Chapter 1:

Don't Leave Me...

Thank You For Noticing Me (Naruto x Kanato crossover)

Kanato sat in the back of the large auditorium of Ace Academy. There were a few teachers and some administrators on the stage speaking to the students in the audience. Kanato had not been paying attention at all, he was too busy focasing that attention on a certain blonde that sat in front of him. Naruto had been ignoring the teachers the whole time, and was engrossed into a conversation with one of his friends. How can he talk that much? Kanato thought. Bookmark here

Naruto felt like someone had been staring at him, so he turned around. He was glad he decided to look because there sat Kanato. Kanato's face turned instantly to angryness mixed with scaredness. "Hey it's you!" Naruto said while continuing to smile at him.Bookmark here

Just then the bell rang and everyone jumped out of their seats and headed towards to exits. Naruto made his way pass many people untill he was walking next to Kanato. Kanato felt his body begin to freeze up. Naruto stared at him, confused by his actions. "You okay?" He asked. When Kanato didn't answer Naruto tuned his gaze to where Kanato had been staring.Bookmark here

Standing in the hall was Ayato and Yui. They were kissing. Kanato had never told anyone this, but he had always had a secret crush on her. Even though this was an all boys school, Yui was still aloud to come since she was a member of the Sakamaki houshold. Kanato could feel tears streaming down his face. Naruto had a feeling he knew why Kanato was crying. He took Kanato's small thin body into his arms and held him. Usually Kanato didn't like to be in physical contact with others, but...the warmthness of Naruto's body made Kanato feel safe and calm. Bookmark here

Naruto started walking with his arms still wrapped around Kanato. Kanato followed him, and Naruto led him to the roof of the Academy. There were still a few tears falling down Kanato's face as he looked down. "Look at me." Naruto said softly. Kanato continued to stare at the ground, ignoring Naruto. When Naruto saw that Kanato wasn't going to listen he took Kanato's chin and lifted his face up so They were face to face.Bookmark here

 Kanato opened his mouth, ready to yell at Naruto for touching him when Naruto closed the space in between their lips. Naruto kissed Kanato passionately as Kanato could feel him self get weak from the kiss. Naruto slowly slid his tongue into Kanato's mouth, exploring every inch. Kanato didn't know what to do...all he knew was that he didn't want Naruto to stop kissing him. But unfortunatly Naruto pulled away for air. He wiped the last few tears from Kanato's eyes as he stared at him-waiting for a reaction.Bookmark here

They stood in silence for about five seconds before Kanato put his arms around Naruto, hugging him tightly, before shouting, "Please don't leave me!" Naruto simply smiled and ruffled Kanato's hair. "Why would I leave you?" Naruto said with his foxy grin. Kanato shifted his eyes, trying to avoid eye contact. "B-because I-I'm a guy..." he said quietly.Bookmark here

Naruto pulled Kanato closer to him. "I don't care if you're a guy, what matters is that I love you."Bookmark here

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