Chapter 13:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

Life in a remote village like Hagena was quite pleasant, but it was rather dull. Someone who grew up in a city would find themselves delighted on the first few moments of arrival in such a place, though in the end, they’d want to come back to their urban lives due to lack of something to do.Bookmark here

“Seriously, Miss Knight?” Mariya exhaustedly asked, “The job is to remove the scales of the fish, not create a mush of…what in the world is that?”Bookmark here

Lily’s face was red in embarrassment. Back in the Holy Palatial Gardens, while she did some cooking, preparing fish was a work she entrusted to someone else. She did not know how to do it.Bookmark here

“Alright Mariya, you’ve seen how your friend does things…” the fisherman said, “Now I’d appreciate it if you’d just get out of here before you turn all my precious catch into that disgusting stuff over there.”Bookmark here

And so, job application no. 1 failed.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Job application no. 2…Bookmark here

Uh…are you sure that she can swing an ax? I mean, I don’t question her skills in combat as you say, but with those thin, delicate-looking arms, I don’t think she could even properly carry our tool!”Bookmark here

“Well, why don’t you try her, Mister Huntley?” Mariya told the lumberjack.Bookmark here

The man reluctantly gave to Lily the ax for cutting trees. And indeed, he was mistaken!Bookmark here

Lily could carry the ax with the littlest effort possible…Bookmark here

…only if she could stand up straight. The crutches were a big problem for her employment.Bookmark here

“Yep, Mariya. Just as I expected. Now get out.”Bookmark here

The lumberjack showed them the door and signaled for them to walk away.Bookmark here

For short, this second attempt failed too.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Job application no. 10…Bookmark here

“Can your friend smooth out the head of this wooden carving?”Bookmark here

“Sure thing! It’s so easy that Miss Knight is raring to try it!”Bookmark here

**Smoothing-out in progress…Bookmark here

“So, what do you think?”Bookmark here

“Mariya…if I hired your friend, I might as well close my workshop. I told her to smooth the rough surface, not to grind the carving to dust.”Bookmark here

Application no. 10 was a colossal failure.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Job application no. 24…Bookmark here

Mariya and Lily’s stomach almost turned upside-d the moment they smelled something foul emanating from the apothecary’s house. They even heard a sinister laugh coming from the inside.Bookmark here

“With this, I’ll make every man worship me as their goddess! Hihihihihihihihi!”Bookmark here

“Uh, Miss Knight, I think we should look for work someplace else…”Bookmark here

“Yes, Mariya, I think so too!”Bookmark here

Potential job no. 24 failed even before Lily applied.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Gah!” Mariya let out an exhausted sigh as she and Lily sat by the beach to rest, “I didn’t know that you’re such a high-quality noble, Miss Knight! You can’t even do a single thing here!”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry about that…” Lily sadly muttered.Bookmark here

“Well, it’s no use crying over spilled milk, I guess?” the girl replied dismissively, “Makes me wonder how did you survive wandering?”Bookmark here

“I just don’t know or used to do those jobs we tried to apply to.” Lily desperately tried to defend herself.Bookmark here

Ahh…if there’s anything I could say, it’s just, whatever that you’re doing before, I think you just need to get back to that. Here at this place, you’d end up starving!”Bookmark here

Lily fell silent once again. She wanted to apologize but couldn’t say a thing to the young girl beside her. Mariya’s understandably upset; she had been walking with her since they woke up and ate breakfast, and those rejections and failures must’ve gotten into her head by now.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Lily felt dejected and useless. If possible, she’d like to disappear immediately, but she could do nothing about her situation.Bookmark here

So, this is what Maddie must’ve experienced back then, when she ranted all her frustrations to her friend…Bookmark here

Ahh…it’s all my fault.” Lily whispered to herself, “I did nothing right!”Bookmark here

Hm? Are you saying something, Miss Knight?”Bookmark here

“Ha? Uh, oh! Maybe I’m just tired as well…” she answered, deliberately diverting the topic.Bookmark here

Ah, in that case, do you want to head back?”Bookmark here

Err…shall we?”Bookmark here

Mariya hopped up and grabbed Lily’s hand to help her stand, “Why not?”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Meanwhile, not too far from where Lily and Mariya were, was a young man named Roland, vice-leader of the guard of the lord of Hagena. For quite some time now, he had just been sitting around at the beach watching the rolling waves frolicking with the white sand. His companions had left to do something else; preferring not to focus on their guard duties assigned to them. After all, the lord himself seldom appears to check on things.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

