Chapter 13:


En Passant Grandmaster

"Serves you right," Yuusuke huffed as he sat in the detention room.

"I didn't know the school had cameras," Okisato stated.


Mimoko let out an annoyed sigh. "I'm disappointed with you all. As club president, I take responsibility for your actions."

"Is that why you're here too?" Okisato asked.

"I wouldn't come to the detention hall out of free will."

"Quiet! You are all to reflect on your transgressions," Maida glared.

"As per school rules, all of you will be having this offense added to your portfolios, Inoue-san will be included as well due to her failure as club president to keep her club members in check," Mei stated.

"Hold on, isn't it a bit unfair to blame a club president for their club members showing up late to school?" Mimoko asked as she slammed her palms on the desk.

"Yes, you cannot be blamed for a member of your club committing offenses outside your club. However, your club members were all engaging in a club related activity instead of attending school, thus you are equally at fault for their actions," Maida stated.

"HUH!? What do you mean by that!?"

"Your club members were participating in chess matches instead of properly attending school on time," the principal sneered as he entered with Gyro.

"So you ratted us out," Okisato glared at Gyro.

"HOLD ON! That guy tried to kill me! He's a criminal-"

"Cease your slander! Mr. Gunnerson is a good friend of mine as well as an advisor to our esteemed shogi club."

"So you're colluders? Lame-o, when I vlog about this, your-"

"Ishikiridokoro, your phone will be confiscated for the next two weeks," Mei glared.

"The hell!? Then how am I supposed to call anyone!?"

"Perhaps on one of the spare phones you have at your place?"

"I'm dirt poor you bitch!" Iori snarled as her cheery persona faded.

"That's not the only thing, I believe I paid for you to receive an image change, yet here you are, same as normal."

"Uh, the barber kidnapped me and tried to kill me."

"Cease your lies! Though perhaps I'm most disappointed with Tanabe-kun. You tried to act like you were here the whole time when you weren't. Your violation is undoubtedly the greatest offense, therefore you are to remain here for the rest of the day.”

"As for the stragglers, Ishikiridokoro, you know the routine. Shousen, you'll be mopping the hallways you walked for any stray drops of your urine that might have leaked, and you Inoue may leave with a warning, though I will wish to converse with you after school on a separate, but club related matter," the principal sneered as he and Gyro headed out.


In a secluded part of the hallway, Utami trembled as she was confronted by 3 girls.

"Hey Utami, why ya sniveling around?" the leader of the group sneered.

"I- I- I was just going to class-"

"You bumped into my bag though, ya clutz. I got fragile goods innit. If they were damaged, you're gonna pay for it."

"I- I'm sorry!" Utami trembled as she groveled on the floor.

"Hah! What an annoying pest you are," the group leader laughed as she stomped her shoe down on Utami's head.

"Se- Segawa-san-"

"Segawa-SAMA!" the group leader sneered as she pressed her foot down harder.

"Don't talk down to Shion-sama, bug. Do, and I shall ensure your father finds out," an elegant girl with long blue hair sneered as she kneeled down and titled up Utami's chin with her paper fan.

"Shion-sama, we should like, smush her face in," a girl with spray-tanned skin and bleached hair said as she gazed at her phone.

"Oh? I thought I already squished the bug, though if you feel like it, practice your kicks on the air, Kigyoku," Shion sneered as she walked over Utami.

A malicious grin spread on the gyaru’s face as the blue-haired girl held Utami up by her hair. She then ran to the end of the hallway before charging up to Utami and punting her in the face, sending her flying into the wall.

"Perfect kick! Well, that's our school's ace striker for ya," Shion sneered as she recorded with her phone. She then grabbed the bloodied Utami by her hair and held her up. "See, that's all you are, a used can to be kicked into the wind. Unlike your older brothers, you aren't worth shit!" she laughed before knocking Utami out with a knee to the face.

"Enoki... Enoki-cha... Enoki-chan!"


Utami immediately sat up to find herself in the nurse's office. Mimoko was also present sitting beside her bed.

"I- Inoue-sama- Ita!" Utami winced in pain as she felt her face.

"You were pretty banged up, did someone attack you? If so, we need to tell the prin-"

"No, i- If you tell him, he- He'll beat me up too."

Mimoko immediately went pale as she digested Utami's words. "Enoki-chan, if that's true then you need to go to the police."

"Bu- But if I do, he'll hurt you, Inoue-sama."

"Why? If we go together-"

"It won't work, they'll beat us all up!"

Mimoko struggled to find a response. She wasn’t the greatest when it came to consoling others on matters outside of chess. It was clear to her though that Utami was terrified about speaking out about her abuse, yet she couldn’t do much to help Utami if she didn’t have the full context. Suddenly, Mimoko remembered something and used her WWCF card to summon a holographic chess board.

Utami’s persona began to change as she nodded her head and began playing with Mimoko.

"Enoki-chan, I know it might be hard for you, but could you tell me what's going on?"

"This is sadly my daily routine. The girl that bullies me is Shion Segawa, the daughter of Shiho Segawa, the prefectural governor."

"She's a bigshot!? Wait, does that mean-"

"Yes, she has some sway over the police. Her family is also quite wealthy like mine. As for Shion, she's currently dating my older brother."

"Wait, so then what's going on with your father? You said he'd hit you."

"If I complain about Shion, yes. He doesn't want to sour a potential relationship with Governor Segawa, due to the benefits it would bring to him. Shion knows this, and since I'm her favorite punching bag, everyone turns a blind eye to my plight. Though I feel as though my father and brothers truly have no problem with me being a punching bag. I am expendable to them after all."

Mimoko clenched her fists in anger. "Enoki-chan, I'm going to win your freedom."

"Huh? But how?"

"By beating the school’s prized shogi team in bughouse."


"It's a two-player variation of chess, but you can use the pieces your teammate has captured."

"So it's kind of like shogi?"

"Correct. I figure going half-way is the best way to get them to agree to the proposal. As for my teammate, I want you to play alongside me."

Utami froze and blushed as a tear streaked down her face.

"Wah!? Why are you crying!?"

"No, it's just, you always give me strength. When I first saw you confronting my father about starting up a chess club, I felt inspired. Finally, someone was standing up to him. I then began playing chess and found my own inner strength, but sadly it can only come out when I play chess. Thus I began following you, hoping to find the key to unlock my strength."

"You were “following” me?"

"Er, I guess it could be considered stalking, but I only did it after school and stopped after 6."

"So then you saw that altercation between me and that thug a few days ago?"

"Yes, I saw everything. Tanabe-san arriving, that strange match, and that thug drowning in the river. Well, the thug deserved it for harassing you."

"You idolize me, don't you."

"Yes, to me, you're my mad queen."

"'Mad queen'?"

"Yes, "Mad queen chess" was the term used to describe the chess rule change that led to the queen getting its unrestricted movement."

Mimoko let out a happy sigh. "I really did get a chess club of weirdos, so Enoki-chan, do you want to partner up with me for the bughouse game?"

"On one condition, please call me Utami," Utami blushed.

"Alright, I look forward to partnering with you, Utami-chan," Mimoko smiled.

Tears rolled down Utami's face as she smiled and nodded in approval.

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