Chapter 6:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 1

The rain just kept on falling…Bookmark here

I lost track of how many days had elapsed since the start of this downpour. It just went on endlessly, though with varying amounts of rainwater. I thought it had been long since the sun had last shown its face on the skies of Chersea.Bookmark here

Ugh…this sucked,” I muttered to myself.Bookmark here

Well, I couldn’t help it. I got nothing else to get busy with save to kill time by reading books at the library. However, I’m already exhausted. I had enough books for the meantime, even if I love those. So instead of reading I just sat here at the edge of my bed, staring at the rain outside, with my mind empty of anything.Bookmark here

This world is peaceful…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Contrary to the fantasy novels I’ve read before, the land of Chersea had no demon army invasions, nor powerful monsters appearing from time to time and causing havoc. For short, this place was an ideal adventurer’s stopover for rest, and also their worst nightmare.Bookmark here

Yep, I figure that they’ll lose their jobs the moment they settle in this land.Bookmark here

Hmm…I don’t get what you’re thinking about, Kuro. But I guess I’ll take that as a compliment,” Her Holiness the Saint of Chersea had a sardonic smile. She read my mind once again.Bookmark here

Err…which part, Your Holiness?”Bookmark here

“The part where you thought it’s too peaceful.”Bookmark here

“I see.”Bookmark here

Well, it was a compliment indeed, though with a minor complaint added as well.Bookmark here

But wait, what are you guys doing in my room?Bookmark here

“As you can see, my head maid likes it being here lately,” Her Holiness explained; her sarcasm never disappearing from her tone, “Not that I’m angry; I’m just curious what makes her do that. So, I came along.”Bookmark here

“Your Holiness…” it was the Head Maid, “I thought we already talked about this. As I’ve told you before, I’d want to spend my free time serving Mister Kuro as thanks for what he did to me before. However, I’d like to reiterate that I am still your faithful servant. In matters of precedence, I’d choose you over him.”Bookmark here

Hmph. Good to hear that.”Bookmark here

Heh. Her Holiness’ face reeked of jealousy. But wait—what’s the deal about ‘serving me’? I haven’t agreed to anything like that before!Bookmark here

“Kuro, are you saying that you won’t accept Lily’s feelings for you?”Bookmark here

“Ha?” I spat the tea I was drinking, “F-feelings?”Bookmark here

“Your Holiness!” the Head Maid suddenly raised her voice; her face was blushing terribly.Bookmark here

“Come now Lily!” the Saint retorted, her face looked at her servant as if she couldn’t believe what she’s hearing, “You know I don’t like dense guys; I’m thinking of incinerating him if he rejects—”Bookmark here

“Awawawawa!” the blushing Head Maid waved her hands and muttered nonsensical words that drowned the Saint’s voice.Bookmark here

Honestly, they look cute to me.Bookmark here

“Oi,” Her Holiness glared at me, “I know I’m a perfect being, but if you play with Lily’s feelings, I’ll be more than glad to turn you into ashes.”Bookmark here

Sorry, Your Holiness.Bookmark here

I knew the Head Maid’s acting like that because she treated me like her brother. There’s no way I will attract a girl in her right mind.Bookmark here

“You…You dense idiot…” I saw the hand of Her Holiness glow in flames.Bookmark here

I have to get out now, bye!Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Good day, Mister Defender of Her Holi—!”Bookmark here

“It’s Kuro.”Bookmark here

“Good day, Mister Kuro!” the one that greeted me was no other than the captain of Her Holiness’ Paladin Corps, uh…what is her name again?Bookmark here

Err…good day I guess, uh…” I tried to remember it but nothing came to my mind, save for… “Monmon?” I knew they pronounced her name along with those sounds, and it’s really simple, I forgot it easily.Bookmark here

“That’s mean, you know?” the captain of the guard replied, crying fake tears, “How could you forget the name of a beautiful maiden like me?Bookmark here

“Sorry.”Bookmark here

Hey, it’s not like I intend to do it, unlike you, who keeps on calling me sordid nicknames. So just tell me your name already.Bookmark here

“I’m Dusis Luisa, the Marquise of Monfort,” she grinned as she stood before me, chest out, “Just call me Dusis, or Luisa, whichever you may prefer.”Bookmark here

“I’ll call you Monfort, then.”Bookmark here

“That’s rude!” the Marquise looked at me as if I did something unbelievable, “Aren’t we close already? Together, we defended Her Holi—”Bookmark here