When he worked in service of Hagena’s local aristocrat, Roland did not expect that he’d be given a job as a ‘beach guard’. He expected the lord was about to go to war some place else; the recruiter told him so. Roland only learned the horrible truth when he had already taken an oath of fealty, and by his honor, he could not rescind it anymore.Bookmark here

So, the sword that he inherited from his father lay rusting inside its scabbard. The spear that he was given was never used in combat, so it was also in awful condition. And he had to burn his time sitting idly watching the waves on the beach.Bookmark here

Roland had always pondered on the need to watch those shores when there’s not even a trace of pirates, highwaymen, and even bandits in the area. His squad would only be of use whenever the fishermen would arrive with their catch, and they will enforce the lord’s tax on those.Bookmark here

They can hire someone else for that work…not an aspiring warrior.Bookmark here

“Damn it!” he abruptly stood up and started stretching, “My fighting skills will become dull if I stayed in this position any longer! All of my girls and castles are waiting for me!”Bookmark here

He had heard it from his father, who was a mercenary in the past. The wars in old Chersea before gave glory and fame to those daring warriors, and along with those, power and women. After all, his father told him, the girls were always in need of someone strong to protect them, to make them feel secure.Bookmark here

“A real man should show to everyone that he’s reliable and powerful!” his old man’s words were etched in his mind, and it had always been his guiding principle in living his life.Bookmark here

For short, he had to be strong and famous if he wished to have women going head over heels for him. And being a guard in such an obscure village like Hagena wasn’t his way to glory!Bookmark here

Buoyed by his recollections, the vice-guard took out his sword and simulated a battle in his head. His father had told him a lot of war stories that he still fancies, like that battle where the armies of the Confederacy fought side by side with the soldiers from Nerfes. That one ‘Iron Princess’ was something that piqued his interest, having single handedly defeated a thousand men in that certain battle.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

If he’s in that situation, he’d double on that thousand men. And then, after that, he’d marry the Iron Princess and become a king!Bookmark here

“And that’s what a good life is all abo—”Bookmark here

“Hey! Take it easy there!”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Roland’s train of thought was interrupted the moment he gave his sword another swing. The momentum got blocked, and he almost hurt his sword arm.Bookmark here

Nevertheless, just like as his father told him, “Never let go of your sword even if it means they’d have to cut off your arm.”.Bookmark here

“What are you doing, Roland?” an annoyed Mariya asked the guard, “If you’re trying to kill someone, then at least, do it someplace else!”Bookmark here

“Hey! Hey! It’s the little squirt!” Roland countered, “Well, I think it would not harm you, since you lack the height to be hit by my sword.”Bookmark here

“Oh ?” Mariya’s face was smug, “You’re an idiot! Don’t you think that I’m the only one in this place? How about you use those eyes of yours for once?”Bookmark here

Roland then realized there’s another person behind Mariya. A beautiful, well-endowed girl with a pair of crutches supporting her. Lily only smiled and bobbed a curtsy—what she could manage despite her injury—before him in respect.Bookmark here

The guard was flabbergasted, “Ah! I didn’t notice…”Bookmark here

“That’s right, moron!” Mariya sarcastically quipped, “I have someone with me, so be careful with that rusty sword of yours!”Bookmark here

Err…who’s the pretty lady?”Bookmark here

“Mind your words, tin head! She’s a knight; much better than you are.”Bookmark here

Roland stared hard at Lily, who was hobbling around and looking for something to sit upon. After all, standing on a pair of crutches sure takes a toll on one’s arms, especially on the armpits.Bookmark here

“That lady is a knight?” he asked.Bookmark here

“Don’t believe me? She blocked your dangerous sword-play, and you’re still a skeptic?”Bookmark here

“What happened to her?”Bookmark here

“She got into a fight in the capital and got injured.”Bookmark here

“Eh?” Roland was surprised to hear that, “Got injured? That’s pretty stupid! A knight couldn’t possibly get injured; she’s supposed to be encased in armor!”Bookmark here

“Enough with your idiotic assumptions. I don’t know what happened, but I was there to witness it.” Mariya snarled, “Now, we’re here because I’m taking Miss Knight on tour around the village looking for work. If you’ll excuse us, we got our well-deserved rest, and would like to go home for now.”Bookmark here

