Chapter 3:

V1 Chapter 1-The Girls Club Really Hates Me

My Everyday Life With A "Harem"

Three periods went by today, and anytime I was in the hallway, I'd usually get a lot of glares from everyone and people whispering, whispering most likely about what I did this morning. I exposed Ayano Kuriko in front of the whole school for sleeping with Sensei Shoji. And I felt damn proud about it.

By the time I got to my fourth and final period, I noticed everyone looking at me as I went over to my seat and sat down.

"Hey, Azuma, you're sick!" I heard a guy whisper in my ear behind me and I slightly trembled a bit, not in fear, but in a funny gloomy way.

It was then that the classroom door opened, and it wasn't the teacher, rather, it was a girl. But, I was actually entranced by her appearance. She had long dark brown hair that reached her backside, dark maroon eyes, cream colored skin, and wore the typical girls school uniform. But besides that, she actually looked kinda cute, although her eyes threw me off. But what made me more confused, is why the hell she had school supplies hanging from her skirt.

I turned to look at her as she went to go to her seat and asked, "Hey, why the hell are you wearing school sup-"

"Say that again and I'll cut your tongue off got it?" She turned her head to glare at me in a harsh way as she then pulled up her chair and sat down.

"Just ignore her Azuma, she seems like a really rude bitch." I thought to myself as I turned ack to my normal seeing position.


By the time fourth period was done and over, I got up from my chair, grabbed my schoolbag, and went outside the classroom. And after I walked out, I felt someone grab my hand.

I turned around to see Taro grabbing onto my hand.

"GAHHHH!!!" I yelled as I quickly backed away from Taro. "T-taro?! What the hell was that for man?! Shouldn't you be hanging out with some girls or something like that?!"

Taro laughed a bit as he said, "Even though I am quite popular here Azuma," his did this creepy looking smile as I suddenly felt a dark aura around him, "I need to take you to the girls club. . ."

Taro and I then walked down the hallway as I noticed one of the doors labeled as "GIRLS CLUB".

I gulped a bit, Taro then patted my back and said, "Good luck in there okay?" He then walked away from me.

I felt myself tremble a bit, usually I wouldn't be scared of anything all that much and I'm not afraid to speak what's on my mind. But, to be forced into a club with girls that either bate or love me, that's what I'm scared of.

I then grabbed onto the door handle as I opened the door and said aloud, "HELLO GIRLS CLUB, YOU GUYS MAY KNOW ME AS THE WONDERFUL AZUMA HOZUMI, THE ONE WHO-"

"Exposed the Student Council President, yeah yeah that shit was terrible. Just shut up will ya?" One of the girls said as I them quickly went silent. The Girls Club really hates me so far.


I took notice of one of the empty chairs as I sat down in it. "So, you guys are the Girls Club huh? Mind introducing yourselves to me? After all, I was forced into this club." I explained.

"I don't know if I'd want to, what do you think Teddy-kun?" One of the girls said as she grabbed onto her teddy bear and held it up to her ear.

"Aw, that's a cute Teddy be-"

"SHUT UP OR I WILL SLIT YOUR THROAT." The girl said as I went quiet.

"Sorry, about that! Tsukkomis am I right?" Another girl said as she looked at me. She then got up from her chair and punched me in the arm. "Hey, you don't mind if I do this to you right? Yu want me to do it on you harder? Or perhaps I should make you lick the bottom of my shoe and be humiliated."
I trembled as I then said, "N-no thanks you sadist." I got her off of me.

"U-um, are you okay there Azuma?" Another girl came up to me as she went over to me. But, I couldn't help but stare at those two large perky round things on her chest, or rather, her breasts if you will.

"My god those things must be a E or F. . ." I thought to myself as I felt my face go red a bit. "Y-yeah, I'm ok-"

She slapped me across the face and said, "YOU WERE LOOKING aT MY BREASTS WEREN'T YOU PERVERT?!"

Oh boy, it's a tsundere! "You gotta have that in your harem!" I thought to myself.

"Well, there just quite large and no I'm not perverted at all for your information!" I stated as I got up from my chair.

"Of course you don't!" Another girl said as she smiled happily at me, "In fact, I like you Azuma!"


"No you idiot I was being sarcastic! I wish I could use my dark powers on you!" The girl said as she waved her hand and looked like she was throwing some magic ball spark or some shit like that at my face.

Ugh, she was a chuunibyou.

"Anyway," The sadist girl said as she looked at me, "We're just waiting for our leader to come!"

"Leader? Well, I wonder who that could be-"

I looked to see the door open and saw the girl. No, wait, it was the same girl from my fourth period with the school supplies!

"S-school supplies girl?!" I stated. She glared at me as she flipped a ruler off of her skirt and looked at me saying, "I have a name you know! It's Kaori Hiroka!"

"Sorry! Sheesh! But still, your club members haven't even introduced themselves to me!" I said.

"I'll introduce them to you!" Kaori said as she pointed her ruler to each of them one by one, "First we have Megumi Anzu, she's 15 and has adorable looks but is quite the sadist. Next is Sanae Tomiko, she's 16 and clings onto her 'Teddy-kun', and need I mention she's also a tsukkomi, so I suggest you stay a few feet away from her if you want to risk your arm getting cut off. Then we have Reika Otoha, she's 16 and joined this club to keep herself away from perverted men, who might must be you, and she has quite the large breasts, and no Azuma I'm not going to tell you what size they are. Then there's Yurina Sayumi, or Yurina-Sempai since she's the oldest club member, being 18, and she has M2/Chuunibyou syndrome and is known here for her sarcasm. Finally," Kaori then looked at me, "There's me, the Leader of the girls club! The name's Kaori, I'm 17 and don't get on my dark side got that?"

I couldn't believe this girl. No, I couldn't believe this whole Girls Club. A club of females and me being the one male, with all these personalities and characteristics, how do they even get along?

I then chuckled a bit, and then started to howl with laughter as I got up. "Wow, this club! Hahaha! How do you guys even get along?! You know what? Let me nickname you guys okay?"

"Nickname?" Kaori said in a questioning tone.

I went over to Megumi and looked at her saying, "Your nickname will be. . .Crown Sadist!"

"C-crown Sadist?!" Megumi stated in shock.

I then moved on over to Sanae and called her, "Little Clingy, will be your nickname."

"Hmmph!" Sanae crossed her arms with her teddy bear in her lap.

"And, yeah, about these. . ." I went over to Reika and fondled with her breasts a bit. I noticed her face blushing brightly as she then slapped me and called me a pervert. "That's it! Reika, your nickname is Pervophobia!"

"Well, I don't mind that name at all!" Reika said as she held her breasts against her hands, still bright red in the face.

"I can't wait for mine!" Yurina said as her ponytail bounced happily.


"No I'm being sarcastic, and I want to burn you with my everlasting flames right now!"

I moved closer to her face and said, "Go ahead, Sarcastic Chuuni. That's your nickname from now on Yurina-senpai."

She went quiet as I then walked over to Kaori and grabbed a pencil from her pocket and put it on my ear. "Now then, seeing that you're wearing school supplies, Kaori the Leader, I'll simply nickname you as School Supplies Girl."

Kaori then snatched the pencil that was laying on my ear as she then said, as her teeth grinded, "Fine! But do know this Azuma Hozumi. . ." She walked on over to the front of the clubroom where she was with the girls.

"And what would that be?" I asked.

"WE DO NOT TAKE ANY ROMANTIC INTEREST IN YOU." The girls said and I trembled a bit.

The Girls Club doesn't just hate me, they really hate me.