Chapter 2:

Ch 2 - Mr. & Mrs. Almond

St Chaos Healer

It’s been 2 weeks since I have been reborn into this world.

I am still quite getting used to the fact that I was reborn as a human infant with my previous life memories intact. Pretty crazy, right!

I am not a guy who believed in nonsensical things like reincarnation and the cycle of life. I thought it was just mythical made-up stuff made by bored people.

This new life gave me a new perspective on our life.

Right now, I am in a wooden cradle with long fencing. I am laid on a comfy soft bedsheet white fabric cloth swaddled around my body pretty neatly.
It’s pretty cozy.

It would be pretty hilarious if anyone came to know that the Demonic Overlord wrapped in a blanket and cozying on a cradle. Thanks to my new life I don’t have to worry about such things.

I checked my body to test how much I could control my infant’s body.
To my surprise, I got next to no control over my limbs.

I can only flail my arms at most and I have no control on fingers.
Also, I could do only light kick-like action with my legs.

My infant’s head is too big proportionate to my body to lift it. I have to rely on everything on my Mom and Dad.

My mom, Bethenny Almond, whos a housewife.
Does everything from daily cleaning the home, tending the garden, grocery shopping, cooking, and sometimes helping Dad with work.

On top of that, she also takes care of me.
From changing my soiled nappies to bathing, she spares no effort.
Pretty laughable that once the supreme Demonic Overlord ruled over the demonic realm with an iron fist but now I even can’t control my bowels.

She also makes time to breastfed me multiple times every day, just to make sure I don’t go hungry.

The first time I felt weird doing it. it felt ethically wrong.
I didn’t get a perverse feeling as she was my birth mother after all.

But later I was getting hungry and I also needed to grow up, strong and healthy.
Mother’s breastmilk has the most beneficial nutrients that help babies' growth of their bones.

So after some deep thinking, I was like fuck ethics!
I maybe the Supreme Overlord with 800+ years of life experience, but right now I was her son.
I need to become healthy enough to become powerful enough to stand against my enemies.

So If I have to drink breastmilk to survive then I will do it.

So from then, I am chugging like there’s no tomorrow.
It also tastes quite good, never getting bored.

Whereas my Dad, Arthur Almond is a merchant who owns an antique shop in the town.
There is pretty weird stuff around our homes like odd-looking charms, creepy head sculptures, and even eerie-looking mannequins.

No wonder I thought during my birth, the first thing I mistakenly thought I was being summoned by soul summoning ritual.
Calling our home a witch's hideout wouldn't be wrong.

Meanwhile my Dad's personality, I don’t have much to say.

He acts rather normally around our home discussing business with mom, helping around the house, and also cleaning the antiques.

But for some reason, his intellects sharply tumbles when he comes around me.
He always tries to get my attention while making these weird faces.

He also shows his creepy antique collections while puffing his chest proudly.

Is this what a child does to a man after he becomes a father?
Does a father go any length to make their kids smile?

I was an orphan back in the Demonic Realm so never experienced what it feels like to have parents.
Is this how it feels to have parents?

Even though my human father hasn’t left me much impression but his antics keep me entertained.
So I don’t have any complaints, at least for the time being.

I still have to figure out where I am exactly in the mortal realm.
Also how much time has passed since my death as the Overlord.

Maybe millennia have passed since I was in that void?
Maybe my enemies are long gone dead and died a natural death because of passing time?

Then what’s the point of this newborn life then?
Should I even bother chasing after my vengeance?

I took a sigh, there was no point in pondering after something you can’t do anything about.
After I grow up a bit I have to research past events.

Assassinating the Supreme Overlord is not a simple thing that could be hidden easily.

Not to mention the 12 Heavenly virtues were involved, so definitely the news would have reached the mortal realm and even those bastard pigeon feather angel race would be celebrating.

“Little Benji! See what I have got today!”
Just when I was in deep thought, I was alarmed by the voice of an excited man.

Humans and their weird taste of names.
After my birth, my parents named me Benjamin, Benjamin Almond.
The name itself is weird not even people in my demonic realm would name their pet monster with such an embarrassing name.

To make matter worse, they call me Benji with affection.
If you guys had to call me Benji, so what’s the point of naming me Benjamin in the first place.

I can't understand the mindset of these people.

Anyway, I glanced at the source of the voice, nothing to be surprised he was my old man.
For some reason, he had a goofy smile like always when he appears in front of me like usual.

He must have just returned from his shop.

“Hey Arthur, first get changed. You just returned from the shop so first, you have to get a bath.” my mother retorted, "I don't want any germs from your workplace to harm my son!"

