Chapter 63:

Volume 2: Epilogue: Three-Legged Race - Fin


My stomach was churning in circles.Bookmark here

It was the last day of the sports festival, and all of the students and faculty were present, just like the previous day. Unlike yesterday, Alicia and I were standing within the crowd of students. We were taking part in the festival today.Bookmark here

Almost everyone from school was present. There must have been over seven or eight hundred people. Standing in a sea of human bodies, I don’t think I had ever felt so alone before. No student would stand within a meter of me. There was a literal clearing around me because all of the students were too afraid to get close.Bookmark here

A hand grabbed mine, warm and inviting as delicate fingers entwined with my own, making me look down. Soft hands. Milky skin that shone like porcelain. I looked up, past the hand and arm, and into the scarlet eyes of Alicia, a princess of the Underworld, daughter of King Bael. Her face was alight with supportive reassurance.Bookmark here

“Thank you,” I said.Bookmark here

“You’re getting better at showing gratitude,” Alicia replied with a grin.Bookmark here

Several people were standing on a stage in front of the school building, three people, a student and the principal and vice principal. Of the three, it was the student council president who stepped forward.Bookmark here

Nanami Hoshizaki, the Student Council President, stood before the assembly of students and faculty, her bluish hair swaying in the breeze. Dark eyes stared at them all, sweeping over everyone. When they landed on me and Alicia, her pink lips twisted into a distasteful frown.Bookmark here

For a moment, I was sure she’d tell me to leave. Her next words shocked me.Bookmark here

“What is this?! Why is there a gap in the formation?! Everyone, close ranks!”Bookmark here

It wasn’t a request. It was a command. Everyone heeded her call.Bookmark here

I almost screamed in shock when Alicia and I were suddenly pressed in from all sides. This was the first time I could remember being so close to so many people, at least in this capacity. Whenever I walked home, people avoided me. When I walked through the school, students moved out of my way. When in class or anywhere, really, everyone made sure to keep at least two meters of distance from me. That was how it had always been.Bookmark here

“Unity,” Nanami began, “that is what these sports festivals represent. Of course, they are also a means of testing your physical boundaries, of showing off your prowess in front of your family and peers. However, above and beyond a physical competition meant to embody the laws of nature and survival of the fittest, this competition is meant to bring us students closer together. As we embark on the final day of the sports festival, I hope you all think upon these words.”Bookmark here

I didn’t know much about Nanami, but she seemed to be an honorable sort, though I was judging her based only on what I had just seen. Having never seen her around school before, I didn’t know what she was really like.Bookmark here

Nanami wasn’t the only one to give a speech, as the principal also gave one to the students. Once that was done, it was time for stretches. Alicia and I followed along with the principal and everyone else as they went through a series of calisthenics. Some of those involved pairing up. Naturally, Alicia paired up with me. It wasn’t like anyone else would come close to me.Bookmark here

“Could you push a bit more?” Alicia asked. “Don’t worry about being gentle. I’m not some fragile doll.”Bookmark here

“I never said you were,” I replied.Bookmark here

Alicia was sitting on the ground, her legs spread out in front of her. I knelt behind her. With my hands on her back, I pushed her forward. As she requested, I applied more pressure. My face felt like it had caught fire when she moaned. It was a strained moan, one of discomfort, but it sounded so, well, sexy, I couldn’t help but blush.Bookmark here

We eventually traded places. She helped me. Then it was time for the sports festival to begin.Bookmark here

The athletics this day were numerous. First was the team tug of war, which involved a group from each class fighting against other classes. It was a tournament style competition, so whoever won went on to the next round, until there was eventually only one class left standing. I was surprised to see that our class were victorious. After the tug of war, it was the three-legged race.Bookmark here

Mine and Alicia’s event.Bookmark here

“Are you nervous?” asked Alicia.Bookmark here

“Of course not,” I said. “I just feel like I’m about to vomit.”Bookmark here

Alicia chuckled. “Try to hold it in until after the race, at least. You’re important to me, but I don’t want your puke all over my clothes.”Bookmark here

“I’ll do my best.”Bookmark here

Our legs were bound together as we stood at the starting line with several other pairs. Alicia’s arm was around my waist. Mine was around her shoulder.Bookmark here

I tried to keep my breathing under control, but I couldn’t stop from being nervous. This was my first time being in a sports festival ever, and I was participating with Alicia, my only friend. I didn’t want to let her down, but I couldn’t stop the questions that entered my mind. What if I failed? What if I tripped and we both face planted against that ground? What if what if what if what if. There were so many things that could go wrong.Bookmark here

“Calm down,” Alicia said, her arm squeezing my waist in a reassuring manner. “We know each other way better than any of these other people know their partners. We’ve got this.”Bookmark here

“Yeah.” I took a deep breath and blew it out. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s do this.”Bookmark here

“That’s the spirit.”Bookmark here

A loud, shrill whistle was the sound off, and Alicia and I, along with everyone else, quickly burst into action. One team fell almost seconds after they started running. The rest kept pace with Alicia and I as we trotted toward the finish line. One two. One two. One two. One. Our bodies moved in surprising synch. Slowly, inexorably, we pulled ahead of the pack. One two. One two. We were just ten meters from the finish line. One two. One. Five meters. Alicia and I increased our pace. One meter. Almost there.Bookmark here

Alicia and I crossed over the finish line. The ribbon that marked it broke as we ran through it. There was no cheering, though some mute clapping echoed around us. It was probably Matilda and Yūgure. I didn’t care that they were the only ones clapping. I looked at Alicia and smiled.Bookmark here

“We did it.”Bookmark here

Her return smile was something that I would treasure for all eternity. “That we did.”Bookmark here

I guess sports festivals weren’t so bad, after all.Bookmark here

******************************************************************************Bookmark here

Afterword:Bookmark here

Since this is the end of volume 2, I figured I would write an afterword, just like you see in real Japanese light novels.Bookmark here

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