But the guard tried to keep the conversation going, “Oh? She’s looking for work in this pathetic place? If she’s a good knight, then she’d always be employed by a lord!”Bookmark here

“She IS a good knight.” Mariya countered, “And in the first place, I claimed nothing about her skills. You’re the only one who said that!”Bookmark here

Heh, come on Mariya, don’t bluff me now. You couldn’t possibly befriend someone of high status such as a knight!” Roland chuckled, “Anyway, watch me! That pretty girl will soon be charmed by my fighting skills once I show her that.”Bookmark here

“Hey, what the hell are you going to do? Stop!” Mariya asked as she helplessly watched the young guard approached Lily, who eventually found an ideal resting spot.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

With her armpits sore from putting her body’s weight on the crutches, Lily decided to wait on her companion as she sorted some things with the guard who approached them. She sat a few distances away but monitored Mariya, who looked like she was arguing with the man. From what she was hearing, she could only make out the words ‘idiot’ and ‘stop’.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Well, it’s not like she has anything to do with those two, as long as Mariya’s life is not in danger. It can be that he’s an acquaintance of hers, anyway.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Err…why is that guard coming over to her with a smug smile on his face?Bookmark here

“Hey there, lovely!”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Lily was surprised by the brazen attitude of the guy who came before her. He just casually approached and did not even give a bow. But then again, Lily thought, this was a place where the common folk lived, so it must be that it’s their way of greeting others like her?Bookmark here

“Hello, there Mister Guard!” she maintained her composure, even though Lily didn’t like the way he spoke.Bookmark here

Ah, please, my name is Roland!” Roland took Lily’s hand and kissed it, “I heard that you’re new to this place. Did you, uh, come from Sekhtem?”Bookmark here

Flustered, Lily didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, Mariya was running after Roland, as she tried to prevent him from talking to her.Bookmark here

The guard, however, was unfazed.Bookmark here

“I-I came from Sekhtem…but I was wandering, see?” an awkward Lily explained, trying to keep herself calm, “Before arriving at the capital, I lived in another place.”Bookmark here

Ah yes. So, in that case, would you like to live here?”Bookmark here

Putting up such a question emboldened Lily. She immediately answered his question with a sincere smile and proudly said, “Yes, I plan to live here. It’s a beautiful village.”Bookmark here

But the guard didn’t mind her words, “But not as beautiful as you, my sweet lady.” he quipped, “If that’s your plan, then how about having a little drink with this dashing young man before you? There’s a tavern down by this road leading to the capital. Let’s talk about your plans together, hm?Bookmark here

Ahahaha…well, that’s won’t be necessary Sir. I’m exhausted already, and would like to rest for now.”Bookmark here

“I see. Then please, let this gentleman escort you back to your place.”Bookmark here

Err…that’d be imposing on you. My little companion here would be enough.”Bookmark here

“You still have your duties, Sir.”Bookmark here

Mariya could feel the awkward tension rising as the knight and the guard kept on their stand-off. Roland was going in for his offensive while Lily was skillfully blocking his advances. Though she found it amusing to watch them with their word-spar, she knew she had to break them off, or they’d keep doing that forever!Bookmark here

“Alright!” Mariya pulled Lily’s hand, “Show’s over! We need to go back home now, Roland. Bye!” Lily was quick to go along with her and said goodbye as well.Bookmark here

Ah yes! Sorry for taking your sweet time, lovely!” Roland called after them, “I’ll be always here to help you know!”Bookmark here

“That won’t be necessary.” Mariya and Lily chuckled. At that moment, the two girls reached a mutual understanding.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And with that, Lily thought her worries were over. Actually, it only got worse.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Every time she and Mariya would go out and walked around the village, Roland would be there waiting. No matter where they went, he would always appear, complete with something to give to Lily.Bookmark here

Flowers, then handkerchiefs, scarves, baskets of fruits…Bookmark here

As for Lily herself, she tried her best to refuse such gestures, but the young man was persistent. He would push all those unto her, it was embarrassing to turn him down anymore.Bookmark here

For Mariya, it’s getting on her nerves that the guard would always show up wherever they went. He had sort of become their standard time to come back home whenever he appears. Grandma Margie’s house was the only place left in all Hagena that Roland never dared to approach, after all.Bookmark here

One more time and Mariya would be forced to use their trump card against him…Bookmark here

“Right. But you haven’t seen my skills just yet. Back in our town, I’m the greatest warrior.” he proudly flexed his muscles, “All the ladies back there would fall for me the moment I displayed my prowess in battle.”Bookmark here

