Chapter 3:

Isn't it too early? - Part 1

Rain and happiness? (concept)


We see from a low perspective Rain's apartment,in a rainy day full of clouds,then the door opens we can Rain with a strong leather jacket

"(Let's see if i can get work to do for today...)"

Rain let's a second key inside the hall then she closes from the outside the apartment letting Shiwase sleeping inside

Rain walks in an empty city full of dust and sand.

"(If i remember good before Shiwase told...Well write me... why she did came back...She told me that she saw a creature in here 'A ugly creature with holes and some thick blood,like it was poisoned)"

Rain looks at many houses and shops while walking

"He melted a door...(If i inform this i can probably get some free supplies without the need of take charge of this creature)"

Rain walks for almost 2 hours bypassing the city,then we can see a big base with a reinforced door?Rain knocks the door 9 times in the top corner to the right

The door opens,we can see a big man with a lot of bandages and thin clothing,he has a serious broken expression

"How can you wear this if it's cold as fuck?"

The big man closes the door right away Rain enters inside the base

"Why did you come today?"

"Well for 2 reasons,now i have a 'friend' and i don't need more 'temporary' friends and the 2nd thing,there's a creature inside an empty city" 

They enter in a small area where we can see a tenth of people,all of them in groups of 2 or 3 separated from the other groups

"Wait i'll come back just wait here."

Rain sits while looking at the others,we can see the group that sent her yesterday the supply box,a woman near the 18 years and a young boy,the two of them have a peculiar red hair

"(Probably they are brothers)"

We see a group of 3,they all look like military with all the bulletproof vests and guns hanging in their back,then we see girl with a whitish blonde hair using a sports hunting clothing alone in a corner

"(As always new people come and some never return,those who never came back for sure died,or probably they just wanted 'easy' food.)"

The blonde girl leaves the room while looking at Rain with a hate expresión ,Rain looks also at her with a smile,then she ignores her when she leaves the room

"(Rare people like always...hehe...)" 

The big man comes back then she brings a piece of paper and a box with some vitamin pills

"This is half of the box,if the information is real,we give you the other half,if it's fake we are never trusting you in any information,just describe the creature in the piece of paper..Oh true as soon as possible bring the girl to give her équipement"

The man leaves the room


Rain describes the creature that Shiwase described to her,then she takes the paper,and put it's inside a mailbox inside the room,she leaves the base ,open the door with her weapon equiped in case,she opens the door then all it's safe,then she leaves.

"(Vitamins,i like it,it can work for me and Shiwase,how i see all the vitamins are full and unopened)"

Rain opens one from the box,she takes it dry with no water,she closes it and put it back in the box.

"(Hehe i feel like having superpowers every time i take one,don't tell that it's drugs???No,real drugs don't give you energy...")

Rain walks another 2 hours to return home

3 P.M

"(The city that Shiwase told me,i think i can try to go,she told me that he was slow,so if i meet him i just run)"

Rain walks while watching her own back,she walks for 5 min then...


We hear a man screaming

"Don't tell me that..."

Rain runs toward the direction of the scream then when she arrives,she start covering in a wall,we can hear a weird noice,like if it was minced meat getting mixed with spices ...

"Don't tell me he is getting eatten..."

Rain looks out and finds a mutilated man getting eaten by a rare creature and a young man paralyzed with fear crying while the creature eats the man

The creature looks like a big piece of meat in the ground, spread like some type of slime but instead a water body that's all some destroyed skin and meat in one only body

"(The... creature is not like Shiwase described,shall i save the kid???But i only have 15 bullets, i don't know if it'll works against this creature...)"

The kid looks at Rain...

"Help me please!!!"

Says the kid while crying and screaming

"Shit shut up!"

The creature hears the kid crying and Rain,the creature slowly moves like a slug into the kid.


The creature ignores Rain screaming...


Rain removes the safe from her weapon and shots all the bullets from her magazine to the creature that is nearly at 1 meter to reach the kid

The creature falls into the kid

"Did i kill him???"

Rain runs into the kid and the creature and pushes the creature that was above the child 

"Now you are sa ..."

