it.

"A puppy charge dog! So cute!"

She hugged the puppy charge dog and it licked her face.

When I saw this I had a lot of thought come through me.

A puppy charge dog?! How is that possible! monsters shouldn't have babies. They just respawn or evolve. Why is there a puppy charge dog?!

I also realized what this charge dog is doing. This charge dog is probably luring us out of the puppy by dodging us. When did charge dogs become smart?


The charge dog we were fighting noticed this and charged towards Pattzy.


Pattzy's face filled with despair because of a monster charging towards her.


Braig suddenly became fast and was able to get to the charge dog and stabbed it in one foot, it made red HP come out and made the charge dog flinch and dove into the ground.

I fired an arrow towards it and Lieus stabbed it in the head, killing it.

"That was close..."

We went towards Pattzy and saw the puppy.


The puppy was not cute like she said. It was looking at us with eyes set to kill. It looked at us with eyes obviously filled with rage. Is someone killing your mother really that bad?

I wouldn't know, because I had no mother, or had no wanting attention from a mother. I have read that any beings would find someone to become their 'Mother' but I don't have that feeling. I don't know why, but I know that I really have no mother. Or I just don't really care.



"What should we do?"

I was the one who asked the question. I don't know what to do, no, I know what to do but if I do anything in this situation and say 'Let's kill it before it kills us if it grows up' then Pattzy, who has affection to it, will treat me as 'Evil'.

"Let's kill it... letting it live has a lot of risks..."

Lieus was the one who said that. It seems he also knows what it means to let this monster live.

Pattzy held the baby charge dog in her hands.

"No! Don't! Why would you do that?! He didn't do anything wrong!"

"Even if you say that, that monster remembered that the one who killed it's mother was me, Nameless and Braig. If you let it live, it will have anger against me and will probably hunt me down when it grows. I will never allow that."


Pattzy held the puppy with her eyes begging towards us.

"Braig! That puppy will be evil towards us! Let's do it!."

Lieus said while Braig looked like he was conflicted and didn't know what to do.

Lieus looked at me.

"Nameless! What about you? I know you want to kill him as well!"

"I don't want to make a decision, I'll just make the decision of the majority. For example, the decision is two to two, we won't make an agreement. So I will remain neutral and go with the majority."

I also want to kill that puppy, but killing it will make me 'Evil' to Pattzy. Having Pattzy as an enemy will probably be worse than having that puppy become my enemy. But still, I don't understand what that puppy is so I'll decide to go with whatever result.

If I decide to be neutral, Pattzy will think that I'm just joining with the many and I just don't care about the result. Making me look less 'Evil' to her.

"....Braig! do you have a solution? This puppy considers us as 'Evil' right now, and we consider it as 'Evil'. Whoever wins becomes 'Justice'. Do you understand?"

Lieus decided to reason with Braig. Lieus probably thought that since Braig wants to be some sort of figure that everyone looks as a 'Hero' things like justice or so will make him agree to doing it.

Braig looked at the puppy a second time and closed his eyes.

".....let's get him."


"Good... Nameless?"


I went to Pattzy.


"Sorry about this... It's pretty dangerous to stay here outside, so I'm thinking of having you guys make a decision. We will all die if we stay here, do you understand?"

After making that stupid excuse in a soft voice to lessen Pattzy's hate, I grabbed Pattzy and removed the puppy from her hands and gave it to Braig.


Pattzy struggled with me, hitting me and pushing me but because I was stronger, it didn't faze me that much.

Braig went to the puppy and tried to grab it from the struggling Pattzy.



The puppy bit Braigs hand, making it fall of and run a few meters.


Lieus clicked his tongue and dashed towards the escaping charge dog.


Pattzy escaped, no, I let her escape that puppy is probably dead now. I'm sure she noticed I let her escape, making her look at me as less 'Evil' after this.

Pattzy stopped Lieus by blocking his path.

I winded up my bow and aimed up. I'm going to try a high angle shot towards the puppy. With Patty looking at Lieus, she probably won't notice that the arrow will come from me if I shoot it when it is out of sight.


The baby charge dog suddenly cried and we looked at it. It seems Braig has caught up with it and blocked its path. How fast, is this how beastmen move when it matters?

The puppy shivered in fear while rage was in its eyes. Braig tried grab it but it bit his hand. Then while being bitten, Braig used his other hand to grab it and hold it.

"I have an answer to you Nameless."


"You said I have to be a 'Villain' to be a 'Hero'."