“I-I see…g-good for you then. Haha…” Lily was becoming uncomfortable as the guard kept on rambling about his ‘exploits’. Mariya, who would never leave her side, whispered…Bookmark here

“Miss Knight, Roland may be obnoxious, but he’s harmless.”Bookmark here

“Yes, I know.” the former head maid smiled reassuringly.Bookmark here

Then, having had enough of his pathetic show, Mariya confronted Roland, “Hey! I don’t mind if you keep on making yourself look like an idiot, but for shame’s sake, this lady you’re trying to seduce has a lover already!”Bookmark here

“Ha?”Bookmark here

“I said she has someone in her heart already!”Bookmark here

That put Roland’s flirt train to a screeching halt.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

***Kersea, capital of the Empire of Chersea***Bookmark here

The Imperial Palace was an enormous complex of magnificent buildings built to impress any foreign visitor in those parts of Chersea. Starting from the mighty defensive walls that ring around the home of the emperor, at which guards in equally impressive suits of armor guarded the halls and entry points. The marble floor, stretching from the main palace façade up to the most remote location of the place, was a testament to the wealth and power of the resident.Bookmark here

But that’s not all…Bookmark here

The pillars of the buildings inside were covered in gold, and expensive velvet carpets made by the elves spread around the chambers and the throne room. Rich tapestries and paintings adorned most of the walls of the palaces, and ornate statues and vases dotted the hallways at a regular interval.Bookmark here

One could easily claim that the Imperial Palace was indeed the most lavish, and beautiful feat of architecture not only of the Empire of Chersea but of the entire humanity.Bookmark here

However…Bookmark here

*Yaaawwnnn!*Bookmark here

“Your Holiness, if I may ask, are you enjoying your time here?”Bookmark here

“Hm? Well, quite.” a girl with short black hair curtly answered the emperor while reclining on a gilded chair reserved for her.Bookmark here

Oh…if that’s the case, I think you would enjoy more if you join your humble servant in going around the rooms.” the emperor explained all the while she made him her footstool, “Your humble servant would like to show you his most impressive collection of treasure gained from the time of his ancestors.”Bookmark here

Nah, you don’t need to do that, emperor. I had enough of those.”Bookmark here

“Right…”,Bookmark here

“Just tell me about the preparation for that invasion of yours. I’m pretty bored getting stuck here, after calling me over just to ask nonsensical questions.”Bookmark here

“Your humble servant would like to express his sincere apologies for disturbing Your Holiness’ peace.” the emperor replied, “Your humble servant would only like to ensure the cooperation of the Bloody Witch in our upcoming struggle.”Bookmark here

“What makes you think you’ll fail? Aren’t I cooperating with you already? I already restrained the dark saint before, so the human saint is blind right now.”Bookmark here

“Of course, Your Holiness. Your mere presence is a great boost for the morale of your humble servant’s soldiers.”Bookmark here

“Hmph!” the girl dismissed his compliment, “Be thankful that I’m still supporting you after you failed in capturing Madelaine. Your men should’ve been executed for such a blunder!”Bookmark here

“Your humble servant pleads for clemency, Your Holiness.”Bookmark here

“Granted. After all, a good saint such as me, Seirna, would always be forgiving. Anyway, just tell me, how are the preparations going?”Bookmark here

The emperor then answered, “Your Holiness, as of now, we’re merely waiting for the signal of our agents from across the sea. The army has been properly supplied and ready. It’s just that, there are some problems…”Bookmark here

“Problems? Like what?”Bookmark here

“The Iron Princess.”Bookmark here

“What about her?”Bookmark here

“We’re trying our best to capture her, or at least, keep her out of the upcoming conflict. The Human Saint relies on her, and it would surely swing the war to our side once we cut the Iron Princess off from her friend.”Bookmark here

“I see. So that’s how it is, huh?” she sighed deeply, “I don’t get why you’re so afraid of little girls. The human saint is just a pile of unstable emotions and cries easily. The supposedly ‘Iron’ Princess you’re so scared about is just her lackey that runs the moment you frighten her!”Bookmark here

“Yes, Your Holiness. But as far as human limitations go, with the Iron Princess free, her threat would never subside. Your humble servant’s men would be severely disadvantaged on the battlefields knowing that she’s there. And your humble servant is sure that the Iron Princess would soon be recalled to lead the northern barbarian armies once our real intention is revealed.”Bookmark here

