Chapter 5:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 1

Eris Braunhauer. Age: 805 seasons. Job: Maid. Specialty: Screaming.

Yep, she was the maid who first encountered Kuro inside Her Holiness’ chamber after she summoned him. As a maid, they assigned her to attend to the Saint’s well-being, which she does with zeal. But in reality, they gave her duty not because she’s talented in that regard; it was because of her skill for screaming, that was so loud one could hear it throughout the entire palace complex. They use that as an alarm whenever there’s a trespasser, like the case of Kuro.

And in the ‘trespassing incident’s’ aftermath with that strange boy, Eris couldn’t remove from her mind the fact that she almost caused his death.

Well, it’s not that she’s abhorred interacting with men. However, her workplace was an enormous influence on her life as a young maiden. The maids of the Holy Palatial Gardens were well-known haters of the opposite gender, since they had a terrible history from the repeated trespassing incidents of the past.


Her fellow workers’ mantra in the workplace was ‘All men are perverts and perverts are all men’, which was deeply rooted in her heart. Thus, she believed all boys wanted only ‘that’ from girls like her. But…

“Hey, watch it!”


A book almost fell on Eris’ head as she was cleaning the Saint’s private library. Fortunately, Kuro was there reading some books to pass time.

No, he didn’t catch the book, as it fell directly on Eris’ foot (that’s why it’s written ‘almost fell on her head’); he’s quite a wimp sometimes, see? What he did right was actually after the poor young maid hurt her foot…it was a heavy tome after all.

Kuro removed Eris’ boot and massaged the part that got hurt. And then, after asking her if the pain’s gone, he went back to his book.

At that moment, there’s confusion in Eris’ mind.

If she followed the Aristotelian logic she didn’t know she was already using, ‘All perverts are men and perverts are all men’, then she could infer that this boy, Kuro, had an ulterior motive towards her. However, the guy just went back to his book without even looking lecherously at her smooth skin and fair complexion.

Can it be that Aristotle’s logic is wrong? And who is Aristotle anyway? She asked herself.

Anyway, back to Kuro and Eris. As he didn’t bother with her any longer, the maid excused herself from the library and went on her way. However, deep in her heart, Eris could feel something pleasant was welling up. After all, she was there when she saw Kuro push the Head Maid away from immediate danger and almost got killed himself, if not for Her Holiness’ direct intervention. Not only that, Kuro saved her friends from the kitchen department who tried to attack him in his room before. He also caught a pervert that was trying to steal Her Holiness’ underwear…

And all of them watched Kuro as he saved the Head Maid when she was about to jump from the roof of the Servants’ Quarters.


That, for her, is a proof of not all boys are perverts.

But that’s something that she’d realize later on. In the meantime, Eris needed to clear her mind of that random guy called Aristotle.


**Meanwhile, on Kuro’s side…**

Hmm…lately, I’m getting the chills. It’s as if someone’s watching me.


Well, I mean, the maids were watching my every move, and I could feel their bloodlust for me. But this one’s different. It’s as if…as if…someone’s putting a charm on me…


I guess it’s only my imagination. I mean, who’s stupid enough to become attracted to someone like me?

“Achoo!” “Achoo!” “Achoo!”

I think Her Holiness, the Head Maid, and that other maid Eris would have a cold soon. Better prepare the meds, I guess?