Chapter 5:

Ch 5 - The Library

St Chaos Healer

I had been caught roaming around the house all the time and each time I was caught and put back in my room, but that didn’t stop me from exploring.

I already did visit the library when I was exploring the upper floor but to my surprise, my father was also in the library and caught me red-handed when I entered.

They didn't imagine I can start climbing stairs so they were quite startled.

They couldn't help get frustrated over my antics. They finally started to be more vigilant and started keeping out an eye on me. So it was really hard to come back into this library.

But today I had successfully infiltrated the library.
My mom’s busy in the kitchen and my dad’s at the shop. So right now no one can stop me.

It’s been more than 6 months since I was born into this world.
The only information that I currently know is that the place where I live was located on the human race domain.

I am about 80 percent sure that this was the human race domain.
There are places where other races co-exist but I haven't seen any other race while visiting the town with my mom and dad. Although other races are welcomed in the human race domain but it's said that humans have a tendency to look down on them.

I don't know if it's true or not. I just heard tidbits when I entered the mortal realm from other people.
But now I am reborn as a human myself. Darn it!

At this moment I am powerless as a human infant.
So I have to wait to grow up until I could at least stand on my two feet before starting to work on getting stronger.

I still haven't forgotten the time I was killed or the way my beloved wife and child died in the hands of the demon generals. Every time I think about it I start to get upset and irritated.

I already mourned enough inside the void but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna get back on those traitors.

I am very much anxious to know about my current circumstances.

About how much time has passed since those events?
Are my enemies even alive?
What happened to the demonic realm after my fall?

And many more such endless questions were buzzing in my mind.

So right at this moment, I wanted information more than anything.

If I could only talk, I would directly ask my parents about the information about this world and its current affairs. Although they might get spooked if I just start questioning them about the demonic realm out of the blue.

So instead of waiting for my vocal cords to mature it’s better to get information without talking for the time being. And the only best way to procure information is via books.

So I have been scouting inside the house in search of any books to get any information. I have been roaming around the house in search of books, all this time. I had no luck downstairs but what surprised me that we had a library here.

Now after so many hardships and getting caught many times, I finally am here.

After glancing around the library making sure I was alone I hurriedly crawled towards the shelves with my baby limbs.

There were tons of books to choose from and I had no clue where to start. I first sat on the floor in front of the shelves. I swept my gaze around the shelves and saw hordes of neatly stacked books in an orderly fashion. There were all types and sizes of books, from giant thick books to small handy diaries; There was even a pile of scrolls scattered across the shelves.

Still, I would only be able to browse books from the lower shelves.
How can this infant body go pick books on the top shelves?

Not to mention I could merely get crushed if any of those books fell on me.
Former Demon Overlord dies because of being crushed by a couple of books. That would be so lame.

But just when I was sweeping my gaze across the shelves, my eye caught on a certain book.
This book was placed on the lower shelves looked like an average book but thick.

What actually caught attention was the crest carved on the spine of this book.

The crest had 4 dragons intertwined by their tail, each facing in a different direction in a symmetrical pattern.
There was a text written below the crest but I couldn’t read it, thanks to the language barrier.

I barely got used to understanding some of the spoken words, let alone start reading texts.
But I already had a guess what this book was about.

I quickly crawled right below the book and glanced above.
The book was on the third shelf from below.

It was still too tall for me to reach.

I scratched my head glanced around and spotted a chair nearby.
If I could climb that chair I might be able to reach the book with ease but climbing onto the chair was another thing.

Just when I was pondering around what to do my eyes fell on a low stool in the corner near one of the bookshelves.

I quickly wriggled my way and dragged the stool under that bookshelf.
I then slowly pushed the chair towards where the book was.

The wooden chair was old and skimpy so I was able to push it despite my infant body.
I had to be careful while pushing it so that I don’t topple it over and I won't be able to put the chair back in the standing position. Not to mention the noise of the chair falling would alert mom. The last thing I want was to incur her wrath.

After gently arranging the chair and the low stool-like stairs I quickly climbed onto the stool and then from there onto the chair. It took more effort to climb on the chair compared to the stairs but I managed it somehow.

After climbing onto the chair I quickly reached out to the book with that 4 dragon crest mark and pulled it with my baby fingers. I had to wary of the gap between the chair and shelf or I could just fall on my face.

After getting a firm grip on the book's spine, I started to pull it with all my strength. I had to put my back into pulling just a mere book. It wasn't soon when I finally managed to bring that son of the bitch down.

But while pulling, the book came out of the shelf rack but it quickly fell onto the floor from the gap between the chair and the shelf itself. I fell on my rump and balanced myself to not fell of the chair.

The book fell onto the floor with a dull thud.
["Fuck!"] I shrieked.


The sound of the book falling was not too loud but I couldn’t help but get frightened.
I was worried if my mom heard the noise and would come rushing here, any second.