Braig looked at the puppy while holding him and his arm being bitten, making blood gush out. Then he looked at me with a dignified look.

"Then for this puppy, I will be the villain and the hero. I will be the heroes of the villains and the villains of the villains."

I don't even want to understand what kind of utopian world guy is imagining.

Lieus didn't agree with Braig then he and Pattzy were staring glares at each other. Then I grabbed Lieus.

"I'll explain something to this fellow, don't worry Pattzy, he's just being scared."


And I explained to him how Pattzy will be a more dangerous fellow than that charge dog with a weird mother. If a person who is also a noble like him gets on his bad side, bad things will happen. And that charge dog will probably grow up in a few years and he will be an adventurer by then.

Convinced by this, Lieus went to Pattzy with me and scratched his head.

"I-I'm sorry Pattzy... It got to my head... forgive me."

Seeing this Pattzy breathed heavily and bowed her head.

"I'm sorry too... if I didn't touch that puppy... Then his mother probably won't—"

"Oi, stop talking about that. The past is the past, can't do anything about it. We need to go back to town. What if some weird things like that puppy charge dog's mother are out there?"


"Just look at that idiot."

I pointed at Braig and the two smiled. The idiot is having a face full of conviction, even while the puppy is biting his arm making blood flow out. This person must've find out what he really wants in his life. To be the 'Villain of Villains' and the 'Heroes of Villains'.

We went back to town, I tied up the charge dog and went inside through the lake.

I paralyze the dog with the paralyze potion I always have in my pocket in case of emergencies, they asked about it and I told them that I just forgot to return it to the pharmacy after studying it.

I told them to leave this dog to me to sneak it inside. I tied it up with strings that are with me at the time because I don't want to risk it suddenly waking up because its mother definitely showed different traits of a charge dog and went inside through the river and lake.

I dried myself and dried the dog by wiping him off with the jacket and the jacket just became dry like before after 'Desiring it to be dry'.

A few seconds later, the three went to the lake.

Before separating, I told them to get this idiot to the clinic and have him fixed for the reason that a charge dog bit him. The idiot now has bandages on his right arm.

"So, what will you do with this guy?"

"A carriage will come two days from now... I'll sneak into that carriage with that charge dog with me."

"How will you do that? Those guards won't allow it. And Anima will probably be harder to get into with that puppy charge dog."

"I'm going to be the one to carry it, do you know about the 'Pet' system?"

"Pet system? What is that?"

I have already saw some books titled like that, but I ignored it because I have no interest in it.

"Hope, is attached to me like it's replacement mother. I can probably get off by saying it's my new pet."

She already named the dog?

"How about the idiot? I thought you will be the one to take care of it?"

"Yes, I'll be the one to take care of it. Pattzy-san will just be the one to bring it to Anima."

"I want it to stay with me, but I think it would be good if it stayed with Braig-san."

"Thank you."

I untied the puppy that is knocked out right now and gave it to Pattzy, she said she will keep it until the time they depart.

"Lieus, what about you?"

"I'm staying obviously."

"Hahaha, I thought so."

This guy, we might get along.

I saw Pattzy looking at the puppy with lonely eyes.

I went to Pattzy and whispered to her.

"You're blaming yourself for what happened? is that why you left it with Braig"

"....Yes.... I feel like it's cheating to be close to it since it was my fault this happened to begin with..."

"I see..."

"What should I do to get him back what he lost?"

"What the hell are you talking about? You can't get that monster back to the dead."

Technically, you can... since they respawn. Though with a reset.

"Shouldn't you be comforting a lonely girl and not say such words?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing...I guess you're too much of a kid to understand the joke... thanks, I'll live with this sin..."

Hmmm, I wonder what she is saying?

But still, I do feel like doing something.

I put my hand on top of her head.

"Is this comforting?"

"Hehe, I guess this is insulting coming from someone way younger than me, but I guess it's fine."

And with that, they went back to their school with the puppy with Pattzy.

By the way, that night, the Captain was being sentenced to 30 years in prison but he pointed at the mayor and said it was his orders. The Mayor nodded and said 'I did that for the sake of the kids. I know there are risks, but I would even risk myself being thrown into prison if it's just for the sake of Quina.

The people who heard this had disgusted since they know his true colors but they just let it go. They know this mayor will probably be able to turn this around and might also be able to have a good position in Anima. The people are smart enough to just let it go since this only happened because of the Captains greediness.

Also, I never saw that black haired person again in Quina.

Riri R. Palette
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