Chapter 4:

Isn't it too early? - Part 2

Rain and happiness? (concept)

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At the city where Rain killed the creature

"Hear me we are just in front the corner were i killed a creature,but i don't know if you will like what you'll see..."

Shiwase looks at Rain with a normal expression,walks into the corner and finds some ravens eating the rest of the man who got "crushed",and some dead melted ravens up the boy and the creature body

"(It smells..Argh..I'm going to ..Puke...)"

Shiwase runs toward Rain with a half-tearful face of disgust, fright and confusion,then she looks at Rain slowly like she wants to ask something

"This boy,well...And his dad probably wanted to search some food,and it was to late when i found this monster"

Rain looks at the floor with a repentance face

"(I could probably save him,but...I didn't know that this creature was...)"

Shiwase grabs Rain by the sleeve

"Uh what are you doing...?Oh i need to follow you???"

Shiwase runs while grabbing Rain sleeve towards a small destroyed shop,then she grabs Rain's head and makes her lower her head.

"What a monster???"

Shiwase turns angrily towards Rain and makes the silence gesture with her left arm,then she her head outside the shop door and points at something while hiding,we can see a group of 2 persons well equipped 

"What???They seem going to just their way..."

Shiwase turns to Rain while they are hiding and makes a gesture of cutting throat while pointing at the armed men.

"Ok let's wait..."

Says Rain while talking softly...

15 minutes later...

"I think we can start going out,we can loose that much time..."

Rain lifts up then she starts walking,then Shiwase grabs her hand immediately,Rain turn herself with an annoyed face into Shiwase,Shiwase moves her head like she tries to tell her no

"I didn't help you to annoy me!They're gone trust me!"

Rain push away Shiwase's hand and starts walking into the door,she reaches outside the door then Shiwase push her inside the door immediately,then we hear a sniper rifle shot grazing the entrance of the store

Rain with a heavy breathing and fear expression looks at Shiwase...

"They were waiting for us to come outside?!?!"

Shiwase looks at Rain, then to the groundand talks to herself in the mind...

"(I remember that militars were alway skeeping an eye  at one suspect spot,they could still up to 4 hours just to save bullets then kill someone and rob them,i can't talk,but if i could i would tell her this much before...It's the first time they spot me,this pieces of shit would will do anything to get easy resources or supplies,just by killing whoever they find,now what could i do?They will go inside and kill us???This girl called Rain seemed experienced but it's the first time she meet them???Or can it be probably that they never patrolled here till today?...)"

"Shiwase???Shiwase???Are you hearing me???"

Shiwase turns her self into Rain,wakes up and starts searching something at the destroyed shop

"It's time to collect food now or what???Don't worry we work to not collect food so now we should find a fucking way to escape from them!!!"

Shiwase starts to take some products,she gathers flour,powdered sugar and a rare canned product

"Should i let you cook..."

Shiwase passes her a few empty cans to Rain, clearly inviting her to help...


After 2 minutes

Some steps can be heard near the shop door,then a flash smoke grenade is thrown

"Shit no what we are going to do,you can't even know were they will be"

Says softly...

Shiwase cuts a rope,some cans fell into the ground pushing the mixed "ingredients" into the air,the group of armed turns into the sound,then Shiwase grabs a big teddy and throw it near the cans

"Here i got you!"

Says one of the armed

"Wait...Don't tell me...Don't shot piece of shit"

The armed man pushes the trigger of the gun while pointing at the teddy thinking it was someone

"(When any thin grain floats into the air it can act as gunpowder,it doesn't really matter what,because it can burn so rapidly that expands all over the grain,that means creating an explosion capable to kill if it's an high quantity,but obviously i had to think for me and Rain,so i put a few,but i mixed it with sulfur,this helps slightly to give strength to anything like explosions or weapons,now i just hope it was already a lot to kill them or at least leave them unconscious...)"

"For sure you were a terrorist in the past!"

Says Rain while looking with shiny eyes at Shiwase

"(Thanks i think...)"

Shiwase makes a half smile half half disappointed by the compliment

"I feel a deja vu...Oh true...(When this guy told me that for sure i was into all this of medical...)Oh i have a question,they washed your brain???"

Shiwase says no with her head

"Well i ask you latter let's see what happened to them,or let's take their weapons,i hate always being with small pistol"

Shiwase and Rain approach,we can see that the armed masks are destroyed with their face burned,and someone of them lost an eye

"(Well normal,if we think it well it's just a flour explosion,it can't kill even some puppies like them)"

Thinks Shiwase with a disappointment expresión...Rain looks at her

"Well don't worry we don't have to always kill to defend ourselves..Oh look one of the weapons got destroyed,probably they guy who shot,well i take the other one!"

