Chapter 53:

An irredeemable piece of shit

En Passant Grandmaster

Utami froze as she exited the playing room and came face to face with a sad Mimoko. "M- Mimoko-sama?"

"Utami-chan... Why don't we go some place quiet."

Utami began to tear up as she followed Mimoko. "I- I've disappointed her."

Okisato let out a heavy sigh as he watched the two head off. "And I went through all that hell to get her to become a mad queen. Ugh, I hope Inoue-senpai makes this quick," he thought as Rodeo walked by with his head hung low. "Osu, Gorou-san. Want some-"

"No. Don't trust ya," Rodeo muttered as he walked away.

"Well, that is a fair reaction, but if Inoue-senpai won't help him, he'll fall," Okisato glared as he turned to face the people behind him.

"Oi, oi, why ya glarin’ at me like that? We've never even met," Haruki sneered.

Haruki Kamoshida, a member of the Desperado league, had been secretly eyeing the chess club the moment they arrived at the hotel. Due to the entourage of large muscular men that accompanied him, Okisato surmised that Rodeo was likely his top target due to both his physique and low rating.

"You were with the Desperado's last week at Lagoon Pathways along with all those slaves of yours," Okisato glared as he stared at Haruki's entourage of 6 large muscular men of various nationalities.

Haruki stared at Okisato for a bit before bursting into laughter. "Well, you search me on the dark web or somethin?"

"Yes, I did my research. You're Haruki Kamoshida of the Desperado league. You’re 21 years old and your rating is 2100, but your greatest strength is chess boxing. You also have a preference for large muscular men and when you find a suitable one, you challenge them to a chess match with your DESPER, beat them, and then they become your mindless slaves for life."

"Well look at you, studyholic, now next question; who do I wanna f*** the most?"

"Seems you have an unsavory personality too; Gorou-san."

"NAAH! Though once I beat him, I'll give him the slave treatment, but Svetlana-tan is the one I wanna f*** the most. Though I’ll happily f*** all those girls from your club along with the big lug.

An aura of pure rage and disgust erupted from Okisato. "I WILL kill you," he glared.

"Ooo, so scary. Sucks that you're far smarter and scrawnier past my likings. Though I guess I could beat you to a pulp in some chess boxing and strip and crucify your bruised corpse for a good wall hanging. But nah, just pummelin’ you now would have no meaning. After all, I want ya to see Mimoko Inoue die by my hand first."

"You think you could beat Inoue-senpai?"

"100% guaranteed to happen. In fact... maybe I'll even play her next round," Haruki mused as he pulled out his DESPER. Okisato didn't take the provocation, causing Haruki to sigh and pocket his DESPER. "I see why Svetlna-tan hates your ass so much, you're a kill-joy. But all your fun's gonna end soon, so tell that big lug to doll himself up for me. Then again, it’d be more scrumptious if I messed him up myself," Haruki sneered as he and his group walked away.

"I see you've met the league's most unsavory member," Peter glared as he approached Okisato.

"I take it he's a schemer, yes? In that case, I'm afraid I'll need to focus my mind."

"Very well. Though know that if you fail to mate him, you won't be going to hell alone. That piece of shit will drag down Mimoko Inoue as well as your entire chess team."

"Actually, would you be willing to confirm some assumptions I have on that piece of shit, over a game of chess?"

"I don't give hints, but if you have arrived at the answer, I will affirm it."



Haruki entered a hotel room and smirked. "Svetlana-tan. My dick's rock hard," he sneered as he walked into the main room to find Grigori sitting at the table. "Yo, daddy."

"You are a bold man to refer to me as 'daddy'," Grigori chuckled.

"But what better guy is there to f*** Svetlana?" Haruki smirked as he sat down across from Grigori.

"So, is your plan going well?"

"Yeah, that dumbass screwed himself over big time by the looks of it. Next time I see Kazuya, I'll give him my credit card for the day."

"Yet he won't be able to eat solid foods for at least a few weeks, let alone talk properly. You are cruel indeed," Grigori maliciously smiled.

"Then he just needs to avoid me till he's healed. Simple enough, then again he could just spend the card on other things and stockpile on good food for later."

"Well, I feel he would be more inclined to spend it on food since my hospitality service has left him... Quite starved."

"Good ole gulag service. Must suck to be him. Oh, old man Gyro would roll in his grave if he saw how "compassionately" we were treatin’ our buddy Kazuya."

"He was nothing but a rusting relic. He obsessed over the Ultima-master to a fault and was quickly overtaken in chess by the younger generations."

"Yeah,what a loser."

"Well, it was thanks to his, or rather the Ultima-master's philosophy that you were allowed to join the Desperado league."

"'Anyone can be good at chess', right? Yeah, at first I thought all that chess my folks made me learn was worthless. Then chess boxing came around, and then even better, the DESPER."

"The DESPER truly revolutionized things. And now that Gunnerson is dead, Professor Skabergast is unrestrained."

"Yeah, that old coot would throw his body over that Ultima-master to prevent Skabby from experimentin. But now..."

"There is nothing in the way. Senator Pewler sympathizes greatly with me, both within the league and in politics."

"And with him on your side, most will follow suit."

"Yes, they are smart people, so they will realize that getting on my good side is to their benefit."

"And you ain't even registered with a DESPER."

"Neither is Peter."

"Ugh, he was making a nasty racket when we all voted on my plan."

"Well, it is still better to have him as an ally than as an enemy."

"Don't even put that nightmare in my thoughts," Haruki glared as he drank a bottle of wine.

"Still, your plan is perfect, and when it succeeds, you may have Svetlana as a play toy."

"Really man? I know you're really attached to her."

"I am her father, after all, and that means she bears royal blood, just like me."

"So I'd be a rich prince?"

"Yes, I guess you could say that is the condition. All the children she bears will go to me."

"Well, talk about bein’ a deadbeat daddy. I'll be makin’ children and not even raise em for a second."

"That would in turn, make me a favorable grandfather to them."

"I like the way you think, tsar daddy."

"Then a toast," Grigori grinned as he held up a bottle of vodka.

"Yeah," Haruki nodded as he opened a new bottle of wine and clanked bottles with Grigori before they both chugged down their bottle's contents in seconds.


Okisato nodded as he moved his pawn and stared up at Peter. "I see. Thanks Peter. That one answer was all I really needed.”

"You say that as you've just moved into an imminent mate," Peter nodded.

"Well, I'm at ease now that I know that intel was correct. Now I can form my battle plan."

"Then I suppose to be fair, I'll air some of my own grievances. I might have seemed fine earlier today, but trust me, I'm flustered beyond hell. My week in China hunting the maestro was hellish enough, but then as I'm on the plane to Japan, the league voted on that piece of shit's plan to eliminate both you and Mimoko Inoue in one fell swoop."

"What happened in China?"

"I normally do not like spilling secrets, but out of spite for that woman, I'll tell you. Her challenges were more kung-fu fights than chess."

"So all her trials are kung-fu chess?"

"Correct. As for the maestro herself, she did everything she could to try and avoid playing chess with me."

"Was it just for you?"

"That I have not confirmed. I might actually be the only one to have actually bested her."

"I see. Seems like I'll be aching for days when I face her eventually."

"Then when you do, allow me to make your life a little easier," Peter said as he checkmated Okisato.

"How so?"

"I'll tell you the locations of all her secret puzzle cafes."

"Now that is making my life easier. Unfortunately, my life's likely going to get harder now that Inoue-senpai's probably going to vanquish Utami's newfound strength. And it couldn't have come at a worse time," Okisato thought.

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