Chapter 1:

The great sakura tree became a cute girl

Sakura streamer girl

Spring has finally come at last. The weather gets warmers, the flowers start to bloom, but perhaps the greatest thing about Spring happens in Japan.

My name is Vinny Chess and I am currently engaging in a tradition I partake in every year. That tradition is going to Japan for the week of my Spring break. This year will be the final time I go on this trip before graduating high school, and as such, I may not be able to continue it when I become swamped with college coursework. Thus, I want this trip to be more memorable than the others. However, that may not be the case.

One thing I always enjoy doing when I go to Japan is visiting the great sakura tree and basking in it's shade while eating dango. However, a few months ago, the tree was struck by lightning and had to be cut down. Without the great sakura tree, I fear this will likely be my worst vacation ever.


All my worst fears bubble to the surface I stood where the great sakura tree had once been. The sight was just too uncanny, everything just felt barren. Even though workers had managed to save a sapling from the great sakura and replanted it, there war no way in hell I'd live long enough for it to grow to even a fraction of the size it used to be.

It was a shame, but on the plus side, now I wouldn't feel too bad about not going to Japan every Spring hence forth.

Rumble rumble!

For a moment, I thought I heard something, but I guess-


No, I truly did hear something, and it was coming from where the sapling was planted. Perhaps gophers were burrowing under it, but I wasn't just going to cross the barrier to try and protect the sapling, heck, I'd just get in trouble or even make things worse. Though at the least, I might be able to film it and show it to a groundskeeper.

As soon as I pulled out my phone and began recording, something insane happened.



I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. The sapling that had been rumbling in the ground, suddenly emerged, and it was a attached to a nude girl with long pink hair, big breasts, and a beautiful body.

"Why'd ya drop the phone? Ya gotta get my good side!" The girl grinned as she began posing.

I immediately darted my head around. For some bizarre reason, no one was around but me and this girl. "Uh, is this a prank show?" I nervously asked.

"Prank? Nah, I'm a real tree girl. See look, I can grow leaves and turn em into flowers," the girl grinned as the sapling that had been sticking out of her head suddenly retracted and turned into a red flower. "So you're- Wait, wait, I remember ya. You're that weird American that puts his dango on his hotdog and eats it, Chin Tama!"

I felt as though she had just hurled a derogatory insult at me. But it was true, I did enjoy putting dango on my glizzies and eating it all at once. Dango isn't available anywhere in my state, so Japan is the one place I can eat it. I also love me some glizzies, and so one day, I put the dango on my glizzy, added a little mayo, and ate it. Best decision I ever made in my life. Eating dango glizzies under the shade of the great sakura was truly the life. But no, I shouldn't be thinking about glizzies until I figure out what the hell's going on with this girl.

"Uh, my name's Vinny Chess," I nervously stated.

"Binny!? You stream, right?"

"No I don't. I do know a guy named Vinny who does though."

The girl didn't seem too happy as she began to pout. "I wanna stream! I wanna stream!"

"WHY do you want to stream?"

"Cuz I'm photogenic! Everyone loves takin' pics of me and chillin' with me. Now that I've regrown, I gotta make my big comeback as a streamer idol!"

To be honest, I just wanted to leave. Who knows what kind of trouble I'd get into if some catches me with this nude girl. However, as I tried to leave, she stopped me.

"Oi, you can't just leave! You're gonna help me make my big streaming debut!"

"Listen, I'm only here for a few more days and then I go back to America-"

"So when will you be back?"

"Maybe a year."

Seems honesty was not the best response as I suddenly found myself roped into something troublesome.

"Boo! No, no, NO! I can't wait a year! Binny, we're doing this now! And how can you just try and leave me when you haven't even eaten a hot dog dango with me.

Seems I would have to appease her.

"Fine, I'll go buy some."

"I'm commin' too now that I can move."

"HUH!? But you're naked!"

"So? I've been naked for thousands of years and no one seemed to care."

"You didn't have a human form though."

"Who cares, in fact, it'll make me go viral!"

Yeah, for all the wrong reasons. This was shaping up to be a disaster. At best all I could do was give her my hoodie...

"Here you can wear my hoodie. It at least covers up everything," I grumbled as I took off my hoodie and gave it to the girl.

The girl sniffed it before shrugging and putting it on. She immediately locked arms with me and began guiding me towards the store. Apparently she knew where everything in down was due to both her old root network and old vantage point. Once we got the glizzies and dango, we returned to the hill and ate.

"Hold up! You gotta film this shit, Binny!"

Reluctantly, I did as she requested, though honestly, it wasn't so bad. I was just filming her eating a dango glizzy.

"YO! Dis shit's legit! Binny, we eatin' this everyday, yo!"

"Why are you saying "yo"?"

"Cuz that's what all the cool streamer girls say."

I imagine she thought this way because some the influencers and content creators that visited her when she was a tree said "yo" when filming their videos. Now that I think about it, this girl doesn't have a name. Not once has she told me if she has a name, nor have I asked.

"What's your name?" I bluntly asked.

The girl gave me a confused stare. "Uh, Great Sakura?"

Well that was kind of obvious.

"So Sakura, what now?"

Sakura laid down on her back and began kicking her feet at the sky. "I become an idol streamer."

"Well good luck."

"Oi, you're helpin' me!"


"Cuz ya like me that's why," she smirked.

This girl really was a handful, however, I decided it was best to just humor her. After all, I'd only have to put up with her for a few more days.

"Alright, I'll help you."

For the first time since I saw her nude, she blew me away. The pure love and joy on her face, made her look like a girl that had just been proposed to by the guy she loved... Never mind. One thing is certain though, seeing her face like that really did make my heart flutter a bit. Perhaps there was something there after all.

"YO! Now let's go crash at your place! But first I need a phone, hmm, maybe some sick kicks too. To the mall!"

Then again, maybe I was just getting into trouble. But one thing was clear; this was undoubtedly going to be my most memorable vacation to date.

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Sakura streamer girl

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