I waited for few minutes but thankfully mom was nowhere there.
I then went down on the floor and pushed away from the chair and the stool to make room so I could open the book.

The book looked like an average size book but thick.
On the front of the cover, there was only the title of the book engraved on it which seemed to have faded.
The book had a leather cover which was quite worn out, it looked quite old.

I didn’t bother to read the title, not that I could read, to begin with.
I opened the book and the nostalgic smell of rotting pages trickled under my nostrils.

When I opened the book I was once again met with that 4 dragon crest.
I recognized this book because of this particular crest on its spine.

This particular crest with 4 dragons belonged to an ancient dragon clan who once said to live on the mortal realm a long time ago. The folks of the dragon clan were said to be actual dragons who lived among the people of the mortal realm.

It is said that those dragons actually bestowed the ability and techniques to manipulate mana to the dwellers of the mortal realm. So in a way, anyone who can use mana in the mortal realm is in fact an indirect disciple of the dragons.

The dragon clans are now only known as legends, the only things left behind are only the crest and some old doctrines that are said to be the teachings of the dragon clan. Although, no one can prove the dragon clan actually existed. Because nobody has seen an actual dragon ever.

I had previously researched a little about the dragon clan in my previous life but failed to find any useful information.

Although I did meet a dragon who lived in the demon realm but, that’s a tale for another time.

The crest with four dragons actually represent the 4 primary elements- ‘Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth elements'. This dragon crest was now plagiarized by other mages who wrote down their own techniques and methods to use mana, each saying their own methods were the authentic techniques handed by the dragon clan themselves.

There were hundreds of such books with the same crest and no one can prove they were actually the techniques given by the dragon clan. Still, the books were pretty popular to learn basic methods to use mana.

So after seeing the dragon clan crest on this book this book should contain information on how to use mana.

I started rummaging through the pages of the book even though I couldn’t read.

There was a lot of detailed information about mana manipulation.

There were drawings depicting methods to use certain techniques to manipulate mana.
Even methods of using rune patterns and techniques to create barriers and arrays.
It also had detailed information about monster beasts and pictures of precious herbs.

This book of course doesn’t have the original techniques of the dragon clan either, those methods and techniques are long lost.

But this book had every basic information a person needs to travel around the mortal realm.

I browsed through the pages but failed to learn anything important.
I could read few basic techniques by referring to the pictures that showed the movements of the hands and legs of the man in the picture. The blue hazy light around the man was the flow of mana through his mana core into his meridians and then outwards.

So the first thing before starting to learn how to manipulate mana, I need to learn how to read and write the language of the mortal realm, first.

The methods to manipulate mana are different from how we demons and angels race used.

The dwellers of the mortal realms draw mana from their mana core to manipulate elements and then make a contract with a celestial spirit to further strengthen their techniques and usage of mana.

Not everyone can manifest mana core, it's quite rare.
But those who do will surely become powerful.

Meanwhile, demons and angels don’t have mana cores.
They already are more powerful without the need of getting a spirit contract.

We demons were bestowed with the mighty ability to manifest mana within our body at will. Mana itself was pumping through hearts and body itself all the time.
This was more efficient and powerful than the methods used by the dwellers of the mortal realm.

Meanwhile, Angels themselves were actually manifestations of pure mana itself.

Compare to that the mortal realm dwellers' mana manipulation methods were a joke.
But thankfully our three people’s realm rests in another dimension otherwise, we would have already conquered the mortal realm.

It was not long before I went through every page of this book.
The book was quite good and it will be quite helpful in the future but at this moment it was useless.

What I was looking for were some popular storybooks that have a lot of pictures depicting epic battles of the popular Heavenly virtues. Books that contained information about the history and the heroic deeds of those 12 heroes.

The 12 Heavenly Virtues are revered as heroes among the people of the mortal realm, some even go so far as worshiping them as gods. So there should be some books containing information about those heroes.

I am 90 percent sure that these Heavenly Virtues were also involved in my assassination plot. So after slaying me they should be boasting around the mortal realm, how HEROICLY they killed me.

There must be some Heroic tales spread among the mortal realm, how BRAVELY they defeated the Demon Overlord. Of course, their tales would be full of bullshit.

So I started looking around for such storybooks.

I glanced around for other eye-catching books that could give me some information about past events.
A picture book would be much better than just a wordy book.

Just when I was looking for what book I should pick.

I heard a creaking noise from behind.

I was startled and quickly looked back in panic.

To my horror, a woman was standing behind dressed in a messy apron.
Her sharp eyes glaring at me while her eyebrows twitched. Her arms were on her hips and she was armed with a spatula in one hand, standing in an imposing manner. Like she was the epitome of doom itself.

This woman was none other than my mom.

Cold sweat condensed on my forehead as I glanced at her.
I gulped down my saliva as I said,



I said innocently with my baby charms but it was futile.
This time I was surely done for.