Chapter 1:

Ch 1 - Birth

St Chaos Healer

It felt like been so long since I lingered in the dark void.
Now after seeing this white tunnel light, it felt the same way as a long-lost sailor drifting in the ocean who managed to see land.Bookmark here

As soon as I saw the light, sounds of murmuring started to erupt.
I couldn’t make sense of the noise as the sound muffled for some reason.Bookmark here

The suction towards the light tunnel was pulling me in, and I didn’t try to resist. I had already done with this void place as it is. Maybe lingering in a different place for a while would be a nice change of pace.Bookmark here

Just when I came close to this tunnel, I realized the tunnel of light was very small indeed. Although it was pulling me towards it, its suction power seemed a bit weakened than before.Bookmark here

I didn’t resist and let the tunnel pull me in. The tunnel pulled my non-existing body piece by piece while I waited patiently. The tunnel opening seeming to be small and it was a little hard to squeeze right in. Soon as the part of the body that had passed through this tunnel felt a different sensation. It was a different sensation, that I can’t actually put a finger on it.Bookmark here

Just when I was getting out of the tunnel, it suddenly started to collapse. The suction power came to halt and the tunnel started to close in.Bookmark here

That’s when I noticed that I was stuck right between the entrance of this tunnel. Only some of the body parts had already passed to the other side while my other major body was still stuck in the dark void.Bookmark here

I was a bit startled and had no clue what to do.Bookmark here

It was right then I felt a sensation like I was grabbed by something. I felt this feeling on the part of the body that had managed to pass through the light tunnel. I was still connected with the body that had crossed the tunnel, so I could clearly tell that something was holding me.Bookmark here

I was a bit startled and tried to pull back my other body back in the void but failed to do so. Not only I failed to pull it back, but the strange aura also restrained my other half when I tried to free it myself.Bookmark here

Just when I heard a voice,
“The baby’s legs are already out. She needs to push a little more.” a voice boomed out loud. The tone of this voice seemed to belong to a hoarse and mature man. And from the looks of it, he seemed to be old.Bookmark here

I directly discern that the source of this voice came from the other side of the light tunnel.Bookmark here

It’s been so long since I heard the voice of another living thing so I was a bit startled. Although I hadn’t paid much attention to what I just heard but, I could confirm was there was someone on the other end of the light tunnel.Bookmark here

“Dear, hold on a little longer!” another voice echoed. Although, this voice was a bit different from the voice I had heard before. This voice had a tone had a sense of urgency and from the looks of this, it pretty much belong to a man.Bookmark here

I was still trying to make sense of what I just heard. Right now, the language those people were speaking didn’t belong to my demonic realm. But for some reason, this language seemed kinda nostalgic.Bookmark here

After thinking for some time, I remembered.
When I was still not crowned as the Overlord, I had some dealings with the dwellers in the mortal realm.Bookmark here

The mortal realm and the demonic realm existed in a different dimension. The two worlds were in a different dimensional plane and the only way to travel was through the Ancient portal gates created by ancient mages.Bookmark here

I had visited the mortal realm for a brief period and during my stay there I often saw the dwellers conversing within themselves. I also picked up a few words before going back to my realm. So I had no clue what they were speaking. Bookmark here

So now that it was clear which language, then the people also belong to the mortal realm.Bookmark here

“Beth, you’ve to push a little more. Our baby’s almost out.” the voice boomed in once again, distracting me.Bookmark here

Just when suction increased and the tunnel’s opening once again widened. My lower half part which was in the clutches of someone’s hand pulled me towards it. The one pulling me must be the people who were speaking outside.Bookmark here

At that moment I didn’t understand anything that was transpiring.Bookmark here

Just when remembered something.Bookmark here

This couldn’t be a soul summoning technique?
There were many such forbidden soul binding techniques where one can summon the soul of their enemies and transplant into a puppet to do their bidding. Once the soul was sealed in the puppet, they had to obey their master’s command forever until the owner dies or the puppet’s body was destroyedBookmark here

Were the mortal dwellers summoning my soul from the void to do their bidding or something?
As I thought about such a possibility I couldn’t help shivering.Bookmark here

Thinking of someone using such a wicked technique, I quickly started resisting.
I would rather linger in the void than become chained like a slave to a mortal dweller.Bookmark here

I started resisting the suction and tried to get back inside the void.Bookmark here

“Hey, miss. The baby is trying to struggle, you’ve to push harder.”Bookmark here

“Beth, just hold on a bit longer. You can do it!” another voice exclaimed.Bookmark here

