Chapter 12:

Stealth challenge

En Passant Grandmaster

Yuusuke glared in annoyance as Iori began filming her intro.

"YO! It's your girl Iori-chan here! I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL! If I get caught it's detention hell for me! So I'm gonna sneak in so nobody will know I was late. All I gotta do is not get caught and sneak into the classroom without anyone noticing. I've also got some guys here that are also late, say hello to Oki-kun and Shouben-kun!"

"Sh- 'SHOUBEN'!? Want me to kill you, you f****** bitch!?" Yuusuke fumed as Okisato held him back.

"If we can successfully pull this off, we'll win, er... SOMETHING! I don't know what, but it will be something! Now, let's begin!"

Iori then secured her phone to a strap on belt before huddling up with Okisato and Yuusuke.

"So what's your plan?" Okisato asked.

"I dunno! I'm just gonna wing it and hope I find a cardboard box," Iori grinned.

"I gotta get to the locker rooms, so I'll go on my own," Yuusuke glared.

"Then disperse, I actually wanna chat with Iori-chan," Okisato nodded.

"HUH!? You tryin’ to make out with her!?"

"Are you into her?"

"Man, now you're just crushing me. My day's been rough enough, I don't wanna get NTR'd," Yuusuke cried as he ran off.

"So whatcha ya wanna ask me? Is it a CONFESSION!?" Iori gasped.

"No, but you should probably turn your stream off for this."

"A private question? Sure, we can talk private deets, this is a video anyway, so no worries about live viewers," Iori smiled as she stopped recording.

"Iori-chan, were you attacked by some guys and challenged to a chess match?"

Iori blinked for a few seconds before responding. "Yeah, it was totes rad! That asshole chloroed and kidnapped me and said loser would get a blowtorch to the face!"

"So you won?"

"I kicked his ass!"

"Well that's good. ...So do you have any questions?"

"Huh? About what?"

"Nevermind. As long as you're fine that’s good. Now I need to get back to class."

"Huh? Weren't you ditchen with Shouben?"

"No, I came to school, but snuck out when Shousen-san didn't show up."

"You crushin on him?"

"No, I'm not."

"You got a tough poker face, well guess the collab's over. Good luck sneakin in," Iori waved as Okisato headed off.

Once she was alone, Iori began recording again and immediately began sneaking through the bushes as she made her way through the courtyard. Eventually, she made it to the shoe lockers.

"Stage one: COMPLETE!" she grinned as she grabbed her school shoes.

She then began sneaking through the hallway. "Heh, bet you expect me to just sneak into class and sit down like I was there, well I'm kickin that trend in the ass!" Iori stated as she hid in the bathroom. "Now I just gotta wait until the period's over, join everyone as they roam through the halls, and... I'm clear!"


A cloud of dejection hung over Yuusuke's head as he trudged toward his class. "Ugh, everyone's gonna ask why I'm in my tracksuit. I'll just say I spilled soda," he mumbled as he entered the classroom.

"And the theorem- Shousen-kun, you've got some gall walking in like it's nothing," the teacher glared.

All eyes immediately turned towards Yuusuke.

"Uh, I just had to change cuz I spilled-"

"You were NOT here when I took attendance."

"I was- HUH!? How the hell'd you get back in!?" Yuusuke gasped as he noticed Okisato sitting at a desk. "

"Shousen-kun, who are you shouting at?"

"Tanabe, dammit! That's right! He saw me spill some soda so I had to change-"

"Tanabe-kun? ...He was here when I took attendance. You're saying he snuck out without me noticing during my lecture?"


"Tanabe-kun, do you know anything about Shousen-kun's ramblings?" the teacher glared.

"Not a clue," Okisato nodded.

"Shousen-kun, detention."

"Y- Yes, ma'am," Yuusuke sighed as he headed for the detention hall. "Damn traitor," he mumbled under his breath as he slammed the door and the teacher resumed her lecture.

"Guess my generic looks helped me pull off the escape without being caught. But coming here first and being counted for attendance are what truly helped me pull this off. I wonder if Iori-chan knows they'll check attendance records again next period," Okisato thought.


As the period ended, Iori seamlessly joined in with the students walking through the halls. "PERFECT! This challenge was a success, yo! Well, guess that's it. Make sure to like, share, and subscribe if ya haven't already!" she smiled as she struck a cute pose and stopped recording.

In another part of the hallway, Okisato found himself confronted by his teacher and Mei.

"What's wrong, Maida-sensei?"

"You deceived me," the teacher glared.


"Okisato Tanabe, security footage showed you leaving school grounds and reentering. That is a violation of school rules," Mei glared.

"Ah, I screwed up."

As the bell chimed, Iori happily waltzed into class with the other students. However, her bliss was short-lived. "Iori Ishikiridokoro, report to the detention hall for violation of school rules this instant!" Mei's voice echoed on the loudspeaker.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Iori wailed as she sank to the floor.

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