Chapter 2:


Rain and happiness? (concept)

11 P.M

"My...clothes ..."

We can see a lot of clothes thrown to the ground,most of this clothing it's sportswear

The girl is still throwing clothes like she is looking for something

"Hey stop,i know we didn't talk to much,but stop throwing my clothes..."

The girl looks at Rain with a mad face and sticks her tongue out at Rain and then she continues to throw clothes

"(Doesn't matter if she doesn't know i saved her,well i told her but i don't think she trust me...)"

Rain keeps looking at the girl with a half uncomfortable expression

"Well probably now you can't talk,but at least you can hear me and even write for sure"

Rain waits...

"At least can you eat your food,it's not hot because your throat could hurt"

The girl keeps throwing clothes


"(Don't tell me she want some cute clothing?)"

Rain let's the girl alone and goes to the other room

Then she open a closet and starts searching for something

"Cute clothes,Cute clothes,i had one i think...Here!"

Rain take out from the closet a male navy uniform 

"It's not an original one from the 1950...But i think it's 'cute' in some way..."

Rain returns to the other room

"Hey look,isn't it cute?"

The girl looks at the clothes and sighs silently,she takes a simple shirt and pants 

Then she wakes from the ground,approaches Rain and closes the door in front of Rain face

"Ok...Well i let you change yourself?if you hear me i'm going to sleep to the other room,if you need something just tell me..."

"(I think I will trust her, I don't feel like she is going to kill me while I sleeping)"

6 hours later

5 A.M

Rain hears a door slam...

"...?(Oh true that girl,don't tell me she decided to leave...Well i will not oblige her to live with me...)"

Rain wakes up from the bed,yawns and goes to the other room where the other girl was,then she opens the door and we can see a note


Rain takes the note,the note has a very bad writing 

" 'I took your equipment,your jacket,your backpack and the magazine you had in your poc...' ,wait she stole my magazine!?!Shit i have to find her that's the only magazine i have!!!,But wait...Are the bullets compatible with her gun??? Wait wait,relax first where's my gun"

Rain runs into the kitchen where she remember she left her weapon

"There it is!"

We can see Rain's weapon and her magazine

"Wait she didn't take the magazine...Oh,i understand...her she took the bullets,(She left me with only 4 bullets inside,and it was a full 20 bullets magazine)..."

Rain moves to the other room and search for something

"Talkie talkie...No what i'm saying it's called talkie walkie or it was said walk...Here in the jacket!"

Rain puts a battery she had in her other pocket from the jacket hanging in the closet,then she starts pushing a button

"(If i remember well she stole the jacket with an already connected walkie talkie)"

Meanwhile in the other girl's perspective we can see few of mist in an abandoned  home

The talkie walkie inside the girl pocket starts to make distorted sounds

"µ^$*ùan you *ùù!=+e *ù*Can you he*$*ùeù*$ùcan you hear me???"

The girl takes the walkie talkie from the jacket,removes the battery and then she put it back to the pocket

"(Is she stupid,i can't even talk)"

Says to herself the girl while moving her mouth like she can still talk

"(I don't know why I left her house,if i don't have anywhere to go...Well if i really wanted to leave i wouldn't even write her a note...)"

The girl sits in the outside stairs from the abandoned house

"(Shall i return with her,i'm not even experienced in survival,and i don't know this place,but let's say i return to my home and not the home from the other girl,what will change???Eating expired canned food for life...The other girl had a supply box,what does she do to win all this food...)

The girl look tired at the sky

"('You were called by Shiwase because you brought us happiness' , yes...Better said when my family died you took all the fucking money,but now look at you,now money can't be used since the 3rd war has reached his limited and ended...At least he died in my own eyes,killed by one of those creatures...)"

Shiwase wakes up form the stairs and spits on the ground

"(I think i'm not returni...)"

A weird noise of someone breathing it's heard  from the metal door inside the house

"(Wait don't tell that's one of those creatures...)"

Shiwasewalks away some meters from the house walking slowly,while she takes from the jacket her gun,then a big silence...

Then the door begins to oxidize and seconds later it begins to melt with a type of red acid

"(What the fuck is this...!)

"(Shall i try killing this or just escape...)"

The door completely melts and we can see a creature highly deformed from all the body,with a big bloody eye and with holes all around the big 3 meters body

"(I can't fight this...!)"

