Chapter 68:

Mimoko's embarrassing makeover [Season 2 part 2 intro]

En Passant Grandmaster

At the triple cedar hotel salon, Michiko smirked as she sat in a chair and gazed at her phone.

"Why are you so happy, Mi-chan?" a coworker asked.

"Oh nothing, just read some good news, that's all," Michiko responded.

"We could use some good news after what this place has been through the past few days."

"Tell me about it. Two days ago, a girl was brutalized and crucified on a tree, then yesterday, 6 big guys were found dead and strewn about the lawn while some young man was critically injured."

"Yeah, and I heard today that he was found dead smashed to bits and pieces. You don't think one of us will be next!?"

"Nah, something just tells me the incident has passed. Why, I dare say we'll be fine from now on. So, want to grab some lunch?"



Mimoko yawned as she got up.

"Room service! Here's an afternoon breakfast for ya," a cute maid smiled.

"Mm, breakfast? Not hungry, Okaa-chan. OKAA-CHAN!? WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?"

"When I saw your message, I decided to deliver ya room service, in style!" Daria smiled as she struck a cute pose.

Daria had come to hotel in a full-blown maid outfit and had even cooked breakfast for Mimoko.

"I thought I could get away from your stupidity. Ugh, my head's hurting again."

"I brought a nurse outfit with me too."

"It's all better. I'll eat breakfast then head to school."

"But it's already 1. School will almost be out by the time ya get there anyway. Besides, ya need some rest. Hagemi-chan said we could chill here and even got us an extended stay. Don't worry, I brought ya your stuff and will stay by until you're healed up."

"I kind of want to walk around."

"I'll come with-"



Mimoko grumbled as she strolled around the hotel grounds in casual attire as Daria followed behind her. "I can't believe she's just following me, and dressed in that dumb maid outfit. Ugh, everyone's giving me weird looks now.”

Just then, Michiko and her co-worker appeared in front of her. As soon as Michiko noticed her, she went pale. "...!? D- Daria!? I- Is that you!?"

"Michiko-chan! Look at me! I'm a maid!" Daria smiled.

"So it really is you... I can't believe you're wearing something like that."

"Um, do you know my mother?" Mimoko nervously asked.

"Michiko-chan and I go way back. We're besties!" Daria smiled.

"That's true, but she does not know about the secret cafe," Michiko whispered to Mimoko.

"So Michiko-chan, you on lunch?" Daria asked.

"Just getting back from it actually."

"Boo, oh wait! That means you can give me maid buns!"

"Y- Yes, I suppose I could."

"Come on Mimoko, let's get a mommy and daughter makeover!"

"Wait- HUH!? Okaa-chan-"

"Very well, though only if there's no prior appointments," Michiko sighed.


Mimoko stared in embarrassment at herself in the mirror. "Oha-an, y'd ou ake em oo is oo ee [Okaa-chan, why'd you make them do this to me]!?"

"Oo ake a ook euiful [To make ya look beautiful]" Daria happily responded.

The two were sitting next to each other decked out in hair curlers, hairnets, and facial masks as their hair was dried by portable hair dryers. At Daria's request, Michiko and her assistant were instructed to give her and Mimoko matching makeovers which included a perm, facial, and hair and eyebrow dying.

"My apologies, but this IS part of the request," Michiko sighed as she took a picture of Daria and Mimoko, much to Mimoko's embarrassment.

"This is mortifying! I look so stupid! And I'm going to look even stupider when this is done!" Mimoko agonized in her mind.

Michiko then turned off the dryers and wheeled them away. She then removed the hairnets, revealing Daria and Mimoko's now neon orange hair. She then began undoing the curlers as Mimoko dreaded her new look.

"Ugh, my hair's gonna poof up like an afro. Ugh, if I try to sylye it in twintails, I'll look like a poodle! Why Okaa-chan, why!?" Mimoko agonized in her mind.


Tears dripped out of Mimoko's eyes while her face turned red with embarrassment as she stared at her new look. She now sported a curly neon orange afro along with neon orange eyebrows.

"We're twinsies now!" Daria cooed as she began rubbing her afro against Mimoko's.

"I hate it. It looks stupid, and I can't even style it in twintails," Mimoko cried.

"Sure ya can. Michiko-chan, the honors."

Michiko let out a heavy sigh as she grabbed some hair ties. Just as Mimoko feared, she looked like a poodle.

"Wan! Wan! We look so cute!" Daria giggled as Michiko began tying her hair up in hair ties.

"I can't go to school like this," Mimoko cried as she nearly fainted from embarrassment.

"Hmm, don't think she likes it. Welp, no choice. Michiko-chan, shave it all off; eyebrows too."


"Daria, why are you such an annoying woman?" Michiko sighed as she covered her face with her hand.


The next day, Mimoko managed to book an early-morning appointment to get her hair restored to normal.

"My apologies for putting you through that, yesterday" Michiko nodded as she brushed out Mimoko's now brunette hair.

"It's fine, I guess. You did restore my hair back to how it was for free," Mimoko mumbled.

"So how exactly do you get along with your mom?"

"Pretty much as you saw. I'm more surprised you know her."

"Well, I do have a life outside of my secret cafe duties, though I met your mother long before that. I'll never forget how annoying she was. 'You're gonna be a stylist!? Then ya gotta make me look all pretty and sexy!' is what she said when she found out my career path."

"You've known her THAT long!?"

"Unfortunately, yes. We grew up in the same neighborhood. She always acted like my big sister, even though I found her really annoying."

"Yeah, she is really annoying."

"Do you hate her?"

"No. It's true, she annoys me to no end and I wish she'd just leave me alone, but that doesn't mean I'd want harm to come to her for my benefit."

"Heh, so I guess you're like me. No matter how much we find that goofball annoying, we can't help but love her. Just don't tell her I said that or I'll shave your head for real."

"No worries. Same goes for you as well," Mimoko laughed.

"Just saying, my cafe opens at 9 on non-tournament nights. Stop by tonight and play me, you should have enough points."

"How good are you?"

"That's a secret you'll learn if you challenge me."

"Challenge accepted."

"I'll see you tonight then."

Mario Nakano 64
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