Ugh, such a pathetic show. Alright, I understand the princess is their only hope if they wish to turn your men back.” Seirna then removed her feet from the kowtowing emperor and finally stood up, “Well then, I guess I need to work as well.”Bookmark here

“Your Holiness, if your humble servant may ask, what do you intend to do? Would you like to have some men at your command?”Bookmark here

“That won’t be necessary. I can do it alone.” Seirna stretched out her body and then smirked, “Well then, this world has been peaceful and stagnant for far too long. I guess it’s time to have some interesting events!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This was the nth time that Roland had appeared at the gates of Grandma Margie’s house. Ever since he learned about Lily having a lover, his ‘appearance range’ grew considerably bigger to include the old lady’s home. And just as the same, whenever he showed up, he had something—a bouquet of roses this time—with him.Bookmark here

However, for this one, he had also brought several of his fellow guards with him.Bookmark here

“Mariya, why is that guard keep coming back here?” the old lady worriedly asked her grandchild, “And his companions keep on increasing as well!”Bookmark here

“I did nothing wrong!” Mariya defended herself, “It’s because he couldn’t keep his pants to himself.”Bookmark here

“Mariya! Watch your mouth!”Bookmark here

“Sorry, grandma…” Mariya then explained, “Roland is just head over heels with Miss Knight, and we don’t know how to deal with him, no matter how hard we try to avoid or shoo him away.”Bookmark here

“I see. So that’s how it is…” Grandma Margie then asked, “What are we going to do with that boy? He’s attracting unwanted attention. If the local guard commander were to find them out of their posts, he might investigate why and it will surely give us an unnecessary headache.”Bookmark here

Lily was listening to their conversation, with her chest heavy for the trouble she brought to them. She and Mariya thought that telling Roland she had someone in her heart would cause him to go away. Instead, it seemed like it even intensified his desire to flirt with her.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry that it happened.” she bowed and apologized.Bookmark here

“Oh no! Milady, please raise your head!” the old lady blurted out, “We can’t control such youths who act with their hearts before they think with their minds. You’re beautiful after all!”Bookmark here

Lily was flustered when she heard that.Bookmark here

Mariya swooned, “Yeah, grandma is smooth, just like that.”Bookmark here

“Shut up, Mariya.” Grandma Margie snapped.Bookmark here

Ah, anyway!” Lily then grabbed her crutches, “I think it’s my responsibility to tell that boy off. I’m the one who caused this.”Bookmark here

Err…what are you going to do, Miss Knight?”Bookmark here

“You’ll see.” Lily winked at her.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Roland stood outside the wooden fence and smiled when he saw the door open up. He had the bouquet ready in his hand, freshly plucked from the rose garden, being kept by Grandma Margie. However, his face quickly soured when he saw Mariya come out instead.Bookmark here

“I didn’t ask for you, squirt.”Bookmark here

“Neither do we, tin head. Not only you’re inconveniencing us, but you also destroyed my grandma’s garden!” Mariya countered, “Don’t you think you guys have anything better to do? You have the guts to loiter even though you’re at work!”Bookmark here

Ah, the beach will watch for itself.” Roland explained in a dreamy voice, “As for me, I need to see my muse each time I open my eyes…or I’ll die.”Bookmark here

“Well, we got no issues if you did. Just leave us alone!”Bookmark here

Che. Again, I didn’t ask for you. Where’s Miss Lily?”Bookmark here

“I told you she’s got a lover already!”Bookmark here

“I don’t care!” Roland insisted, “In the first place, she’s here in Hagena, alone. Where’s her lover when she needs him? Meanwhile, I am here, and I can give her the love she didn’t experience before!”Bookmark here

“Oh yeah?” Mariya countered, “Why don’t you pass that ‘love’ to the other girls you sweet-talked before instead of trying to get inside Miss Knight’s skirt?”Bookmark here

“You know, for such a small brat, you have a foul mouth.” Roland was getting annoyed. “And besides, it’s their fault that we had to separate. They couldn’t return to me the love that I give to them? Then face the consequences! It’s that easy.”Bookmark here

“Well, at least, I’m much better than your stinking thing in-between your legs!”Bookmark here

Roland was visibly taken aback by Mariya’s insults. To add more salt to the wound, his fellow guards jeered and goaded him to take action.Bookmark here

