Chapter 51:

Double Důras Destruction

En Passant Grandmaster

"Well that was fun," Okisato groaned as Peter checkmated him.

"The improvement was evident, but still nowhere near satisfactory," Peter growled as he closed his book.

"Couldn't even get you to close the book. Ugh, now I'm gonna have trouble winning the tournament."

As the two exited the playing room, Okisato noticed a sleep-deprived Utami straggling out behind him.

"Knight b3, King d7. I lost," Utami trembled as tears rolled down her face.

"And this poor soul is?"

"My junior, Utami Enoki. Inoue-senpai got mad at me for training her through the entire night," Okisato stated.

"Hoh? YOU trained her?"

"She's- Actually, why not play both of us at the same time in a skittles room pick-up match?"

"Sounds intriguing. Very well."

"Oh, and be merciless with her. She needs to gain experience fast."

"Ta- Tanabe-kun. Wh- Who is this!?" Utami trembled as she began to return to normal.

"Why one of the top 5 players in the entire world, as well as someone even Inoue-senpai has yet to beat. A perfect teacher, yes?" Okisato snickered.

Determination flooded into Utami's eyes as she nodded her head and followed Okisato and Peter to a skittles room. Once there, she sat down with Okisato across from Peter.

"Seems I won't be able to read my book, though that is because I've opted to play each game with a single hand. You both shall be white, while I'll play black. Now, make your first moves," Peter glared.

Utami nodded and moved her pawn to e4 while Okisato moved his pawn to d4. Peter shrugged and moved his pawn to f5 on both boards.

Utami seemed annoyed as she captured the pawn at f5 with her e-pawn. Okisato, however, began to tremble. "Oh, no he's gonna do THAT!" he thought as he moved his pawn to g3.

A sadistic grin formed on Peter's face as he moved his king to f7 on both boards. "Madman's Důras gambit! Let's see which one of you lasts longer."

Utami gritted her teeth in anger. "You, take this seriously! I'm trying to improve myself so that I can stand by Mimoko-sama's side as a worthy chess player! Pity wins like this won't get me there!" she glared as she moved her queen to h5.

"Well you sure became confident. But you are a complete rookie, and a fool if you think you're getting a pity win," Peter glared as he rapidly moved his pawn to g6. "Now pick up the pace, both of you," he glared as Okisato nervously moved his knight to f3 on the other board.

"I feel no intimidation," Utami glared as she captured the pawn at g6 with her f-pawn, putting Peter's king in check.

As soon as Peter moved his king to g7, his game against Okisato sped up in dramatic fashion. Utami quickly found herself entranced by the rapid movements taking place before her. "Knight f6, queen d3, pawn e6, knight c3, pawn d5, bishop g2, pawn c5, knight e5, king g8, castle on the king's side, knight c6, knight captures c6, b-pawn captures c6, d-pawn captures c5, pawn h5, knight a4, pawn h4, bishop f4. They're going so fast," Utami thought as she captured the pawn at h7 with her g-pawn on her board.

"Focus more on your own game," Peter glared as he captured the pawn at h7 with his rook in his game with Utami and moved his queen to e8 in his game with Okisato.

Utami was unable to adhere to that request after moving her queen to f3 as Peter and Okisato once again began playing faster than the eye could see. "Bishop g5, pawn h3, bishop f3, knight h7, bishop f4, pawn e5, queen e3, pawn e4, bishop h1, bishop a6, pawn f3, knight f6, a-rook e1, rook h5, queen d4, queen e6, queen e3-"

"Did I not say to focus on your own game? I moved my knight to f6 long ago."

"Ah, my apologies. Your gameplay is just so fast and mesmerizing, but nonetheless, you shall be beaten for your terrible blunder," Utami declared as she moved her bishop to d3.

Peter decided to focus on Utami's game, giving Okisato some breathing room. Peter rapidly moved his rook to h4, catching Utami off guard as she struggled to match his pace while moving her queen to f5. Peter immediately moved his rook to g4, catching Utami off guard once more which led to her having a lapse in judgment and moving her king to d1.

"NO! Why did that happen!?" Utami cried as Peter moved his pawn to d5.

"The faster the playing speed, the more prone to blunders players are," Peter stated as Utami nervously moved her queen to e5, hoping to salvage things. "Seems he trained you poorly," Peter scoffed as he captured the pawn at g2 with his rook.

Utami began to panic and lose her composure as she moved her queen to f4.

"E5, queen h4, bishop e7, knight e2, e4, rook g1, rook captures d1, knight captures g1, oof. Utami-chan's really botching it," Okisato thought as he observed the game.

"Do not space out like the girl. I've already moved my rook to e8," Peter glared.

"Ah, sorry about that," Okisato nodded as he moved his pawn to b4, followed by Peter swiftly moving his pawn to g5.

Okisato then captured the pawn at g5 with his bishop, though instead of capturing it, Peter instead advanced his pawn to d4. Seeing no danger in the move, Okisato promptly captured said pawn with his queen while Peter captured the bishop at g5 with his rook.

"I don't think he's got me," Okisato thought as he moved his knight to c3, while Peter slid his pawn up to f4.

Deciding to make a trade, Okisato captured the pawn at e4 with his knight, while Peter captured said knight with his own knight.

"Now I'm up by a point," Okisato thought as he captured the knight at e4 with his f-pawn.

