Chapter 4:

Ch 4 - Floor Crawler

St Chaos Healer

It’s been 7 months since my birth.

Right now I am wearing a shirt with a cloud-type pattern that my mom designed herself.
Also, I am wearing brown pants, yeah finally I am old enough to wear pants.

I always had only my nappy to cover my rump but now I have grown enough to wear pants.
Although I still have to wear my nappy underneath them anyways.

I am in my room with my mother.
My room was a square-shaped chamber and the walls were actually the hollowed trunk of the giant tree. The room was quite nicely cleaned and tidied thanks to my mother’s effort.
My cradle was placed in the corner near the only window in my room. There was also a bed and table with a couple of chairs in my room.

There were dozen plushie dolls made of cotton and wool around my room. Some dolls looked like a horse, monkey, and there was even a doll that looked dragon but much simple and adorable. Everything was handsewn by mother.

There was also a doll with wings on it. Yes, a doll representing the angel race.
I bit off that angel’s face and then tore open its stomach and scrambled its insides as I made a big mess with a lot of feathers scattered across my room. (Yes, I have already grown two front teeth.) Then placed my soiled nappy on that wretched doll’s face to give it a finishing touch.

My mom then had no choice but to throw the miserable doll’s remains out of the house. My mom was quite surprised to see such aggressive behavior and she even scolded me for doing so.

That incident happened 2 weeks ago and all is water under the bridge now.
She had long forgiven me.

Right now at this moment, I was sitting on my mom’s lap while she was sitting on the floor.
She had this wide smile almost fanatical as she stared at the doorway.

My dad was in the bath after he had returned home from work.
She was eagerly waiting for him.

My mom had wrapped her arms around me, restraining me from moving freely.
I also didn’t resist, I already knew what she was so excited for so even I waited along with her.

It wasn’t long before dad came out of the bathroom and head straight towards my room.

“Beth? What is that you wanted me to show?” asked my Dad nonchalantly as he walked through the hallway heading to my room.

My mom picked me and placed me on the floor.
“Benji, go get your papa!” she said excitedly.

I just sat there on the floor stared back at her.
She looked like an excited little girl and even I started to wonder who was the grown-up here.

Not to mention she was even using her tone as if she was bossing me around.
I was once an Overlord to the demonic realm, and no one had the audacity to boss me around except for Gloxinia, my master, and maybe few other people. I wasn't easy to boss around.

So I just sat there and ignored her.
My dad’s footsteps started closing in.

My mom became dejected and glanced at me with her puppy eyes,
“Please, Benji! Do the thing you showed me today to papa. Please!”

Hey! Resorting to emotional blackmail, such underhand tactics won’t work on a former Demon Overlord.

But after seeing her saddened expression and the huge puppy eyes, I had to give in.

With a sigh, I turned around and placed my forelimbs on the floor as I lifted my head.
And then, I raised my rump and spread out my weight on my knees.
Yes, I can now stand all my four limbs but that’s not all...

After carefully standing on my forelimbs I looked forward towards the doorway.

I placed one of my hands in the front and then pushed my body with my leg on the opposite side. I again then placed my other hand and then pushed my other leg forward and repeated it henceforth.

Then I marched onwards.
Yes, I can now crawl.

Pretty big achievement.
It was a little hard at first but I can now finally able to uplift my body with help of my limbs.

I then crawled out of the doorway to greet my father.
My mom tiptoed and followed behind me with a bit of worry that I wouldn’t trip and hurt myself.

My mom also wanted to surprise dad about my big progress.

Just when I walked out of the doorway, I saw my old man who stopped right in front of me.
I tilted my head upwards to glance at my old man.

He still had the towel over his head to dry his wet unkempt hair.
His eyes were hidden behind the foggy glasses that he always wears.
But seeing me his jaw was wide open, I could definitely tell that our big surprise did hit its mark.

My mother stood at the doorway entrance with a wide grin on her face as she stared at my dad. Her two hands were placed around her hips and puffed her chest as she stood proudly.

You know I was the one who managed to crawl on my legs, so shouldn’t I be the one who should act all proud instead. Nevermind.

“Oh, my Benji!” exclaimed Dad as he rushed towards me like a maniac.

I was a bit startled and turned around quickly tried to crawl back towards my mom.
But my father quickly overtook me and caught me.

He then lifted me in his arms like I was some divine prized possession handed to him by gods themselves.

“My son has grown up in such a short time! Dad is really proud of you,” exclaimed Dad as beads of tears started to flow from underneath his thick foggy glasses.

He then continued to praise me with more words followed by the constant barrage of kisses all over my face.

My human father was the first-ever male to kiss me.
I was never ever let any dudes kiss me in my previous life.

His kisses were filled with a lot of fatherly affections and even a little bit of his drool.
Gross. I used my arms to push his head away and defend myself.

My mom was soon standing next to us.
I flailed my arms towards my mom and she quickly rescued me from my dad’s grasp.