“Monfort’s easy to remember, though,” I cut her off mid-sentence, for I didn’t want to hear that stupid nickname she’s assigned to me. So, I guess this is my revenge? “And I don’t remember you fighting that thief together with me.”Bookmark here

“I was with you, in spirit though.Bookmark here

“Nonsense. You don’t even know about me back then and arrested me.”Bookmark here

Uuu…can’t you take a joke, dude?” the Marquise couldn’t find anything to say back to me.Bookmark here

Ah, anyway! If you’re looking for Her Holiness, she’s back in my room together with the Head Maid,” I explained to the Marquise of Monfort, to steer-away from that stupid talk, “She’s kind of ill-tempered for now, so I went for a walk to let her cool off for a while.”Bookmark here

Oh, she is?” the Marquise nodded, “Hm…she’s been like that for quite a while. But well, it’s pretty normal of her, so I guess there’s nothing much to worry about.”Bookmark here

The Marquise may have a point; after all, the Saint was still human; thus, she was prone to a few irritating moments. But since it seemed like Her Holiness and the Head Maid would stay around my room for a while, I took a break from their company and went around…Bookmark here

Yeah, I like to be alone in the meantime.Bookmark here

“Anyway Kuro, I’m looking for someone,” Lady Monfort revealed, as she looked around, “Did you come across a little maid around here with red hair?”Bookmark here

Hm? I just came from my room, and I have seen no one like that on the way here.”Bookmark here

Strange…where could’ve she gone?” Lady Monfort muttered to herself while in deep-thoughts.Bookmark here

“Got any problems with that maid, milady?Bookmark here

“Well, it’s not a problem per se…” Lady Monfort’s thoughts drifted away again, “I’m more like, following her.”Bookmark here

“Ha?”Bookmark here

“Oh no!” the paladin captain fiercely shook her head, “No! NO! Let’s say I’m watching her.”Bookmark here

Isn’t that stalking, Marquise?Bookmark here

“Don’t look at me like I’m some criminal, I’m just tracking her every move.”Bookmark here

“It’s the same as stalking, you know.”Bookmark here

“It is?”Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

“Damn…” the Marquise clicked her tongue, “No wonder why she’d run away from me like that.”Bookmark here

Well, of course, anyone will. Which person, in their right mind, will want to be under surveillance for the entire time?Bookmark here

“I should’ve hidden then. Thanks for the suggestion, Mister Kuro.”Bookmark here

I think this paladin doesn’t know the meaning of stalking. And based on her speech, did she follow that poor maid in broad eyesight? It’s no question that girl would freak out, then!Bookmark here

Ah anyway, Mister Kuro, I think I’m taking too much of your time,” the Marquise of Monfort bowed for a bit and then waved her hand, “If you’ll excuse me, I guess I’ll go to Her Holiness and ask for help in searching for that girl.”Bookmark here

“Ahaha…” I let out a dry laugh; I couldn’t say anything about that, “Good luck with your stalking—I mean, search, then.”Bookmark here

Oh lord, that maid surely is screwed.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Anyway, I continued on my tour. Pondering about the Saint’s recent behavior, I thought Her Holiness was in a foul mood. I mean, look, she’s not being ‘her’. The usual haughty, conceited, and spontaneous Saint that summoned me. If I may describe her in one word, I’d say she’s boorish.Bookmark here

I wonder what made her mood go off like that…Bookmark here

Hey, I get it; she’s jealous about the attention the Head Maid was giving me. Even so, Her Holiness was not like that before. Or did I just assume wrong about her real self? Is she that attached to her servant?Bookmark here

Maybe I should’ve asked the Head Maid to stop giving attention to me. I mean, yeah, her job’s all about the well-being of the Saint, and I’m just a stowaway from another world.Bookmark here

Why did the Head Maid even bother with me, anyway?Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Oh great, now where am I?Bookmark here

Honestly, even though I’m staying here for quite a long time now, there’s still that chance for me to get lost inside this guest house where I’m at. Well, I only knew the path from the main entrance to my room, and vice versa. But yes, I didn’t take the time to explore this vast building.Bookmark here

Maybe this is a good time to do it? After all, I could always find my way back since this place was much smaller than the Saint’s palace. Plus, it’s not like there’d be anything weird that would happen to me while I walked around…Bookmark here

Notwithstanding those black rain clouds outside setting the heavy mood…Bookmark here

