Chapter 67:

The psychopath's melancholy [Season 2 part 1 End]

En Passant Grandmaster

Okisato stared at his phone as he arrived at school the next day. "So he met a gruesome end. I assume Tsar Grigori is the likely mastermind behind this, which makes it better in hindsight that I didn't send anyone to off the piece of shit last night. Well, not like they'd be able to fix him anyway. Now, there's just one more lingering issue I need to resolve..."


"So why ya callin’ me out to a secret place? WAIT! You gonna confess to me!? Let me get my livestream up!" Iori giggled as she met with Okisato on the school roof.

"No, in fact don't record anything. I want to ask about your past," Okisato stated.

"My... past?"

"Yeah, I wasn't sure at first, but your move at the boxing match confirmed it. Iori-chan, you've killed a lot, haven't you?"

Iori stared in shock for a bit before her true face appeared. "Yeah? And you want me to add ya to the body count?"

"Pretty bold considering you've seen my strength firsthand."

"That's why. I know how to beat ya."

"But you won't, because you don't want to."


"You stopped killing, didn't you?"

"...!? ...So you actually got a read on me. Well, you are from a yakuza family, so guess it's fate."

"I just want to know what happened."

"Well... My family was poor; it sucked. Then one day, I got an addiction... To killing. The thrill of pulling off the kill without getting caught, the power trip of ending a life with my own hands, and the money I could get from killing certain folks. All that made me get addicted to killing. It was amazing. I loved every second of it, no matter how many other lives were messed up in the process."

"But you stopped."

Iori's expression darkened. "I screwed up, or rather I successfully suppressed my conscience. See, there was this asshole I really wanted to kill more than anything."

"For the thrill?"

"No, this time it was vengeance. That motherf***** needed to die!"

"What did he do?"

"Sent my father to prison, and had him murdered there."

"Now I get it, that's how you became a killer, and in your warpath, you killed those closest to you."

A genuine tear streaked down Iori's face. "...Yeah. I got my chance to kill that asshole, but in the process I killed my mom and sister."

"At the tea house, yes?"

"So you know about it then."

"Yes, I managed to dig up the details of the incident. The tea you served to your mother, sister, and that politician was poisoned, however, you couldn't warn them otherwise it'd be over for you. Then you likely disposed of all the bodies and evidence when the place was burned down, by you I assume."

"Right on the money. So what do you want? Want to kill me? Turn me in?"

"What good would either of those do? Killing you would deprive me of a useful pawn, and turning you in would incur the wrath of your fans."

"So you even saw that far ahead."

"Yeah, you're the type that would say, 'Even if I revealed I was a murderer, my loyal fans would still defend me, heck some would flat out ask me to kill them in erotic fashion', right?"

Iori immediately burst into laughter. "You know, I think I'm getting into you more and more. I guess the only soulmate for a messed up f***** like me is a messed up f***** like you."

"I'm not looking for romance. One last thing, did the DESPER match you had with Cypress reawaken your killing addiction?"

"I mean, it doesn't count as murder if they die in a DESPER match, right?"

"True, but what about the boxing match?"

"He was dead inside anyway, right? So consider that a mercy killing. Ugh, I'm not going to relapse into murder if that's what you're askin. You might think it was all an act when I was screaming and crying as I watched my mom and sis wither in pain from the poison, but it was genuine. After that, I was devastated. My addiction had killed the people I was closest to, or perhaps it was my punishment for all the killing I did."

"In that case, you'll be the dark knight that protects the chess club."

"Promoted from a pawn already?"

"No, much like a pawn, a knight is nothing but a chess piece for me to move."

"Alright Mr. Edge, you've got a new bitch. So when we havin sex?"

"I'm only 17."

"Oh, right... I can still dress up in sexy outfits-"

"Save it for your streams. I'm not interested in you in that way," Okisato growled as he walked away.

"Not yet anyways," Iori smirked.

[Season 2 Part 1 End]

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