I don’t have clue what they were speaking but I still tried to crawl back into the void.Bookmark here

Just when a loud grunting voice boomed. From the voice, it seemed to belong to a woman. From the looks of it, the source of the voice was much closer than the other voices.Bookmark here

But before I could do anything, the suction power increased and the lower body was pulled out.Bookmark here

The next second I was suddenly blinded by the light as soon as I crossed out of the tunnel.
I hurriedly tried to close my eyes but this time it worked.Bookmark here

If I was not wrong currently I was just a soul, so if I tried to close my eyes which naturally shouldn’t have worked. But for some reason, it worked just now.Bookmark here

When I tried to close my eyelids from the blinding light, the vision became a little dark with a pinkish hue. Seeing this, I was a bit surprised seeing such a thing.Bookmark here

Once again, I was witnessing a different light other than pitch black and can’t help myself becoming a little happy.Bookmark here

Just when I felt like I was in a grasp of a giant pretty much the man who was pulling me before. I was a little vigilant but for some reason, I could tell the giant who held me had a gentle grasp.Bookmark here

Soon the giant hands started moving and I felt as if I was being wrapped in a soft fabric that covered, binding me and restraining my lower body.Bookmark here

“Congratulations! It’s a healthy boy.”Bookmark here

The source of the voice seemed to be the old man who was holding me.Bookmark here

Just when my body had a little jolted a little. I felt that the touch of the hands-on my back was removed and then replaced by another pair of hands. It felt like the old man just passed me and now another person was holding me.Bookmark here

“Oh, dear! Look at our handsome son.” this voice belongs to the other man.Bookmark here

I can’t understand what he was saying but from the tone he spoke, it felt this giant holding me seemed to be very excited.Bookmark here

“Let me have a look.” a female voice replied in a tired tone.Bookmark here

Once again I felt a little jolt as I felt now another pair of hands grabbing me from behind. It looks like I was once again being transferred to another giant.Bookmark here

Just when I gently opened my eyes after keeping it close all this time.Bookmark here

Soon I was hit by different colors that entered my retina. It took some time to process the information as my vision was not used to seeing other colors for so long.Bookmark here

Just when the faces of two giants came into view.Bookmark here

The one closer to me was the face of the female giants as her curls of red hair were behind earlobes. She had pretty dark red hair which complimented her pretty green eyes. Bookmark here

One who was currently holding me was the beautiful female giant. She let loose her beautiful long red hair as its curls flowing beside her earlobes. Beautiful long eyelashes accompanied by her beautiful greenish hazel eyes which right now was staring right at me.Bookmark here

From the looks of it, her face color seemed to be a bit pale, and beads of sweat flowing through her brow. Despite her unruly appearance, the bright smile on her face gave quite a lively aura.Bookmark here

From the looks of it, currently, I was in the grasp of this female giant.Bookmark here

Just when my gaze falls beside her, the other male giant was also gawking at me with a goofy smile.Bookmark here

He had rough unkempt curly black hair that seemed to grown like a mound on top of his head. Meanwhile, his charcoal brown eyes looked quite big under as it if he would cry anytime soon. Despite his unkempt hair, he had quite a clean shaved jaw with a small mustache that was trimmed quite well.Bookmark here

After I gazed at the two giants, I looked around my surroundings.Bookmark here

I looked above to see, wooden straw thatch over the ceiling. I found myself in a small room which was lit by a lamp and some candles. This room gave a quite homely feeling, this should be where these giants dwell. Bookmark here

I also saw a giant old man in the distance. He had a broad grumpy nose and balding head with grey hair on the sides. If my guess is right, he must be the one who pulled me outside the void.Bookmark here

That old coot must be the one who summoned my soul, he does look like those annoying ugly old wizards. But for some reason, he didn’t give much evil aura like those crazy wizards. Bookmark here

Are these giants actually humans?Bookmark here

Maybe I’m sealed in a small puppet body.Bookmark here

I glanced back at the two near-humans who were still gawking at me with pleasant smiles.
They didn’t seem hostile but I don’t like the way they were treating me.Bookmark here

I had eyelids when I tried closing my eyes so I must have my voice as well.Bookmark here

The two human giants seemed quite happy after completing the summoning technique to make a puppet slave, but they don’t know that they managed to summon, me, Supreme Overlord of the Demon world.Bookmark here