My dad then affectionately placed a kiss on my mom’s lips and hugged us.

He then praised my mom for raising me with such love and care.

Later Dad decided to have dinner in a restaurant to celebrate this moment.
My mom hesitated a bit but dad insisted and she eventually gives in.

Then the three of us went to a luxurious restaurant in the town and had a grand feast.
I didn’t get to eat anything from there though, the two of them had a hearty feast.

My dinner was once again breastmilk once we came back home.


It’s been about two weeks since I first started crawling.

I have already mastered crawling but standing on my hind legs still isn't possible. I already hit my head twice trying to do that.

In this past week, I was roaming around the home trying to hone my crawling skill while also scouting out the layout of my home. My mom doesn’t allow me to roam around the home freely, whenever she catches me she would put me back in my cradle with the long fencing followed by long lectures.

Henceforth I always on the lookout for an opening for example when my mom gets busy in the kitchen or when she’s tending the garden to use that opportunity to explore our home.

So far I could tell that our house was huge.
We had a wide living room in the center and the kitchen was side by side. There was a hallway that connected the living room to my parent’s bedroom and my room. The bathroom and toilet were also placed between rooms adjacent to the hallway. All these rooms were placed on the same floor of a hollowed giant tree.

I knew the tree was big but after scouting the rooms, I couldn't help but be more surprised.

Not to mention there was also a stairway that led to the upper floor.
The upper floor had rooms which were basically storerooms filled with my father’s creepy antique stuff.
Except for one neatly tided room.

Today my mom once again came to check on me as she peeped through my doorway.
After seeing me asleep in the cradle she went back to the kitchen to start working on our dinner as usual.

Of course, I was just pretending to be asleep.
I quickly checked with my one eye to see if she had left and continued to lay in my cradle.

Soon I heard the noises of metallic utensils clanking noises coming from the kitchen.
After making sure she was in the kitchen, I quickly got up and pulled the thick blanket underneath from me. Then I used all my power to overthrow this blanket from the cradle onto the ground.

After doing so, I quickly started to climb up the fencing and used the plush dolls in my cradle as a ladder. I reached and climbed over the edge and then dove straight down on the blanket that I placed beforehand.

I landed on my butt safely thanks to the blanket and my thick nappy that I was always forced to wear. Never had I thought that I would come to appreciate wearing this nappy before.

After that, I quickly used my baby crawl to race towards the door which was slightly open like always. I peeped out of my room making sure that no one else was in the hallway. I heard mom humming a song as she worked in the kitchen preparing dinner.

This was my chance.
I quickly raced towards the stairways that lead me to the upper floor.
I crawled through the hallway going where the stairways were situated.

The stairways were placed in between the hallway that connected the living room with my and my parent’s bedroom. So it was really not easy to go upstairs without getting caught.

Right now my father was at the shop and my mother was busy preparing dinner. My mother had already checked on me so she thinks I am asleep and that's why she has let her guard down.

I quickly reached the stairways and then glanced at the kitchen.
My mother’s back was facing me and she was humming a melodic tune as she was preparing dinner.

Then I glanced back at the stairways ahead of me.

I gulped down my saliva as I saw the mountainous-looking terrain of stairs ahead of me.
The stairway was narrow for two adult people to walk side by side. But the stairs themselves were tall in height almost half my size.

There was no time to waste I was sitting duck in the hallway. If my mom turned around, she would spot me in a second.

I quickly rushed towards the stairs and flailed my arms to climb them.
After hugging the stair with both my hands I had to use my leg to climb over and then repeat this step all over.

Today I had to reach the upper floor in any way possible.
I didn’t stop and dragged my infant body up the stairs.

There were about a dozen stairs that lead upwards to a landing followed by another dozen of stairs to the right that finally leads to the upper floor.

It took about 10 minutes to finally go all the way to reach the next floor.

As soon as I entered the upper floor, I was greeted with a hallway with a lot of rooms.
Most of the room doors were locked but I was heading to this particular room.

When I reached this room the door looked the same as every other room but it wasn’t locked.

I quickly rushed to the door and pushed it open using the strength of both my baby arms and the use of my knees.

The door wasn’t locked and it quickly opened that I was almost about to fell on my face.
I quickly regained my balance and stood on my baby limbs.

Then I lifted my head to gaze around the room and a joyful smile appeared on my face.
The decomposing smell of paper lingered in the room. The dusk light entered through the windows and lit the room in yellow and orange portraying as if this room was set on fire. There was a wide desk table in the center of the room. On the table, there were a couple of books, unlit candles placed on the stand, an ink bottle, and a quill.

But what I was interested in was not the desk but the things around them.
There were long wooden shelves that reached the ceiling. And every one of the shelves was racked with various books in a variety of sizes.

My smile reached the corner of my eyes and couldn't help smiling.

This room was a miniature library.