The creature weird sounds trying to say 'Welcome, live with me' but with a squeaky and annoying tone

The creatures deformed mouth into his brain starts drooling a thick red liquid, as if it were poisoned blood

Shiwase takes points the creature with her weapon while she trembles and slowly walks away without taking hes eyes off him

"(I'm going to puke what the fuck of body..This shit have a disgusting body...)"

The creature slowly tries to approach to her,but then Shiwase starts crying of fear and escapes from the city

"(Shit for almost 2 years i didn't see anyone or any creature and now i find a creature,a person and i lost my voice,this crazy girl lives in a weird place,i have to go to this girls house and tell her to bring me where they found me!)"

Says to herself while crying of fear and regret

While in Rain house...

2 hours after Shiwase left the apartment

7.30 A.M

Rain wakes up after sleeping a little more then she starts verifying all her equipement

"Ugh...She took almost all the survival food...Even this soup that I kept in my thermos bottle...Well at least she didn't touch at the supply box"

Some loud footsteps are heard approaching Rain apartment door,then we hear a loud noise of something falling down

Rain takes her gun before going near to the hall door

"Who is it?"

Moans of crying are heard

"Don't tell me that's the girl..."

Rain opens the door,and sees Shiwase in the floor face down flushed of tears

"Well that's normal you were still sick,i rescued you yesterday...Well come in"


"Can you wake up?"

Shiwaselooks at Rain and moves her face to left and the right several times

"That's a 'nope'..."

Rain takes Shiwase from the hands and drags her to the hall then she closes the door,then she forgots Shiwase at the hall

"I prepare you to bed and please,just try to rest,you are still sick for the coldness and your throat."

Shiwase stills saying down into the hall floor while she sleeps             

"Oh i forgot,she can't move..."

Rain moves to the hall

"You are sleeping already...You are taller than me but you acts like she is a a 10 years old..."

Rain looks at Shiwase's hair,her hair looks very think and perfect,Rain keeps looking at her for 5 min

20 min later


Some classic music it's heard,it has a deep melody,the music feels like we are living in an empty rainy world

Shiwase wakes up after hearing this music,takes off the blanket and approaches the kitchen

She opens the door,she founds Rain eating scrambled eggs with a lot of ketchup scattered in any way

"Mmm..HeLlo yOu SlEpT aLrEaDy?"

Says Rain while eating with her mouth open

"(Swallow before speaking)"

Thinks Shiwase while looking at her with a disappointed face...

Shiwase starts making signs with her hand, as she was writing something.

"What do you mean?"

Shiwase starts pouting

"Oh i think i understand you a paper and pen,well you lost one of my pens and papers when you escaped,hopefully yesterday they brought me more"

"Sit,relax and i prepare you scrambled eggs if you want, after i bring you something to write for sure"

Rain goes into the supply box and starts searching for something to write

"(I'll knew it she will return with me,that cute doll face will not survive alone,and i remember seeing a fruit can open,for sure she has fallen sick and couldn't return to her home after eating this...)"

Rain takes a tablet out

"Oh so this was the little gift Satorou talked me about...(Now that i remember when i was half sleeping while we were walking he said that every person that had patrol many times will receive a small gift)"

Rain takes the tablet and charges the tablet via a solar charger,then she goes back to the kitchen where she sees Shiwase near to the radio playing the classical music

"I have a small gift for you,that's a tablet,you write me in the tablet if you want to tell me something,just let it charge,it will take some minutes"

Shiwase looks at Rain with her big and colored eyes,then she takes the plate that Rain has eating on it

Then she starts writing something in the plate with the spilled ketchup

"What did you write???Wait Shisase??? That's your name???

Shiwase starts pouting again

"Ok wait i'll try to read better,it says Shiwase,sure?"

Shiwase with a normal expresion moves her head up and down

"That's a yes,well i don't really know my name but can call me Rain...(Yesterday she was shooting me and now she is presenting herself with me...hehe...)"

"Oh yes talking about that,could you remove your jacket please ?It's quite thick"

Sabita with a surprised expression looks at herself,goes into the room to remove the jacket and goes back running into the kitchen

"Tomorrow morning we will prepare your équipement so  you can start working with me, don't worry, as soon as you recover you will start working with me, unless you are not interested in living with me.I will not oblige you"

Shiwase ignoring Rain starts pouring some juice into a glass

"(Well for sure she was very hungry if she was eating expired food when we found her...)"

While making a wry smile...