Chapter 50:

Ai Kamuro

En Passant Grandmaster

Himitsu let out an excited squeal as Michiko washed her hair. "Ai, you are such a beautiful woman. I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend," Michiko thought as she gazed down at Himitsu.

Ever since Michiko Azami, aka Himitsuchan, met Ai Kamuro, aka Himitsu, the two have been intimately close with one another, unbeknownst to everyone. While the maestros could choose to take on an alter ego in order to hide their secret identity, Michiko was very insistent on making Ai's identity as Maestro Himitsu more public. However, she was also insistent on doing it in a specific way, and above all else, keeping her romantic relationship with her top secret.

As soon as she finished washing Ai's hair, Michiko wrapped it up in a white towel before leaning Ai back up and draping her in a white cape. "White just really is your color. Hmm, want me to dye your hair, brows, and lashes white instead?" Michiko grinned as she removed the towel and began brushing Ai's hair.

"Nah, you know I like being hair-free," Ai blushed.

"Yet you always regrow it," Michiko happily sighed as she turned on the clippers and made the first pass.

"Only because I keep promoting my pawns to queens. Besides, while I enjoy being the baldest girl in the world, I also LOVE seeing myself with long beautiful hair, and watching it all get shaved off! It's like I'm going from queen to pawn, AND I LOVE IT!"

"Well, you do certainly look more like a pawn than a queen when you're devoid of hair."

"So when you gonna join me, girlfriend?"

"Heh? Didn't I tell you I'M the queen here?"

"Well, I AM the maestro."

"But you belong to me, Ai Kamuro," Michiko snickered as she finished buzzing off the last of Ai's hair and eyebrows.

Ai began blushing and breathing heavily as she gazed at herself in the mirror then down at the pile of hair surrounding her sneakers. "So mean, I thought you liked girls with long hair," she fake-cried as she kicked some of her shorn hair up with her sneaker.

"Sometimes I like them so much that I wanna see them cry when I shave it all off," Michiko snickered as she draped a hot towel around Ai's head.

"Dis feelz so good! Do what ya want with me, just make it feel good," Ai blissfully moaned.

"That's why I hold all the power. Once someone sits down in my chair and gets caped, I can choose to beautify them, or humiliate them," Michiko snickered as she removed the towel and began encasing Ai's head and face in shaving cream.

"But I could just get up- Mmph!"

"No, you can't. There is no escape," Michiko snickered as she repeatedly smeared shaving cream over Ai's mouth.

Ai let out a muffled pout as Michiko tilted her head back and held a sharp shaving knife up to her neck. "See, now this is checkmate, you can't escape. Why I could even kill you in this position, but I won't. You're too cute for that," Michiko snickered as she began shaving.

As Michiko finished shaving, Ai squealed as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Her head was now clean shaven and devoid of any trace that she ever had hair or eyebrows. "It feels smoother than usual. Why's that?" Ai cooed.

"Because instead of shaving cream, I used depilatory cream," Michiko snickered.

"You didn't!"

"I did, and I'll do it again after your hot wax, girlfriend."

"Ya missed a bunch though," Ai snickered as she blinked and pointed to her eyelashes.

"The eyelashes too, huh. Well, aren't you picky," Michiko snickered as she encased Ai's head and face in hot wax. "Now, while we wait for the wax to harden, let's pluck and wax those long lashes of yours," Michiko sneered as she tilted Ai's wax-encased head back and began inching her tweezers closer and closer to Ai's eyelashes.


Ai blushed as she blissfully stared at herself in the mirror while Michiko finished oiling her head. "It would have been better if you were bald too," Ai cooed.

"Not today, but one day," Michiko smirked.


"I'm looking forward to it."

Ai suddenly began to scowl. "That twintailed little bitch will delay things though. I don’t want it! I WANNA SHAVE YOU BALD!”

“Fear not, madam. I am yours to command as you see fit.”

"That’s a good submissive little bitch. Now shave your head.”

“My, you do have some spunk for a woman that was just enslaved- MMPH!?”

“Shush, girl. A queen may indulge in humiliation to assert her dominance. You really are a resistant one, but luckily I love you,” Ai blushed as she cupped her hand over Michiko’s mouth and began groping Michiko’s breasts with her other hand.

Once Ai had her fill, she released Michiko and headed off. “Remember, I AM the maestro. And if I say you go bald, you go bald. Though I guess I’ll hold off on shearing you until phase 1 of the plan is complete. Now, get to it,” she sneered.

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