“Dear, he is also my son. And I am not touching him. I just wanna show-”

“No excuses. First, take a bath and get changed. Only then you are allowed to touch my son”


My mom showed up at the doorway pointing the ladle threateningly,
“No but’s.”

Even I got a cold sweat seeing mom like that.

My dad gulped down his excuses and obeyed mom.
My mom actually dominates our family is the thing I've noticed.

Later my dad after getting refreshed and changed back into his home attire.
He rushed beside my cradle once again.

“Little Benji! Guess what Papa has got for you?” he asked excitedly.

I don’t know, maybe showcasing me more weird antique wares?
Or some weird Head sculptures again?

Also, why are you asking such a question to an infant?
I can’t even nod or shake my head to respond, let alone talk.

I didn’t give any response and just lied cozily snuggled in my swaddle while I glared at my dad.

My mom returned from the kitchen while wiping her hands with a cloth.
“What is it dear? Stop stalling and show us already, what’ve you brought.”

My dad with a giant smirk holding a piece of a paper bag and his hand inside it as if holding on to something special.
Even I couldn’t help starting to anticipating what it could be.

“Tada!” said my dad out loud while holding something like a flat bowl with lots of strings sewed with metallic stars and crescent moons.

“It’s a wind chime, for our little Benji's cradle.” said my Dad proudly.

“Wow! It’s really pretty. But it looks pretty expensive.”

My dad with a smug face,
“Yes, this is wind chime is carved from a rare metal which had some magical properties. Although this windchime is quite old which is why it lost its magical properties and now it's just a regular wind chime. I still bought it so we could hang it on our little Benji’s cradle.”

“That’s so nice of you!” my mom affectionately kissed my dad on his cheeks, “Okay, I will go ahead and set our dinner table. I cooked your favorite Cream Stew and Crispy Mashed Potatoes with Shrimp.”

After a little bit of hustle and craftsmanship, dad finally managed to hang the wind chime on the cradle.
The bowl of dull bronze color with dozen strings attached to its edge. There were small metallic pieces shaped like stars and crescent moons sewed in those strings. The gentle breeze made those stars and moon clashed giving a pleasant sound whenever the strings moved. This windchime had a gentle and beautiful rhythm that soothed all worries and let me be in a peaceful state of mind.

“So how do you like it?” asked my Dad.

I know how to answer him but here goes nothing.

[“You have my permission to hang this.”] I tried to respond.

*Guga Guu*

The only noise that came from my mouth.

I mean this wooden cradle and soft bedsheet were more than comfortable. This wind chime would surely improve my luxury. So I have to give props to my old man for getting this wind chime.

Seeing my response astonished my Dad.

He started getting all sentimental and teary-eyed as he picked me up in his arms.
“Beth! Our son loved the new wind chime. He even thanked me in his baby tongue.” shrieked out my old man in joy.

What’s with this overdramatic response.

He continued,
“Before I thought my little Benji used to hate me. This is the first time he responded so cheerfully, now I really feel like my son finally accepts me. I am really happy, Beth!”

Oh yeah, I did ignore him.
He was constantly making stupid faces to the point I was bored.
Not to mention showing weird antique wares that literally creeped me out.

So I started to just ignore him, all this time.
Now even I am starting to feel bad.

“I am happy for you, honey. Now put Benji back in the cradle, it’s already pretty late and he needs to sleep. Come get dinner before it gets cold.” said my mom from the other room.

“Coming! When my son grows up, I will teach him the ways of studying antique wares so he could help me in our shop. Our shop name and fame will rise all over our country.” said my Dad with his eyes glimmering brightly.

[“Hell no! I got bigger goals to achieve, old man.”] I tried to reply.

*Agoo guu ga*

“Oh! You are really excited to work in our shop. Don’t worry, you need to grow up a little first.” said my Dad with an innocent smile.

My old man is really yearning for me to take over his shop.
I will give an advance apology for disappointing you.

It seems I am already in the rebellious phase.

“Honey, you coming? Or today you don't feel hungry tonight?" asked mom, she really had a threatening tone.


My dad carefully put me back in my cradle before placing a good night kiss on my forehead and rushed out to the dinner table.

As soon as Dad left my cradle started rocking.
My cradle has a rope tied to one of its fence rails. The rope goes all the way to the living room, where my mom pulls this rope to swing my cradle.
It’s a nice way to put asleep babies.

I should even get one for my child if I ever have one.

The peaceful swinging cradle created a gentle breeze and the hanging wind chime played pleasant music.

Before I knew it, I was already asleep.