Chapter 14:

A bughouse gambit

En Passant Grandmaster

As soon as school got out, Okisato was allowed to leave the detention hall. The first thing he did was locate Mimoko, who was with Utami. As soon as he saw Utami, he stared Mimoko in the eye.

“Inoue-senpai, are you prepared to risk everything on Enoki-san?”

“Yes, I am resolved to fight for Utami-chan.”

“Enoki-san, are you truly all in on this?”

“Y- Yes. I- I won’t let Inoue-sama down.”

“Good. Now let’s gather the others before we face off against the shogi club.”

Students stared and murmured as all the members of the chess club angrily marched towards the principal's office.

"That fat balding asshole made me mop the whole damn school. That has to count as abuse of power," Yuusuke groaned.

"All the more reason we put him in his place," Mimoko glared.

"Inoue-senpai, be careful. Bughouse can easily throw a top player off their game due to the piece dropping rule. This will also be an all or nothing gambit that will affect not only you and Enoki-san, but all of us as well. Are you two willing to go forth?" Okisato asked.

"Yes, I'm prepared."

Okisato calmly nodded as the group reached their destination. "Then let's enter."

As the five entered, they were greeted by the principal, the student council vice-president, Shion and her two lackeys, and Gyro.

"So you intend to take Utami from me? No, I can't have that, she's a valuable asset to me," the principal snickered.

"'ASSET'!? You piece of shit! You don't even view her as human!" Mimoko glared.

"I heard you and Shiton have been beatin’ her up, that story alone will get your assess mondo backlash," Iori glared.

"Someone should kick all your teeth in so you can never slander me like that again," Shion sneered.

Iori's murderous intent nearly cracked through, however, Okisato eased the tension. "Mr. Principal, you sure seem calm about the prospect of letting your daughter join the chess club to play chess. Is there something you're hiding from us?"

The principal stared in shock for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. "Well, I guess I'm calm because it won't change anything in the end. Your club will eventually be dissolved by the school board due to lack of purpose."

"'Lack of purpose'!? But we're going to compete tomorrow in the tournament!" Mimoko argued.

"No, no, no you're not!"

"...Are you saying my club members are ineligible?"

"Sadly no, Shousen barely scraped by on his math test today and Ishikiridokoro somehow managed to turn in a passable report."

"Then what is it?"

"School rules prevent you from competing.”


"Yes, school rules state clubs cannot be allowed to compete in sporting events unless they have a supervising instructor, and your club does not have an instructor!"

"So if we get an instructor to supervise, we can compete as a team?"

"Yes, but that isn't going to happen. None of the teachers here play chess, and I'll fire anyone that dares to volunteer to supervise your club."

"In that case, there's no need to hold back. Who are you nominating to play against us?" Okisato glared.

"Two of the shogi club's best members; Mami Manabe, and the president of the shogi club, Nagi Enoki,” the principal declared as the blue-haired girl and the student council vice president stepped forward.

"Perfect in that case, Inoue-senpai will play Nagi while Enoki-san plays Manabe. As for the punishment, if we win, Utami Enoki is free from both the shogi club's and your influence, but if we lose, Utami Enoki will never be free and the chess club will be dissolved, never to be formed again. All members of it will also be forbidden from competitive chess for the rest of their highschool careers. As for the game, the ultimate shock of death should be delivered to the one that gets checkmated, while their teammate gets a more tolerable voltage. You hear all that, Gyro?" Okisato glared.

A sinister smile appeared on Gyro's face as he pulled out his DESPER. "It really was worth saving it for this," he snickered as he activated the DESPER.

Immediately, the room transformed into a giant bug zapper light. Iori's eyes widened as she began trembling. "This guy has the tech, there really is more of this stuff," she thought as she maintained her streamer persona.

"Here's to a good game," Gyro snickered as the players all sat down at the chess board.

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