And that occasional roar of thunder and flash of lightning…Bookmark here

And I’m all alone in this wide, dark, and cold corridor…Bookmark here

Damn, my brain played that scary church organ background music. Wait, when did this stupid ‘Isekai’ story turn into horror?Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Well, I’m glad that it did not become something bizarre.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Although…Bookmark here

What the heck is that maid doing in the middle of the rain?Bookmark here

While going around on my brief tour, I saw a maid outside the windows amid the heavy downpour. She just stood there, with her clothes soaking wet. On her hands were a pair of a broom and dustpan. And her head was downcast as if she was sad and crying.Bookmark here

Is that the maid the Marquise of Monfort is looking for?Bookmark here

I wasted no time. Opening the window and calling out to her, I felt embarrassed when she didn’t even look at me.Bookmark here

Did she hear my shouts in this loud rain?Bookmark here

Man, in this kind of weather, it wasn’t good to be soaking wet. I mean, back on Earth the summer rains were warm and could be enjoyable from time to time, but Chersea’s raindrops were bitingly cold. Even the palace guards, tasked to patrol the open grounds, would rather stay indoors unless their duty required them to walk outside. And they wore thick clothing under their raincoats and armor when they did that.Bookmark here

So yeah, back to that maid. Well, even if she might be one of those ‘killer maids’ that tried to get rid of me before, I think it’s my instinct to run to her and, at least, get her to a much warmer place.Bookmark here

Besides, it will not hurt to treat your enemies well. You might turn them to your side in due time.Bookmark here

I looked around for solutions; more particularly an umbrella, or anything that could shield me from the downpour. But yeah, this was another world. I guess there’s no umbrella or anything of the sort that could be found lying around.Bookmark here

Oh well, I still have my coat with me.Bookmark here

So, with no further delay, I climbed over the window—it’s not that high to be unreachable anyway, being on the first floor—and ran towards the maid.Bookmark here

God, this rain is freezing!Bookmark here

“Hey!” I tried to raise my voice to its highest volume, but the downpour drowned my shouts. The maid remained unmoved, possibly because she didn’t hear or notice me coming.Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

“Hey!” I lightly tapped the maid’s shoulder the moment I reached her. By then, I was also soaking wet. She almost jumped in surprise, but finally, she turned to look at the one who surprised her.Bookmark here

“What are you doing here? Isn’t it freezing? Would you like to come with me to a nicer place?”Bookmark here

Err…why do I sound like I’m picking up girls? Well, sorry Miss Maid, I’m not good with words.Bookmark here

Because of the heavy rains, the maid’s red hair had now covered her face entirely. But I guess she could still glance at me through the gaps in her bangs? I could feel her stare; however, what made me weirded out was when she suddenly ran, leaving the bewildered me behind, and disappearing into the thick fog.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Uh…do I look like a pervert or something? What is her deal, anyway?Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

The next ‘day’ after that, my head was aching, as if it’s being pounded repeatedly. Also, my body’s heavy and lethargic, and I had a terrible cold. I just remained on my bed and sitting beside me was no other than Her Holiness the Saint herself…again.Bookmark here

“I know you’re a strange otherworlder…” Her Holiness didn’t hide her irritation, “But I never thought that you’d be stupid enough to brave the rains without a raincoat at least.”Bookmark here

Well, sorry.Bookmark here

“You better be,” the Saint replied, “Lily’s been worried sick about you when she saw you drenched outside in the courtyard. What are you doing there?”Bookmark here

“I told you I saw one of your maids standing there, and I rushed over to see what’s wrong. And then that maid suddenly ran when I asked her to come over here.”Bookmark here

Ah yeah, you’re telling the truth,” Her Holiness agreed, having read my mind while I tried to recall the events, “Haa…can’t help it, I guess…you scared her, I think?”Bookmark here

Well, sorry for having this kind of face.Bookmark here

“Nah,” the Saint patted my head, “It’s not your fault you’re ugly.”Bookmark here

This girl…Bookmark here

Hmm…what I find strange is, what’s that girl doing outside?” Her Holiness tilted her head on one side as she was feeling my body temperature.Bookmark here

“Well, I think I got an idea. Lady Monfort was following a maid with red hair before. I think it’s the one she’s tracking and that servant must’ve freaked out by her outrageous behavior.”Bookmark here

“It’s possible. Lady Monfort is a well-known skirt chaser of maids around here.”Bookmark here

