Chapter 65:

9 queen flex

En Passant Grandmaster

Okisato wasted no time in reducing Haruki to a battered and bruised mess.

"No more... NO MORE! IT HURTS! IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS! WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH!?" Haruki wailed in his mind.

Everyone stared as they watched the beatdown.

"Tanabe-kun, thank you for channeling our anger," Utami nodded.

"YO! Oki-kun's givin’ him a BEATDOWN! Wreck his ass some more!" Iori called out.

"He's strong... Stronger than I thought... I don't know if I could take him if he ever attacked me," Rodeo nervously thought.

"Oi, Oi, I get ya wanna make him bleed, but hurry it up! Inoue's dying over here!" Yuusuke fumed as he glanced over at the bubble containing Mimoko.

"Don't worry, unlike this piece of shit, Inoue-senpai's strong. Besides, I won't let this go into the 5th round," Okisato glared as he continued to pummel Haruki until the bell rang.

Haruki had never been in so much pain, nor been so terrified in his life. "No more, NO MORE PAIN!" he thought as Okisato opened the chess game by moving his pawn to e4.

Haruki painfully moved his pawn to f5, prompting Okisato to capture it with his e-pawn before moving to g5 on his next turn.

"You want me to end this?" Okisato glared as his hand hovered over his queen.

Haruki shook his head yes, but instead of mating him, Okisato instead moved his pawn to g4.

"No, you're going to suffer here as well," Okisato glared.

Haruki let out a pained yelp, before a voice in his head calmed him down. "Wait, why not avoid capturin’ any pieces, let him capture all yours, and have him stalemate ya."

Haruki began to cackle as he agreed with himself and moved his pawn to e5.

Yuusuke began banging on his prison in fury as he watched the game unfold. "YOU IDIOT! HE'S TRYIN’ TO GET A STALEATE! MATE HIM! MATE HIM!"

The others echoed his sentiment and began hurling criticism at Okisato, all except Iori, who was beginning to get smitten with him.

Once the round ended, Haruki was back to being sandbagged by Okisato in boxing as Yuusuke began to cry. "Inoue... Her breathin's gettin’ slower. She's gonna die... HOW THE HELL CAN WE CALL THIS A VICTORY IF INOUE'S DEAD!"

"Inoue-senpai won't die, if anything she should be too pissed off to die. The more boneheaded decisions I make, the more she'll want to stay here to kick my ass," Okisato stated as the round ended.

In Mimoko's mind, everything was dark. "Ugh... Am I dying? No, I can't- ...? Shousen-kun? Everyone? What are they shouting? 'Mate him already'? Who's playing? Gorou-kun? Utami-chan? Iori-chan? Or... Tanabe-kun, Tanabe-kun," Mimoko mumbled as she clung to life.

At the chessboard, Okisato appeared to be in a predicament as the 70th move approached. Thanks to Haruki's gambit, Okisato had not lost a single piece and even had 6 additional queens to boot while all Haruki had was his king. The problem was that one false move, and it would be stalemate, just as Haruki wanted.


His delusion quickly turned to despair though as Okisato moved his knight to a4, allowing his king to move to e5, and set up the humiliating 9 queen mate Okisato planned for him. Okisato wasted no time in moving his pawn to g8 and promoting it to a queen, forcing Haruki's king to e6. Now, all he had to do was promote his remaining pawn, and it was over.

"Checkmate," Okisato glared as he moved his pawn to f8 and promoted it to a queen.

"Okisato wins!" the voice on the loudspeaker roared as Okisato flicked Haruki's king into his shocked face, knocking him out of his chair and down to the ground with a thud.

Immediately, all Haruki's proxies exploded as Haruki himself began having all his bones explode from within. All the members of the Shogikawa gakuin chess club immediately had their injuries healed as the members that had been imprisoned were also released.

"The hell was that!? Inoue needed to be healed asap so why the hell did you blow an easy win just to mess around with that guy!?" Yuusuke fumed as he ran up to Okisato.

"I had it under control-"

"LIKE HELL! If you messed up and drew, Inoue wouldn't get healed!"

"No, I still would have won. In chess boxing, if there's a draw in chess, the decision goes to boxing. And as you saw, I would have easily won by decision, though I would have quickly KO'd the piece of shit had it gone to the last round of boxing."

"But Inoue-"

"You think she'd die? Don't discard her strength," Okisato nodded as Mimoko opened her eyes.

"MIMOKO-SAMA!" Utami cried as she embraced Mimoko in a hug.

"Utami-chan! Not yet! I'm still hurting!" Mimoko cried.

As soon as Mimoko was healed up, the DESPER deactivated and the scenery returned to normal.

"Now I just have to confirm something," Okisato said as he pulled out his phone.

The full game:

White: Okisato Tanabe (2527) Black: Haruki Kamoshida (2100)

1. e4 f5

2. exf5 g5

3. g4 e5

4. Qe2 d5

5. Qxe5+ Be7

6. Qxh8 h5

7. Qxh5+ Kd7

8.Nf3 Nf6

9. Qxg5 Nh7

10. Ne5+ Ke8

11. Qg6+ Kf8

12. Qxh7 Bd6

13. Nc3 Qh4

14. Qxh4 Nc6

15. Ng6+ Ke8

16. Nxd5 b5

17. b4 Be7

18. Ngxe7 Nd8

19. Nxc7+ Kd7

20. Nxa8 Ba6

21. Bg2 Bb7

22. Bxb7 Nc6

23. Bxc6+ Kd8

24. Bxb5 a5

25. Bf1 a4

26. c4 a3

27. Bxa3 Ke8

28. b5 Kd8

29. Ng6+ Ke8

30. c5 Kf7

31. c6 Kg8

32. b6 Kf7

33. c7 Kg8

34. b7 Kf7

35. c8=Q Kg7

36. Qc1 Kg8

37. b8=Q+ Kg7

38. Qbb1 Kg8

39. d4 Kg7

40. d5 Kg8

41. d6 Kg7

42. f6+ Kg8

43. d7 Kf7

44. Bb2 Ke6

45. d8=Q Kf7

46. Qdd1 Ke8

47. g5 Kf7

48. a4 Kg8

49. f4 Kf7

50. Qf2 Ke8

51. h4 Kf7

52. a5 Ke8

53. h5 Kf7

54. h6 Ke8

55. Nh4 Kf7

56. g6+ Ke8

57. f7+ Ke7

58. h7 Kf8

59. a6 Ke7

60. h8=Q Ke6

61. f5+ Ke7

62. f6+ Ke6

63. Ba3 Ke5

64. f8=Q Ke6

65. g7 Ke5

66. f7 Ke6

67. Qfb4 Ke5

68. Nb6 Ke6

69. a7 Ke5

70. a8=Q Ke6

71. Na4 Ke5

72. g8=Q+ Ke6

73. f8=Q#

Mario Nakano 64
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