Chapter 14:


The Saint Series 1: The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

In the aftermath of her duel with Roland and his fellow guards, Lily was finally left in peace. Though not in complete peace, because she had to agree in training them with her swordsmanship style. It’s better than nothing at all.

But, what surprised Lily the most was the words that she said when she was fighting Roland…

Did she say those?

In all honesty, those weren’t her own. It was taught to her by her brother, Arthur Mahan, who stood by her side even as her other family—including their father—was hating on her. He became concerned when some boys were approaching her, trying to woo her because of her background as a royal princess (their grandfather was the current king at the time).

And those lessons influenced Lily most of her life up till now.

A good man respects, gets to know the needs, and fights to protect his woman.

Not only did her brother taught her those, but he also proved that he could do it…that’s why he died protecting her.

And since then, no other man in her life could do it. Even though she had been with the military for a long time and interacted with other members of the opposite gender among the nobility for quite a while…

Until that black-haired boy from another world fell from that window back at the Holy Palatial Gardens…


Though at first unremarkable, Lily realized he had taken her brother’s place in her heart. After all, she could still clearly remember the time when he ‘saved’ her from that rooftop, mistaking her for someone who’s about to jump. He didn’t even hesitate to run after her, though it’s clear that they both didn’t know how to cast the flight spell.


And he also gained everyone’s trust by showing respect to the girls back at the palatial gardens, going as far as putting his life on the line to safeguard Maddie’s honor from that perverted duke who sneaked in.


Not only those, Kuro proved the extent of his concern for Maddie by fighting in the tourney, though he knew he’s not trained for battles. And he even dared to punch the Imperial Prince on the face, when even Maddie’s father could do nothing but watch.

Kuro deserves Maddie’s love and devotion to him.

And she, as Maddie’s closest friend, let her feelings got the better of her. To think that she considered banishing him to some place else…

“Maddie…” she blurted out, “What have I done…?”

Aside from being regretful, Lily felt something else emerge from the chaos of mixed feelings in her chest. Slowly, but steadily, the emotion made its presence known to her…


She knew she had no right to feel that way towards Maddie and Kuro since she made herself a villain to both of them. But Lily couldn’t keep her envy from taking over herself. That’s why she suggested banishing Kuro. That’s why she did her best to spite Maddie, even though her friend had been extremely exhausted. That’s why she said those painful things to them when they confronted her…

Lily could only cover her face in shame, even though no one else was in the bedroom she was currently staying. Her mind kept on repeating the phrase ‘What have I done?’, and the feelings of guilt and embarrassment piled up in her chest.

But then, somewhere within her mind, another familiar voice came out…

“You know, if you’ve already done something bad, you won’t be able to take it back. However, what’s important is that you learned from it, and you turn away from doing it again.”

Ah yes, she remembered it now. Those were the words Kuro would say whenever she or Maddie were confronted with self-blame and self-pity.


Well, though it’s not that much, at least that took some weight off her chest for now. Lily then got up from the bed and sat up, pondering. Now that she finally accepted the reason that she fought Maddie was because she was envious and jealous about her and Kuro, what should she do next?

Oh, I see, Miss Knight…so that’s what’s bothering you!”

Lily almost jumped from her bed when she heard Mariya’s voice beside her, “Did I say those thoughts out loud?”

“Indeed, you are,” Mariya yawned, “Since I heard you murmur, I thought you’re having a bad dream again, so I went to check you. Turns out you’re wide awake and was in deep thought about your love problem.”

Err…s-sorry for disturbing you.”

“No worries,” Mariya replied, “But what I worried about is what I just learned. Is this Kuro your lover?”

Upon hearing that, Lily’s face grew even redder. But she gained her senses fast enough to shake her head and let Mariya know it wasn’t so.

“I see,” Mariya seemed to understand her point, “But you love him, do you?”


“You won’t be envious and jealous if you don’t.”

Err…uh…well…I, uh, I’m just jealous because my friend already found the man who loves her dearly.”

Oh…is that so?” Mariya had a smug expression on her face, “Jealous of your friend because of the reason you said, or jealous because the man loves you and also loves your friend?”

“Hey! Kuro isn’t like that!” Lily protested, “He is true and faithful to the girl he loves!”

“Alright! I see it now,” Mariya chuckled, “You love Kuro, even though you claim you are not! In the first place, you won’t get so lively in defending him if his character won’t affect you as well.”

Lily fell incredibly silent. She was surprised that this young girl beside her was so perceptive that she could read her thoughts well, just like Maddie.

“Alright, sorry for teasing you too much, Miss Knight!” Mariya apologized, “But you know, I don’t want to see my friends sad and hurt, so I’ll help you with that.”


“Well, you love this Kuro boy, right?”

Lily sheepishly nodded.

“And your friend already has him?”

She nodded again.

“Are they already married?”

Lily shook her head.

“Heh!” Mariya’s got a nasty smirk on her face, “Then snatch him away from your friend!”


Even Mariya was surprised at her suggestion. She immediately halted her advice train and made an about-face, “Hold on, let me rephrase that. I mean, compete with your friend on a level playing field.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you talk as if they’re married already. Tell you what, until they tied the knot, there’s always a possibility that you can come in between them and become the main girl of your story! It’s not yet over for you; you just have to show Kuro your ‘good lady’ side.”