Peter responded by capturing the pawn at g3 with his f-pawn before focusing back on his game with Utami and capturing the bishop at d3 with his e-pawn there.

Utami began to tremble. "No, Mimoko-sama will scorn me for blundering such an easy win. I must win. I MUST win! Where can I move!?" she thought as she stared at the board. She then arrived at an answer and moved her queen to g5. "Check, your arrogance will be your downfall."

"What arrogance? I'm in no danger whatsoever," Peter glared as he moved his king to f7.

"Your king is in a horrible position," Utami retorted as she moved her knight to f3.

"And what were you planning to do with that knight?" Peter coldly glared as he moved his bishop to g4.

Sweat began to pour down Utami's face as she captured the pawn at d3 with her c-pawn.

"Big mistake, check," Peter scoffed as he captured the knight at f3 with his bishop.

Utami frantically moved her king to e1 as Peter advanced his queen to d6. Then, the decisive play happened; Utami moved her queen to h6.

"Now it's over," Peter smirked as he moved his queen to e6.

Utami let out a shriek and desperately moved her queen to e3, only for Peter to move his queen to g4, causing her to panic and capture the bishop at e7 with her queen on her next turn.

"A futile attempt," Peter scoffed as he captured the queen at e7 with his king.

Tears began to well up in Utami's eyes as she moved her king to f1, only for Peter to move his queen to g2, forcing it back to e1.

"Checkmate, you were a disappointment," Peter glared as he moved his queen to g1, leaving Utami shell-shocked.

Tears began to pour out of Utami's eyes as she struggled to process what had happened. "Dů- Důras. I- I-"

"Oh good, he destroyed her," Okisato thought as he moved his queen to f6.

"You're next. I'll school you for your failure as an instructor," Peter glared as he captured the queen at f6 with his queen.

"He probably expects me to capture the queen, but if I do that, he'll move his pawn to g2 and eventually mate me. I have to try something crazy," he thought as he moved his rook to f5.

"You disappoint me, mate in 5," Peter glared as he moved his queen to d4.

"Huh? I don't see a mate," Okisato scowled as he moved his pawn to e3.

"You should have captured my queen back then," Peter glared as he moved his queen to d2.

"But I would have lost if I did," Okisato retorted as he captured the rook at g5 with his rook.

"True, you were on a losing path ever since you moved your bishop to f4 on your 12th move," Peter glared as he moved his bishop to g7.

"So how am I in trouble?" Okisato asked as he captured the pawn at g3 with his rook.

"Checkmate, you blundered," Peter glared as he captured the rook at e1 with his queen.

Okisato began to go green in the face as he stared at the board. "Ugh, everytime I think I've weaseled out of a trap, you just mate me before I can process things."

While he had lasted longer than Utami, Okisato was still nonetheless beaten by Peter.

"And that is that. Well, that was somewhat enjoyable. I do hope your gambit pays off, Okisato Tanabe," Peter chuckled as he picked up his book and headed to another room.

Utami however, had reached her breaking point. "No, I lost. I lost to a Důras gambit! Mimoko-sama will- MIMOKO-SAA WILL- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!?" a snotty purple-haired girl glared at Utami.

"Be a little nicer to her, she just got completely demolished in humiliating fashion," Okisato glared.

"Then she should go home and cry! This tournament is for the elite, not sobbing peons like her!"

"And you are?"

"My name is Bibi Biwaki. Remember it well, for I shall be the one to win the tournament," the girl huffed as she stormed away.

"Hmm, Biwaki... Ah, it says she lost the first round. I don't think she'll be winning anything, especially with all the big players here," Okisato mumbled as he looked up the standings.

The full games:

White: Utami Enoki (1001) Black: Peter Morphy (2890)

1. e4 f5

2. exf5 Kf7

3. Qh5+ g6

4. fxg6+ Kg7

5. gxh7 Rxh7

6. Qf3 Nf6

7. Bd3 Rh4

8. Qf5 Rg4

9. Kd1 d5

10. Qe5 Rxg2

11. Qf4 e5

12. Qh4 Be7

13. Ne2 e4

14. Rg1 Rxg1+

15. Nxg1 exd3

16. Qg5+ Kf7

17. Nf3 Bg4

18. cxd3 Bxf3+

19. Ke1 Qd6

20. Qh6 Qe6+

21. Qe3 Qg4

22. Qxe7+ Kxe7

23. Kf1 Qg2+

24. Ke1 Qg1#

White: Okisato Tanabe (2525) Black: Peter Morphy (2890)

1. d4 f5

2. g3 Kf7

3. Nf3 Nf6

4. Qd3 e6

5. Nc3 d5

6. Bg2 c5

7. Ne5+ Kg8

8. O-O Nc6

9. Nxc6 bxc6

10. dxc5 h5

11. Na4 h4

12. Bf4 Qe8

13. Bg5 h3

14. Bf3 Nh7

15. Bf4 e5

16. Qe3 e4

17. Bh1 Ba6

18. f3 Nf6

19. Rae1 Rh5

20. Qd4 Qe6

21. Qe3 Re8

22. b4 g5

23. Bxg5 d4

24. Qxd4 Rxg5

25. Nc3 f4

26. Nxe4 Nxe4

27. fxe4 fxg3

28. Qf6 Qxf6

29. Rf5 Qd4+

30. e3 Qd2

31. Rxg5+ Bg7

32. Rxg3 Qxe1#

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