I was already frustrated because of all the betrayal and the demise of my beloved wife. On top of that, being summoned by humans, they seemed quite eager to die. Slaughtering humans would be a good way to vent my anger. Despite being a puppet, I must still able to use my powerful magic to some extent.Bookmark here

I glared at the two giant humans with a stern eye. Then I proceed to release my unleash my threatening Tyrant aura to stir fear and declare who teach who they were trying to mess.Bookmark here

I tried clearing my throat with a cough, which sounded like a weird groan… Nevermind.
[“Keep your grubby hands away from me humans”] that’s what I tried to say.Bookmark here

But the only sound that came from my mouth was,
*Ga gu*Bookmark here

The heck did I say?Bookmark here

I pretty much tried to talk but only two syllabus noises came from my mouth. Even I was wondering did I stutter?Bookmark here

I glared back angrily at the two gawking human couple,
[“What the heck did you to do me?”] I tried to scream in my raging tone.Bookmark here

*Aa Goo*
The only sound came from my mouth when I tried to speak.Bookmark here

Right now, I was pretty sure I had released my tyrant aura that would petrify every living being under my gaze in fear. One of the Overlord’s skills which are pretty handy. But instead of cowering in fear, the two couples smiled even brightly at me as if they were mocking me.Bookmark here

“Look at our son. He has beautiful eyes just like his Mama.” said the man with curly unkempt hair with a wide smile.Bookmark here

The female smiled with a teary eye,
“He is also quite a handsome boy, just like you.”Bookmark here

I don’t know what they were happy about and can’t make any sense of their language. But it seemed that my Demonic Overlord power and abilities were sealed. Damn it!Bookmark here

I tried to move my body but I didn’t seem to have much control or power in my body. My legs were restrained by clothing, only my hands were free.Bookmark here

I quickly tried to glance at my hands.Bookmark here

Just when I saw smooth-soft pale small hands. I tried moving my fingers but I couldn’t properly control them. But it was a fact that this hand definitely belonged to me.Bookmark here

Soon I realized that my hands were real hands, with flesh and bones. Bookmark here

The soul summoning ritual attaches the soul to inanimate objects. Most like wooden dolls or tools. Although, there are some historical records of magic where one can add a soul to a corpse this was ancient lost magic.Bookmark here

I once again tried talking but only make lame two syllables noise at most. I tried for few times but only groan and moan a bit.Bookmark here

Seeing my pathetic attempt to converse, the couple giants looked at me with awe.
“Look our baby son is saying something in his baby language.” said the female named Beth with a pleasant smile that reached the corner of her eye.Bookmark here

The man near him looked at me and pointed to the female,
“This is your Mama.” and then pointed to himself, “And this gentleman here is your Dada.”Bookmark here

“Haha… Our son is actually telling me in his language to tell Dad to get rid of his bird nest of a hair,” said Beth while looking at the man followed by a giggle.Bookmark here

The man suddenly frowned,
“Hey?! Are you are using our son to emotional blackmail on getting rid of my beautiful hair?”Bookmark here

The female just smiled without any response.Bookmark here

That’s when it hit me.Bookmark here

During the time the man tried to point at the female and the male, he called them Mama and Dada. Doesn’t it mean mother and father?Bookmark here

I have no clue what language they speak but the universal term for Mother and Father and Mama and Dada. No matter who the people are or where they are born, the newborn baby would always call them mama and Dada/Papa.Bookmark here

The reason why this is to say so is that whenever a newborn baby starts to develop their local vocal cord, the first words they could create is ‘Ma’ or ‘Da’. The former word is most often said first among newborn babies. Hence why the words for mother and father have so many similarities in every language in general.Bookmark here

I know all these things because I had prior researched this thing in my free time.Bookmark here

When Gloxinia, my beloved wife who was still 2 months pregnant and visiting her parents. I had read a lot of books about babies and child care. Of course, I read it in secrecy.Bookmark here

The supreme Demonic Overlord reading such books if anyone came to know I would die in shame.
I actually bought these books from the mortal realms when I went to visit.Bookmark here

Reminiscing about past bought made me gloomy once again but I quickly shoved the sad thoughts. I had mourned for their deaths, enough in the void as it is.Bookmark here

Now that I was reborn as a human infant without any of former Demonic Overlord abilities. I must once again try to get strong enough to get my vengeance.Bookmark here

I will bear it and play along with the human couple for the time being.
I need to make use of them until I could at least stand on my own two feet.Bookmark here

Being born as such an infant human baby is really annoying. Damn it!Bookmark here

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