Chapter 3:

2nd month

The Waiting

My life that is our life: my mommy, mine and that of the baby that was growing inside of me continued its normal course. I went to school, did my homework, took my ballet classes like any normal girl would

I kept meeting with my boyfriend, my love and the father of my baby everyday or better said every night. He always cared for me, asking not only what I had eaten and my mood, but also to make sure that I had been taking the vitamins he had given me, which I kept as hidden as the mobile device

“Have you felt any different?” he asked without stopping the full body examination that every night he did to me

“No” I answered while he continued the examination, during which I had to remain very still while lying in bed for the duration of it “is everything fine?” I asked when he finally had finished, lifting my head a bit uneasy

He didn’t answer while waiting for the results, his elegant face only lit by the light on the screen of the strange device he held in his hand

“Everything is going perfectly” he answered after exhaling a deep breath, after some instants of anxious and nervous wait for the results

“Just great!” I exclaimed tranquilized by what he had said and when I noticed his, until then tense face, relaxing “have you thought about a name for him?” I asked while sitting by his side and watching the screen, where he had been reading the results

“For her” he corrected me while touching the screen and it showed one particular result

“Her?” I asked getting closer to try and decipher the strange and complex language displayed in the screen “I don’t understand anything on it” I commented without looking at him while doing a crooked grin

“Would you like to learn?” he asked handing me the crystalline rectangle that he had been using for my examination while he laid down on my bed

“Of course!” I answered excited practically jumping so I was sitting on top of him, who immediately started to caress me tenderly

“Ok, but that will be tomorrow” he said while we kissed intensely “because first I need to exponentiate your processing capacity”

“Is it very difficult to understand?” I asked while the passion grew enormously in him and desire took control of me

“For your species? It would be undecipherable” he answered while we rolled over my bed, while the intensity of our love escalated “but you will be able to understand, speak and write it with fluidity …” he said while our lips joined again, while our bodies joined again “…tomorrow”