And as the vice-captain of the guards, he can’t let it pass!Bookmark here

“Why you…! You’re just a little girl; what do you even know about being a man? A real man?Bookmark here

“And what do you even know about a lady’s heart? That Miss Knight is still in love with her lover far away means you failed to show her your being ‘real man’!”Bookmark here

“The vice-captain’s being destroyed!” a guard laughed.Bookmark here

Another one followed-up with, “Haha! He’s all high and mighty with the ladies, but can’t win over a little kid!”Bookmark here

“That’s our vice-captain, alright!”Bookmark here

“Well, why don’t I…” Roland’s hand was about to reach for his sword, “…show you what being a real man is all about?”Bookmark here

“Well, I’d like to see that happen.”Bookmark here

At that moment, Lily had finally shown herself hobbling on her crutches. Mariya was quick to assist her as she struggled to keep her balance over the stony pathway. The other guards began whistling in the most lecherous way possible, as their eyes were plastered on Lily’s bouncing chest.Bookmark here

“Man! Look at the huge rack!”Bookmark here

“Heh, Vice-Captain Roland fished out a winner this time, eh?”Bookmark here

Lily, though itching to blow the perverted boys away with her magic, decided to remain calm. Maybe she could still persuade them to back off…Bookmark here

“Miss Lily, please, would you accept these flowers as proof of my love for you?” Roland asked, complete with a dreamy voice and kneeling to the ground.Bookmark here

“I’m afraid I cannot do that, Sir Guard,” Lily answered.Bookmark here

“Why not?”Bookmark here

“Well, I have a lover already.”Bookmark here

“But I am here, and I could love you more than that man!”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, Sir Guard, but I can’t reciprocate those feelings of yours.” Lily bowed and apologized, “Anyway, I thank you for appreciating me. May you find someone else to love in the future.” She then turned her back on him and made her way back inside the house.Bookmark here

Roland, upon seeing that he couldn’t break down Lily’s defenses in her heart, fell silent. Mariya stuck out a tongue at him as she assisted Lily.Bookmark here

“Bruh, the vice-captain sure got wrecked this time, just like that, eh?” a fellow guard commented, which was followed by the others, who were watching them.Bookmark here

“Miss Big Tits sure is feisty, huh?”Bookmark here

“Hey, Vice-Cap! Why don’t we just drink it out later, huh?”Bookmark here

Seeing that he’s being made fun of, Roland was extremely embarrassed. His pride as the ‘strongest warrior’ of his village, as well as being the ‘Vice-Captain’ of the guards, was certainly trampled underfoot. At that moment, he couldn’t keep himself from getting enraged, especially when he noticed a lot of other people—the neighbors, passers-by, as well as his comrades and Mariya’s family—were watching the scene. And then…Bookmark here

“What is your problem?”Bookmark here

Lily and Mariya stopped in their tracks upon hearing the young guard speak. His voice was full of indignation, and his fist had already crumpled the rose that he had plucked.Bookmark here

“I’m asking you, what is your problem?”Bookmark here

It was Mariya who answered for Lily, “Come on Tin Head. Don’t sulk; it’s natural for us women to look for someone suitable for us. You don’t own our hearts, okay? Better fool around with someone who’ll listen to your stupidity!”Bookmark here

The other guards swooned and taunted the insulted youth even more.Bookmark here

“I’m not talking to you, you insolent brat!”Bookmark here

Mariya was taken aback when Roland finally shouted. He then pulled out his sword and attacked the young girl out of spite.Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

“Kyaaaaaa!!!”Bookmark here

It happened so fast that Mariya didn’t even have the chance to back off, nor put up her arms in front of her to defend herself.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The next thing that happened, everyone’s eyes were plastered on the unfolding scene in front of them. Grandma Margie’s scream tore through the otherwise silent air as she witnessed her defenseless granddaughter attacked. She tried to run to protect Mariya, but eventually fainted. Fortunately, Anton rushed to assist the old lady.Bookmark here

As for Mariya, she didn’t expect the guard to snap out of his senses and take her out with his sword. She had no time to shout. However…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Roland’s attack was parried once again by Lily, who was forced to use one of her crutches to block his sword, “You wonder why I won’t answer you? It’s because of this. Aren’t you one arrogant boy?”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

“Anton!” Lily turned to the little brother, “Take your sister and Grandma away from here. I’ll just teach these little boys some lesson.”Bookmark here