Hey now. If you know about that, then do something already.Bookmark here

“It’s fine. She’s a ‘safe’ pervert, after all.”Bookmark here

What? A ‘safe’ pervert? Is there even such a being?Bookmark here

“Well, she can’t do anything to us girls anyway, other than to get touchy. Unlike you boys…well, you know what I’m talking about.”Bookmark here

There’s something wrong with your standards, Your Holiness, you know that?Bookmark here

“Mind your tongue. I’m a holy person, you know?”Bookmark here

I’m not even speaking!Bookmark here

Dude, this conversation was going on a weird turn, so I changed the topic, “Ah anyway, Your Holiness, Lady Monfort mentioned back then that she’ll ask you for help about the maid. Didn’t she come here and tell you about that?”Bookmark here

“Lady Monfort?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“I haven’t seen her lately.”Bookmark here

Hm? That’s odd, she says she’d come to you and ask for help to look for that maid.”Bookmark here

The Saint fell quiet. It seemed she was thinking of something.Bookmark here

Don’t you think now’s the good time you use your ability to read minds and peer into what your guards and maids are thinking?Bookmark here

“Impossible,” Her Holiness shook her head, “I can’t read all of their minds in one sitting, you know?”Bookmark here

Oh…so it’s not possible, huh? I guess even having the power of the gods, you are still being limited—”Bookmark here

“Ahem,” Her Holiness cleared her throat, “Technically, it’s possible. However, if I read all of their minds at once, what do you think would happen to me? Everything will be jumbled, it’ll be practically useless.”Bookmark here

Oh, so there are limits to your god-like powers for being a human—Bookmark here

“Ahem,” Her Holiness’ face looked calm, but I could see a vein popping on her head, “Being a human is out of the question here, K-Kuro. It’s just that, I don’t want a deluge of information crashing on my head all at once.”Bookmark here

Uhh…what’s the difference between my statement and your excuse? And what about those people who pray to you all at the same time? Don’t you even try to hear their prayers?Bookmark here

Ahem…K-Kuro…” Her Holiness was trembling, and her face was red, “I-I just…l-like, err…being organized…yeah, that’s it. I want things to be organized, even in prayers.”Bookmark here

So, you don’t hear their prayers after all! Bad Saint!Bookmark here

“Grr!” Oho, it looked like Her Holiness, the Saint of Chersea was back to her usual conceited self! She stood up and stomped her way to the door, “Alright, that’s it! I came here because of Lily’s request to heal you, and now I think I’ll let you get sick for a while!” she thundered out of my room.Bookmark here

Err…seems like I struck a few strings, huh?Bookmark here

Heh! It’s worth it!Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Fuck, I take back what I said.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

My head was now spinning, and it felt like it’s being squeezed in a vice grip. Ugh…pissing off the Saint isn’t a good idea. Hahaha…Bookmark here

“!!!” I heard three knocks at my room’s door. “Kuro?”Bookmark here

I guess it’s the Head Maid; I tried to stand up, but my legs won’t let me, so I just told her, “I-it’s open.”Bookmark here

The door slowly opened, and after taking a peek, the Head Maid entered my room. Before her was a cart that was full of foodstuffs and some strange-looking bottles with different-colored liquids. I guess this angel brought it to me since I couldn’t even stand…Bookmark here

“And here, take some medicines too,” once she noticed my eyes were on the bottles, she handed me one filled with red liquid; it reminded me of potions that were being sold in MMORPGs by the town NPCs.Bookmark here

Ah, thanks!” the Head Maid assisted me when I tried to sit; I’m too embarrassed to disturb her, but I guess I couldn’t do anything about my situation. “Please, just put those down on the table.”Bookmark here

She did what I requested of her to do. And then, the Head Maid sat on a chair beside my bed, while silently staring at me.Bookmark here

“Err…” the atmosphere between us was awkward; I wanted to eat the food, but her presence and her gaze put off my appetite, “You need anything else from me, Head Maid?”Bookmark here

“Lily.”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“Please call me Lily from this moment on, Kuro,” the Head Maid pouted, “And why did you annoy Her Holiness?”Bookmark here

Oh…well, I find it cute,” I told my honest feelings and chuckled, “But yeah, I’m sorry that you have to go out your way just to request Her Holiness to heal me. And you also brought that medicine for me.”Bookmark here

“Her Holiness is the one who gave that medicine to me,” I could sense the irritation in her voice, “She told me to use it on you so you can recover quickly.”Bookmark here

Oh…so Her Holiness is a kind soul after all…I will not piss you off from now on.Bookmark here

