Chapter 12:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

The very first thing that I did once I crossed the border into the kingdom of Colveente was to head at once to the library in its capital city, Falias.Bookmark here

Uh…don’t take me wrong. I’m still searching for Lily. But well, I needed to clarify some things before I proceeded. I had a lot of questions in mind, after that talk with Mister Gregg.Bookmark here

For example, who was this ‘Bloody Witch’? I mean, I already knew she did a lot of horrible things before, but I needed to find her actual name. Because, if Lily made a lot of enemies, then it could be possible that someone’s impersonating that witch to ‘safely’ destroy her.Bookmark here

Just like when someone used your rival’s identity, so that you remained in the dark about the real character of the enemy until it is too late…Bookmark here

I asked Mister Gregg about the witch’s name; however, he claimed he couldn’t remember. Of course, I knew it’s not true. For someone who served the REAL person, a simple piece of history wouldn’t be that hard to recall.Bookmark here

The second was, what happened in that battle between Maddie and Lily against the witch? If things transpired just like what Maddie said, why did the rumors persist? Why did a supposedly dead person would still be ‘alive’ in someone’s mind long after her reign of terror?Bookmark here

Of course, only Maddie and Lily could answer it, and I believed it would take time to convince those two to reveal the details of that event. But I guess I’m pretty reasonable to say that I needed to know so that they could prove that this ‘witch’ was dead, once and for all.Bookmark here

And finally, why did everyone—Maddie included, were trying so hard to keep the information about the Bloody Witch a secret? Look, if this person did something way too disturbing, wasn’t it common sense to broadcast her deeds to all to serve as a warning?Bookmark here

Goodness! Question after questions were piling up in my mind, it’s aching.Bookmark here

Ah, so yes, I’m determined to know everything about that Bloody Witch. Hopefully, I’d find some clues in the library.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

I’d say Colveente was relatively ‘neutral’ to the current situation, based on what I gathered from the people around me. Lily’s quite unknown here, save for that she’s the Iron Princess.Bookmark here

So yeah, I believe Colveente’s library will be a good starting point to look for answers.Bookmark here

“Welcome!” the receptionist at the front desk was all smiles when she saw me appear at the library’s door, “It’s pretty unusual for a commoner to drop by in this place; can I help you with anything?”Bookmark here

I reciprocated her sunny smile with the same gesture, and then proceeded with my intent, “Uh…if I may ask, do you have any books about a certain Bloody Witch of Meldech?”Bookmark here

The expression on the librarian’s face quickly changed from a welcoming one to a doubtful, even hostile reaction. With suspicions in her voice, she asked, “Who are you? Why do you need to access the forbidden section of our library? Do you have any proper permission from the High King of Colveente for that?”Bookmark here

“Well, I don’t.” I expected that this would happen, so I came prepared, “However, I have this with me.”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

I brought out a worn-out gold medallion and presented it before the librarian, together with my identity papers.Bookmark here

“This is the Medal of the Great White Wolf, the Beastman Saint!” she exclaimed.Bookmark here

“My name is Kuro, from the Holy Palatial Gardens. As you can see, I have proper permission from one of the Saints herself.”Bookmark here

Ah y-yes!” the library receptionist was panicking, “Please, head over this way, Sir Kuro. Would you like to have the finest tea and cookies to go with you as you read?”Bookmark here

“Yes please, thank you!”Bookmark here

Whoa! I’m impressed that the Colveente library had that feature. Of course, I wouldn’t dare miss it!Bookmark here

Just what in the world did that holy pug gave me before I went off? Anyway, I just hope my hunches were correct…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And hopefully, I’d be able to repay Lily for the offense I’ve done to her.Bookmark here

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