Chapter 8:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 2

Nope, this was not your obligatory beach chapter. For one, Fen wasn’t a town with an adjacent beach. And two, the new arrivals didn’t even wear skimpy clothing—for no one dared to invent them yet, lest they earn the ire of the ‘religious establishment’. It’s just a chronicle of what happened to the Human Saint and her companions all the while Kuro was arrested and was thrown into the dungeons.Bookmark here

Well, they do wear their ‘casual’ clothes…Bookmark here

Anyway, so after the Duke officially welcomed their party, Madelaine and her group went on their separate ways. The Marquise of Monfort had earlier gone to the Nerfes’ capital city to do some matters regarding their bandit encounter on the way to this place. Her deputy, the Dame Atkins, escorted the convoy to Fen itself. And upon arrival, since the maids and paladins were given back their old noble rights and titles, Dame Atkins and her paladin fellows headed straight to the town to do some shop browsing.Bookmark here

They are girls at heart. Just look at those frilly morning stars and battle-axes they’re interested in…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

M-moving on, the other maids from the palatial gardens also went to Fen separate from the paladins’ party. They went to the clothing stores to look for some dress that might be in trend nowadays, since living with the Saint back at her place forced them to shed their fashionable clothing and wear the bland maid uniform. Of course, since they aimed for the latest fashion, they headed to the ‘fashionable clothes’ section…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Hey, is this the famous ball-gag and whip used for…you know…”Bookmark here

Shh…not too loud Countess Marie! Those clothing articles are said to increase the sexual potency of your partner, especially when you hit him with a whip with that gag on his mouth…And you also have to wear that shiny, black mask and clothing over there!”Bookmark here

Oooh! You’re too knowledgeable, Duchess Greta! I should take lessons from you!”Bookmark here

Uh, those girls giggled as they discussed those strange clothing articles…Bookmark here

Wait, why do they have those things in a clothing store?Bookmark here

Uh…anyway, in the meantime, Madelaine, Lily, and Ruro were together, and they went to the Human Saint’s old bedroom in the Rubinforth manor to talk about ‘somethings’…well, you know, ‘girl talk’.Bookmark here

“Oh, hey! It’s been a while since I entered this place!” the Beastman Saint commented, “I missed that old fluffy bed over there!”Bookmark here

“Yep, I cast a preservation spell to keep this place clean.” Madelaine explained, “But well, I don’t use it anyway, so I think it won’t be necessary to reinforce it.”Bookmark here

“As always, you keep your room tidy and neat, huh, Maddie?” Lily commented.Bookmark here

“Well, I just don’t want to get an earful from Papa when I return!”Bookmark here

Ruro quickly went to the bed upon releasing the preservation spell. Ruro loved soft things since her cave back in her land had no such luxury. Lily and Madelaine, after dispelling her disguise, followed suit.Bookmark here

“So, what do you plan on doing this time, Maddie?” Lily asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah, Master says that you keep your schedule of strenuous tasks away.” Ruro said, “So, if you have nothing to do, what do you have in mind to keep you busy?”Bookmark here

Nah. I’ll just laze around like usual. I miss hugging this old pillow of mine from childhood, and since I’m here, I heard that there’s a food shop in Fen that sells my favorite spicy bread!”Bookmark here

“Well…that’s a plan.” Ruro laughed.Bookmark here

“Maddie, stop being lazy and work your legs off so that you can shed those extra fats!” Lily light scolded her friend, “You’re about to get back to your old figure, you fat saint!”Bookmark here

Tch. What are you, my mother?” Madelaine could feel her blood tinge upon the mention of the word ‘fats’, “Kuro says that this will be my break, so I’ll just sit back, relax and enjoy!”Bookmark here

“And try to store up more fats.” Lily sarcastically countered, “Way to go, Fatty Saint!”Bookmark here

Ruro burst out laughing; Maddie was red and her forehead had furrows.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” Lily then began her reflections, “Anyway, Maddie, aren’t you glad you summoned that boy? I mean, his knowledge is really weird, but it works wonders! Compared to the last time I saw you, you’re much slimmer now, though we still have to work more on some excess weight.”Bookmark here

Oh? I am?”Bookmark here

“Yep.” Lily and Ruro agreed at the same time.Bookmark here

Madelaine was silent for a few moments but then gave her thoughts, “Honestly, I feel guilty when I remember that. I mean, I was bored during that time, and I just went for a random summoning—thinking that I’d summon a griffon or a dragon, and then wreak havoc at the palatial gardens while fighting the creature…”Bookmark here

Lily and Ruro exchanged terrified looks.Bookmark here

“Good thing you summoned a smart man, Maddie!” Ruro patted her friend’s head.Bookmark here

“Well, he’s a man from another world.” Madelaine reiterated, “Of course, his knowledge and values will differ vastly from ours. But you know, I feel guilty to have done that to him. I mean, he’s just supposed to be living his life quietly on the other side, and the next moment he’s now trying to survive in this world of ours.”Bookmark here

“But hey, at least, Mister Kuro’s been a big help to us!” Lily replied, “If it hadn’t for him, you would’ve died, and I could’ve been a different person.”Bookmark here

“And I could still have been a slave to that stupid girl back in Savoy,” Ruro added.Bookmark here

“Well, you could’ve pounced on that idiot, as a normal Beastman would. You’re the Great White Wolf after all—the bane of my household.” Maddie was sardonic.Bookmark here

Che. I only hate your ancestor, JimmyN…well, just his aversion to big boobs.” Ruro shrugged, “Whatever your other ancestors did to me was because they’re assholes. Good thing you’re the only Rubinforth that was blessed with a chest like mine, so we ended up being friends.”Bookmark here

Ah anyway, about Kuro, so what are your plans to do about him?” Lily brought them back to the topic.Bookmark here

“Well, if I won’t be able to bring him back to his world, I would ask the help of the gods.”Bookmark here

“Why not now?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know…” Madelaine answered, “There’s a part of me that wants him back there, and there’s a part of me that wants him here, with us. I think I’m depending on him more and more that I don’t want to lose him.”Bookmark here

Lily and Ruro remained silent.Bookmark here

“Guys, do you think it’s a bad thing?” Madelaine put up the question.Bookmark here

“Nope.” Lily was quick to answer, “I understand your sentiments too, Maddie. If you’d say otherwise, I think I’d try to convince you to keep him with us, at least for the meantime.”Bookmark here

“Yes, I wanted him to remain for a while. Maybe teach us a thing or two more…”Bookmark here

Ruro could only grin at the words she’s hearing. The three girls went on with their talks for quite a while, ranging from random girly stuff to philosophical thoughts on life (Ruro was the one who often started it).Bookmark here

And then, their quality time was suddenly interrupted by a soft knock on the door. Opening it, Lily saw a Rubinforth maid standing outside.Bookmark here

“Yes?”Bookmark here

“Your Highness, Her Holiness’ father wishes to see his daughter in his study to discuss an important matter.”Bookmark here

“I see. Well, I’ll get her. Please tell the duke that we’re on our way.”Bookmark here

The maid then curtsied and went back. Lily went to Madelaine and told her about the servant’s message…Bookmark here

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