“Please tell her my thanks,” I told the Head Maid.Bookmark here

“I will,” she replied curtly, “By the way, I set aside that food for you, you know?”Bookmark here

“Thank you!”Bookmark here

“Hmph!”Bookmark here

Err…are you angry, Head Maid?Bookmark here

Another moment of silence and tension filled the room. The Head Maid quietly sat beside my bed, this time, while looking down. I was about to ask her what was wrong when I noticed her ears were red as well. What’s going on in her mind, I wonder?Bookmark here

Uhh…H-Head Maid—”Bookmark here

“It’s Lily!”Bookmark here

Ah y-yeah, L-L-L-Lily…” I’m not used to calling her by name, that’s why I’m stammering! “W-would you mind if I ask you to go for now? I’d like to eat the food you brought to me…”Bookmark here

“I’ll feed you.”Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

“I’ll feed you!” the Head Maid—I mean, Lily—reiterated, this time she stood up and leaned towards me as she grabbed the spoon I was holding, “Don’t refuse, Kuro! I need to make sure you eat properly.”Bookmark here

“Ookaaay…” I’m having weird thoughts, but I guess this could work out. I’m sick anyway.Bookmark here

“But first, you need to take off your clothes.”Bookmark here

“Ha?” Come again, Lily? Surely, I must’ve misheard you—Bookmark here

“T-t-t-take off y-your c-c-c-c-clothes!” Lily was stammering; her face was blushing terribly, and her eyes were trying to avert my gaze. However, I could also tell that she’s trying hard to be firm on me, “I-I-I-I would like to…w-w-w-w-w-wipe the sweat of your b-b-b-body!” She pulled a towel from inside her uniform.Bookmark here

Honestly, that made sense. I’m sick and sweating all the time, so it will not hurt to have someone take care of me…Bookmark here

But well, Lily’s eyes were creeping me out. I mean, what’s with the intense, freaky gaze? And she’s blushing terribly, too. And now that I’ve noticed, her breathing was rather heavy and erratic…Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

I forgot that Lily’s nuts towards her older brother in the past. And she’s treating me like him now…Bookmark here

Uhh…L-Lily…I guess I’d be the one to wipe myself…”Bookmark here

“No need, Kuro,” Lily took hold of my shirt, “Let me take care of you.”Bookmark here

Haha…really, I can take care of myself,” I tried to release myself from her grip, but she pushed forward that our lips almost touched. Her eyes looked passionately at me, and honestly, my heart was also beating fast by now.Bookmark here

Whoa…is Lily look this lovely before?Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I’m trained to take care of you,” Lily removed the buttons of my shirt. Her other free hand restrained my arms, so I won’t put up a fight. Anyway, I’m feeling awfully weak, too, so I couldn’t resist properly. I could hear her heavy breaths…Bookmark here

Hiiii! Lily, you’re seriously creeping me out!Bookmark here

“Kuro…” She was about to remove the last button of my shirt. I’m, uh, about to lose my reason as well…Dear lord, I want to be popular with the ladies, but not this way…Bookmark here

“Head Maid, Her Holiness is asking for you.”Bookmark here

Lily snapped out of her trance and looked behind, then she released me and clicked her tongue. That was because, right at the door, was the maid, Eris.Bookmark here

Thank you, God! Wait, why did I suddenly saw Her Holiness winking at me in my mind? Did she just hear my prayer and assumed I thanked her?Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Well, this was awkward.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Another round of silence filled my room. That maid who just came, Eris, sat beside my bed as if waiting for something, while I’m trying to make sense of what had just transpired between me and the Head Maid, Lily.Bookmark here

Honestly, I thought that when she appeared, Eris would go ‘Kyaa! Pervert!’ and would send me flying with a powerful slap on the cheek—just like your usual harem manga tropes. But this girl just quietly took all of those in.Bookmark here

Well, I guess this is for the better. At least, I didn’t have to explain a lot of things to her then.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Err…” I broke the ice; it’s not like I’ll lose something if I did that. Honestly, I just want to be left alone.Bookmark here

“Y-yes, M-m-mister K-Kuro?” Eris jolted. I could sense the invisible barrier she was putting up between us. Like the other maids save for Lily; they treated me like I’m some kind of trash.Bookmark here

Well, if she doesn’t want to be here, she can just leave.Bookmark here

Uhh…if possible, I guess you may leave if you’re not comfortable,” I suggested; though I would like to order her to if I could. However, I never want to sound rude to her.Bookmark here