Rain takes an VCD-15 a french semi automatic weapon,then Shiwase approaches and throws her the gun she took on the ground

"Now what?I can't take even a used weapon...Well you saved me in the door so that's ok"

Rain starts to go outside the door then Shiwase grabs her hand,Rain turns herself molested into Shiwase

"What they are already done look at their face!They can't even see!"

Shiwase take the weapon she threw from Rain hands and starts pointing at the same spot were the sniper shot

"Uh?...Oh true the sniper!But now what can we do???"

Shiwase takes her knife and approaches the unconscious armed guys

"(I have two ways,menace the sniper by going outside while taking one of them,or deform someone face,cut his head and throw it,so like that the sniper can get scared...)"

Shiwase puts into the wall the armed that looks with the less weight

"(What if the sniper outside doesn't care about her team?Well i have to cut his head)"

Shiwase stabs the man's neck,then Rain approaches rapidly

"What are you doing?!?!He is already fucked up?!?!"

Rain takes the knife out of Shiwase's hand while looking at her with a hate expression

"(Stupid girl i try to save us,how do i tell her???)"

"I regret letting you live with me,you are a psycho,want to cut his head,know how make bombs and next time what???You are going to make nuclear weapons with human blood???!"

"(She wasn't that sensitive when she cut my vocal cords...Well now what do i do,this crazy girl won't let me save us)"

Says while looking at Rain with a half angry half disappointed face...

Some fast steps are heard,then someone comes in,with a long sniper,he looks at Rain and Shiwase, throws a bomb and explodes immediately after it comes out the hand

8:30 A.M

We can see a exploded torso with no arms,and a lot of dust and the destroyed shop even more ruined

"(Uh...It hurts so much,hopefully i'm ok...Were is Shiwase...?)"

Rain removes the wood that was up to her

"Shiwase were are you?Are you ok?Shiwase?3

Rain starts to remove every object that can hides someone

"Shiwase if you can hear me at make some noise,i will help you"

"(She saves me for then killing me,probably i would still alive if i could talk)"

We can see Shiwase perspective in a corner with a big piece of metal stabbed into her torso, Shiwase is looking at Rain how she tries to find her

"(If this was a movie it'll be for sure criticized,not even 1 day starting our first day together to work,and i already died,well,my weak body can't resist all this,for sure i'm dead,well i lived a little much longer thanks to Rain...)"

"Here you are!Are you ...Oh no!How did you end...Wait let me heal you ... (How can i heal her,it's stabbed from the torso passing through her body...)Wa...Wait...Wait i ...I will find a ...(a what? a way? I can't heal this,it will take me a lot of time,she'll be dead once i finish...)"

Rain looks at Shiwase while she starts crying,Shiwase looks at Rain too slowly with her deep looking and tired eyes...

"I...i swear i ..."

Shiwase looks into her own pocket where she saves her gun then looks slowly at Rain

"(It's my gift,hope you understand me...)"

Shiwase stops moving with her eyes open and her mouth is full of blood while her torso keeps bleeding

"No...!Noo...! I thought we could be friends...Even if you couldn't talk,we weren't very friends,bu...But i really wanted to work and live with someone!Why...All this because i didn't tried to understand her...!? I will be always like this???Cooperating with strangers?Watching people die in front of my eyes?!?!?!"

Rain takes Shiwase weapon,puts a blanket in Shiwase's body and then leaves the city

12 A.M

Inside the base

"(No one shot me,this mean that we've finished the whole group,well but "half" of my team died)"

"Where's your 'friend' didn't you say someone will work with you?"

Says a tall old woman

"Yes i said that...But she died"

"Died for what?"

"She died for smoking weed!Fucking retarded...!"

"Wow chill!,i was just askin' ,well then we have to look for you someone,come back tomorrow and we tell you"

"Can i sleep here today please"

Says Rain with a sad expression


The woman looks at Rain,she seems scared

"(Poor girl,what happened to her?Don't tell me the other girl died in some bad way and she was here?)Ok...You can rest,in the waiting room when we close,you can sleep inside..."


Says Rain with a half grateful face but in some way sad face

11 P.M

Waiting room

We can see Rain crying silently in the blanket with a flushed face...

"(It was to early for her to die...!)"