The kid starts crying loudly,the blood of the creatures melts the kid legs and face...


Rain starts screaming after seeing the scene of the mutilated man and the melt kid

8 P.M

We can see at Rain sitting with red-rimmed eyes,near the dead creature,the man and kid

"His last words, 'daddy',what shall i say,i killed a monster but also a dad and son died?"

Rain wakes up after almost 6 hours crying

"(I just report the bodies and the dead monster later)"

Rain takes a little recipient she had in her jacket,she moves near the death creature and takes it's blood with the recipîent

"This will be my proof,i'll better keep going home,i totally forgot Shiwase was in my home..."

Rain walks way home then she starts crying like a lost kid...

"Damn it..!"

9 P.M

Rain arrives to her apartment,where no one lives apart her and Shiwase, Rain open the door with her keys,then slowly closes the door once she entered.

"What's that smell???Shiwase are you cooking something (It smells like raw oil...)"

Shiwase looks up to the hall from the room while she holds some sort of gadget

"What's that?You know about mechanic?"

Shiwase answers no by moving her head

"Then what are you doing?"

Rain approaches the room then she can see some sort of gun part

"Damn,what's that???You were living in america or what???"

Shiwase goes into the hall,open the door, and then she lifts point out somewhere


Rain approaches then she looks

"Isn't it that city where you found that creature?"

Shiwase responds yes with her head

"Oh true i found a creature today,it wasn't the same you described to me,i kil...No ignore what i said,for me that's a no.(I can't presume to i killed a creature after having used up my entire charger and having seen with my eyes how the child melted in front of my eyes.)"

Rain closes the door in front of Shiwase

"Hear me,how i see you are much better now,tomorrow you have to take your equipment, i told them that you work with me"

Shiwase runs into the room and brings her gun with the gun part

Shiwase writes her something in the tablet

"[Can you help me stick to my gun?]"

"Oh that's why it smelled raw oil,you thought that this will stick it...Well your gun is very special,if you want we can try get you something better if we sell yours"

Shiwase looks at her gun then at the hall door,she goes into her room and saves her weapon

"Well i will not oblige you,probably it was from your parents or something..."

"Uh...You hear me???"

Rain goes into the room then she sees Shiwase sleeping

"Oh...(Well she could at least make me some food...But i'm happy at least,normally someone after loosing their voice will at least try to not having minor contact with 'you',but she looks normal)"

"I think i will drink soup"

6 A.M 

Shiwase opens rain door,she enters inside,takes Rain's blanket,leaves the room and closes the door

"Uhh...It's cold...Where's my blanket...?"

Rain with her eyes closed tries to find if there is a blanket near to her,then she gaves up

"(I'm scared this happened very fast,i meet some guy that wanted to team with me,i found a girl,i rescued her,she shot me,now she lives with me and today we will work together,in fact i don't know if she even have survival instincts)"

Rain wakes up,slaps her self 2 times in her cheeks and screams


Rain goes into Shiwase rooms and removes her the blankets,Shiwase makes a little sound with her breathing like was trying to say something

"Let me know,you are saying '5 min more' for sure..."

After some minutes Shiwase wakes up and goes into the kitchen where she can see Rain boiled eggs and miso soup

"YoU wAnT sOmE?"

Says Rain while eating...

After then finish eating,Rain and Shiwase goes to the same room where there is the only closet with clothes,Rain takes some sporty clothing,a sport bra and bike pants and a big fur jacket, Shiwase takes a red shirt,a skirt and a leather jacket

"Hear me Shiwase, we will try to find a better home if you want to live with me,and also we will get you some clothes because i think you don't like my tastes..."

Shiwase reponds with a big yes

"For me it's like you said your clothes suck...hehe..."

After they prepare themselves,take their unloaded weapons with no munition they open the door way to the base to start their first mission but together...

Rain looks at Shiwase with her big glowing deep sea blue eyes with a very serious expresion

"Hear me Shiwase,i'm going to show you something you will not like,proably you will hate me for this but if i don't do it it'll be worse"...