“H-h-her Holiness a-a-asked Eris to come and t-t-t-take over the Head Maid. W-w-w-would you like Eris to c-continue what you two are doing when Eris came?”Bookmark here

“No!” I immediately refused, “At least, let me take care of myself.”Bookmark here

“O-oh…” Eris’ face remained indifferent, but her face was red, “W-well, if Mister Kuro so desires E-Eris to leave, then Eris will excuse herself.”Bookmark here

“Thanks!” Well, even if she treated me like shit, I’m still grateful that she came and interrupted Lily at the right time.Bookmark here

Eris stood up, gracefully bowed, and went through the door. However, just as she was about to let herself out…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

I heard a loud noise and saw the little maid barely clinging to the doorknob. She was about to collapse, so even if I felt bad, adrenaline took over and I rushed to her side.Bookmark here

Oi! Are you alright?” Fortunately, I caught Eris as she let go of the doorknob she was holding to, “What happened to you?”Bookmark here

“E-Eris is f-fine, Mister K-Kuro,” she replied weakly.Bookmark here

There’s no way you sound and look okay, you know?Bookmark here

“Are you sick?” I felt her temperature on the forehead. She’s a little hot—a sign of fever, but otherwise, she seemed fine.Bookmark here

“N-no need to w-worry, Eris is okay—”Bookmark here

“Well, I think you got a fever,” I was thinking of having her drink a portion of the medicine Lily gave me—Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

We both stared at each other. Eris’ face blushed terribly. Well, she couldn’t help it. That was a loud grumble that I heard.Bookmark here

“Want to eat something?” I asked her.Bookmark here

Eris meekly nodded.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Eat slowly, you might choke yourself if you don’t slow down,” I reminded Eris as she continued to gulp down everything that Lily brought for me.Bookmark here

Oh…Eris is *munch* sorry, *crunch* Mister Kuro,” she replied in between her bites. Looks like this maid hasn’t eaten for days.Bookmark here

“It’s fine,” I reassured her, “At least I’m relieved that it’s not something serious.”Bookmark here

Eris then paused and stared at me.Bookmark here

“W-what?” I asked.Bookmark here

“It’s nothing…”Bookmark here

Eris broke the bread she was holding in two halves, offering one to me.Bookmark here

“No, I’m good,” I think she would need it more than I. You can have it all.Bookmark here

Eris then ate everything until none was left. Well, I couldn’t deny that I’m impressed; the food that Lily brought for me was plentiful. I think the head maid’s planning to feed me ‘till I burst.Bookmark here

Uhm…Mister Kuro. Eris is sorry for leaving nothing to eat for you.”Bookmark here

Nah, I told you I’m okay.” Well, I was telling her the truth. I drank some of that red potion medicine that Her Holiness gave me before, “I don’t feel like eating at all, anyway. And consider that as thanks for coming in earlier.”Bookmark here

“Eris understands…” she was apologetic.Bookmark here

“So, did you drink the medicine I gave you?”Bookmark here

The maid nodded.Bookmark here

“Well, anyway, what happened to you? It seems like you haven’t eaten for some time.”Bookmark here

Eris fell silent. Her meek expression suddenly turned tense, and she avoided my eyes.Bookmark here

This maid is hiding something.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Now that I could take a good look at her, Eris had curly red hair, matching that of the maid I saw in the middle of the rain before. Her fever further confirmed her identity to me as the girl in question.Bookmark here

Lady Monfort’s face flashed in my mind.Bookmark here

Ah, don’t mind me,” I immediately took back what I asked; I guess I won’t pry any further. Everyone had a secret or two that they hide from others, after all. I took my blanket and laid down to rest.Bookmark here

Uhh, Mister Kuro?”Bookmark here

“Yes?”Bookmark here

“Do you need anything from Eris?”Bookmark here

Nah. You can just leave the dishes there; I’ll take it out once I wake up,” I waved my hand as a signal that she could leave.Bookmark here

A long pause followed. I almost thought that Eris left, but then I heard her whisper, “Thank you, Mister Kuro.”Bookmark here

I pretended to be asleep already. Then the door creaked softly; Eris must’ve let herself out.Bookmark here

God, I’m so effing cool!Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Damn…I’m starving.Bookmark here

On second thought, I think I should’ve taken on her offer earlier and ate that other half of the bread.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

So that means I’m also stupid, I guess?Bookmark here

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