Roland and his companions were enraged further upon hearing Lily refer to them as ‘little boys’. They ganged up on her, with everyone drawing out their swords and positioning themselves to attack.Bookmark here

“A ‘boy’ you say?” Roland snarled.Bookmark here

“Can four little boys joining to beat one disabled girl be called men?”Bookmark here

“Alright, we’ll show you what a man is!” Roland countered, “I heard that you’re a knight; if I defeat you here, then you’ll be my woman!”Bookmark here

“I didn’t agree to that.” she replied, “Just because your pride got crushed doesn’t mean—”Bookmark here

“Silence! At her, boys!” Roland and his comrades then simultaneously attacked Lily. Mariya tried to intervene, but Anton was quick to pull her out of harm’s way.Bookmark here

“I guess, it’s time to start our lesson then.” Lily, skillfully using one crutch while shifting her weight on the other one, defended herself from her assailants.Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

But the guards would not back down. They threw more thrusts against Lily’s defense, before using their hands to try breaking it down.Bookmark here

“Lesson no. 1!” Lily narrowly evaded every punch thrown, and realizing that Roland should be defeated first, quickly countered his blade by hitting the flat with her crutch. “We ladies want someone who would treat us with respect, and I don’t mean the superficial one. We need to feel that we’re properly honored and always watch out for this whenever you talk to us—all of us.”Bookmark here

Roland, however, dismissed her words, as he was quick to answer her blocking actions, “I got you now!”Bookmark here

But Lily wouldn’t even budge, “Lesson no. 2. A good man could always relate to the needs of the woman he loves, or at least he strives to. We know you’re not perfect, but it’s the effort in that aspect that separates boys from men.”Bookmark here

“Shut up!” Roland intensified his attacks, joined by his comrades, “I don’t need your unsolicited advice!”Bookmark here

Seeing that their attacks were not doing anything, Roland changed tactics. With Lily’s movement limited by her leg injury, he launched a diving attack designed to subdue the disabled girl.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

However, Lily was unfazed. Though she couldn’t move much, she methodically crushed the other guards attacking her before driving her weapon towards Roland’s chest—fully encased in armor.Bookmark here

Then she made her counter-attack, “Lesson no. 3. A good man fights to protect, not to dominate, or destroy.”Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

“And clearly, you don’t have these traits with you, Amateur!”Bookmark here

By then, everyone who was nearby was already watching the scene unfold. Neighbors, passers-by, and Mariya’s family all held their breaths as they were unsure who the winner was. Roland had his sword-tip pointed at Lily’s neck; Lily had her crutch touching the guard’s chest armor.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

A moment of intense silence ensued. And then…Bookmark here

“I guess this ends it.” Lily smirked, “Wind punch!”Bookmark here

“Guahaa!”Bookmark here

Roland flew cleanly away from Lily and landed somewhere in the bushes. The crutch that Lily used as a weapon, however, disintegrated into tiny wooden bits, as it didn’t take the pressure of her magic.Bookmark here

“I hope cools off your heads, boys. Not all girls would fall for such foolishness.” the knight and former head maid of the palatial gardens told her parting speech to him in such a cool manner that she quickly earned the admiration of those who witnessed what happened.Bookmark here

But Roland isn’t finished just yet…Bookmark here

“Guohhh!!!” he picked himself up, with his armor battered and broken parts dangling from the ground.Bookmark here

“What? The tin head is still alive?” Mariya snapped.Bookmark here

“!!!” Lily knew that if the guards would resume their aggression, she’d be at a great disadvantage because she lost the other crutch. She couldn’t use the remaining one since she’s supporting herself with it.Bookmark here

“…” Roland glared at her as he walked towards where she stood.Bookmark here

Mariya was quick to put herself in-between Lily and the guard. She resolved to herself that she’s going to defend Miss Knight, or get injured trying to.Bookmark here

“Miss Lily…”Bookmark here

Tense silence then took over. Lily would like to retreat, but if she did that now, she’d be seen as the one defeated, and thus, would empower Roland and his companions to go after her once again. So, she resolved to stand her ground, with Mariya supporting her…Bookmark here

“Miss Lily!” Roland then made another lunge at her. However, much to everyone’s surprise…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

“That was a beautiful display of swordsmanship!” the guard threw himself on the ground, “I don’t care if you don’t love, but please, I beg you! Please teach me that sword style, Master!”Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

It seemed like Lily gained a new nickname…as well as a new job.Bookmark here

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