Chapter 49:

Triple cedar hotel

En Passant Grandmaster

Triple cedar hotel is a famous resort located in Tochigi city. It lies in the forests and offers a stunning view and features many amenities such as a world renowned golf course and extravagant ballrooms making it a popular destination for sporting events.

"YO! This place gets mad reviews! And we get to stay here!?" Iori grinned as she took various pictures.

"No. Due to the close proximity to the school, we shall return to the school once our last member has finished play and return to the hotel the next day via train. Though students are permitted to spend out of pocket money to stay the night here," Maida stated.


"Registration was completed ahead of time so you may all enjoy the hotel at your leisure until the first round."

"Uh, can we change sections?" Rodeo asked.

"I believe you can, but you would need to go to the registration table."

Rodeo nodded and headed off as everyone began taking in the sights of the hotel.

"Yo Oki-kun, there one of those secret places here?" Iori grinned.


"Allow ME to guide you since I'M the vice president," Yuusuke snickered.

"Yeah shut up Shouben-kun, you're lame."


"Iori-chan, that was a little mean to just call Shousen-kun-"

"Yeah, Shouben-san is lame. This way, Iori-chan. I think this puzzle cafe should be open during the day since there's a tournament here," Okisato nodded as Yuusuke began to turn to stone.

"Um, is Shousen-kun OK?" Yuzuha nervously asked.

"Tanabe-kun... You truly are making it difficult for me not to get mad at you," Mimoko growled as she followed Iori and Okisato.

"And am I to be a mere packmule!?" Nuakawa groaned as he struggled to carry a still fast asleep Utami.


"Here's the place," Okisato nodded as the group entered the hotel's salon and spa.

A young woman with short blue hair clad in a black long sleeve dress shirt, red capri jeans, and magenta sneakers approached the group. "Welcome to Triple cedar's world renowned spa and salon. My name is Michiko, do you have an appointment?"

"No, but I'd like a pin and a skewer."

"Um, what do you mean by an absolute pin?"

"The king would be in check if the pinned piece moved, thus the piece is absolutely pinned."

Michiko stared in shock for a few seconds before smiling. "Right this way."

She then led the group to the back where she pulled back one of the shampoo bottles on the shelf. Immediately, a secret door opened up and everyone entered the room to find a room that looked nearly identical to the secret puzzle cafe at Lagoon Pathways.

"Welcome to Triple cedar's secret puzzle cafe. I am Himitsuchan, the manager of this cafe. Will you attempt the daily challenge?" Michiko asked.

"Yeah, and I'll be back later to challenge you," Okisato nodded.

"Ah yes, you blundered horribly the last time you faced me. Very well, the cafe has extended hours due to the tournament."

"Wow, you sure brought some cuties here," a female voice cooed.

Everyone turned to see a beautiful young woman with long black hair seated on one of the sofas. The woman was clad in a white bra-top, black mini-skirt, and white low-top sneakers.

"Madam, shall I introduce you?" Michiko asked.

"Why not? I believe the boy is aiming to challenge me eventually," the woman grinned.

"Very well. Everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Maestro Himitsu."

Okisato and Mimoko were the only ones not to give Michiko a confused glance.

"'Maestro'? What do you mean? Does she own the hotel?" Yuzuha asked.

"Whoops, seems like only two of you know about maestros like me. Well it's your lucky day, cuz here's a secret. There are secretly seven super grandmaster level chess players with ratings over 3000, and I'm one of them. Seems you caught me before I could dawn my signature attire," Himitsu blushed as she gestured over to a display case containing a fiery kimono adorned with scattering cherry blossom embroidery.

"That is just a replica for display purposes, but for enough points, you can temporarily dawn a replica," Michiko stated.

"So you can't buy one permanently?" Mimoko asked.

"For enough points... After defeating the maestro of course," Michiko glared.

"I see. That kimono looks beautiful."

"Of course you'd be attached to it.”


"Oh nothing. Now, I'd advise tackling the puzzles quickly. The opening ceremony starts in just 25 minutes."


As soon as everyone left the cafe, Himitsu sat down in one of the salon chairs in the back.

"So, Ai, I see you've grown out your hair and it's likely you'll be challenged by someone today. What shall I do with it today? Shall I style it or will you just opt to wear the oiran wig?" Michiko cooed.

"What else, SHAVE IT ALL OFF!" Himitsu blushed as an aroused smile appeared on her face.

"My, my, and it's so long and luscious. Well, I'll make you the smoothest girl in the world, just like I always do," Michiko cooed as she pecked a kiss on Himitsu's cheek and leaned her back into the sink.

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