“Well, if you tell me now that you can always find another man…it’s true. But you know, you only live once, so you have to run after what makes you happy.”

“Honestly, I found Kuro first, not my friend.”

“Then all the more you should assert yourself!” Mariya raised her voice to emphasize her point, with matching gestures to ensure that Lily understood.

Lily then once again fell silent, pondering on the words that Mariya told her. And then, after a few moments, enlightenment had finally come to her.

She finally has her answer to her questions…


Ah! It’s about time the ships show up!”

A group of large cargo-laden galleys appeared at Calabria’s chief port town of Elbrei, a few miles away from Sekhtem. The Imperial Flag proudly flew on one of the ships—the biggest one, and it was the first one that was given the priority on the otherwise crowded docks.

The Traveler and his companion, Benoit, waited for the sailors to bring down the drawbridges of the vessel. However, much to their surprise, a girl with short, black hair and a strange dress was the first one to jump the ship, even before it was properly anchored.

“Are you the one they call the ‘Traveler’?” she asked Benoit, who was left speechless by what he had just witnessed.

“Pardon me, lady, but do I even know you?” he replied, preferring not to disclose the identity of his boss to this newcomer.

“Well, you’ll know about me soon,” the girl chuckled, “Anyway, I see I’ve committed an error. So that man behind you with a permanent scowl on his face is the Traveler.”

Benoit’s eyes almost popped out from their sockets when he realized she had just read his mind. And in all of Chersea, there was only one group of people who could do that:

“Are you a Saint, by any chance?”

The girl only smirked at Benoit and passed him by. She went straight to the Traveler himself.

“Reading thoughts is bad, Your Holiness,” he told her.

“Well, this ability has been granted to us, so we’re an exception, Mister Traveler,” she countered, “The gods wouldn’t do so if it violates their rules.”


Ah, I wouldn’t ask for your name, Mister Traveler, don’t worry about that,” the girl then winked at him, “And if you don’t know who I am, I’m the Saint of the Ever-Burning Flame, Seirna. My holy self will work with you from now on, so make sure you remember that.”

“I understand, Your Holiness!” the Traveler bowed in reverence.

“And Mister Traveler…”,


“I advise you not to harbor any ill-will against me,” Seirna suggested in a calm, yet overpowering demeanor, “Not only do I read minds, but I also mete out the cruelest punishment to those whose minds are full of evil.”

“I’ll make sure my men and I remember that, Your Holiness.”

“Very well,” Seirna then signaled to him, “Have your people offload the cargo and tell me of the situation around here.”


Lily’s swordsmanship class had become a regular sight in the village of Hagena. Starting with Roland and his small band, the guards of the local lord began coming during their moments of rest and take sparring sessions with her, or with their fellows, depending on the availability of the former. The villagers would also train in their spare time; not only did they learn how to defend themselves; it was also a great opportunity to shave off extra weight gained while they were not at sea.

Roland was one of her top students. Though his original aim was to impress her, soon he discovered he had a natural talent with the sword and spear. Following the guard was Anton, who also decided to join the training.

Mariya, for most of the time, was confined to just watching them. She didn’t want to hold any weapon, for she claimed to have renounced bloodshed.

“I’m sorry Miss Knight, it’s just that, I can’t take the sight of blood and weapons,” she would often say.

Of course, Lily understood that. After all, Mariya saw with her eyes how her parents, and relatives, were killed. The incident had left a mark on her mind ever since.

Besides, her little brother Anton was enough for their family’s protection.

“Adjust your breathing! You might find yourself exhausted immediately if you carelessly make your moves!”


“Swing with more power! You won’t be killing anything with such a lousy attack!”

Monitoring them, as well as the one in charge of medical care in-case someone was injured, was Grandma Margie. For 50 bronzes or 5 silver coins per student, it was a level higher than their usual source of income, which was selling firewood in Sekhtem. Lily would take 15 bronze/1 silver coins from the money earned, and give the rest—as well as the tips from satisfied customers, to Grandma Margie.

Milady, aren’t you being way too generous with these?” the old lady would often ask her.

Lily would answer, “It’s alright Grandma. Think of it as payment for letting me stay with you.”

With that kind of setup, soon, a word about them spread throughout the neighboring regions. Initially, those who’d come to Hagena were other swordsmen, who were intrigued to learn that a ‘handicapped girl’ was teaching combat skills not only to the local soldiers but also to the villagers. This would commonly end in a duel—either professional and personal—where Lily would always prevail.

She knows she can’t afford to lose, for her business might be severely affected.

And because of that, and eager for some ‘advanced’ martial training—which was completely phased out ever since the ‘Saint’s Peace’, soldiers from the other militia units would come just to have their drills with Lily, and some affluent commoners would also join the swordsmanship class.

The increased number of outsiders made the villagers convert their houses to inns and taverns. The fishing trade never completely vanished but significantly reduced. Many of the former fishermen found an additional source of income in providing board and lodging to Lily’s students, thus securing their finances.

Everything was going well, though the only issue that never got resolved was the aftermath of the injury on Lily’s legs. The wound had already healed by then, yet she could not regain her old walking posture. It’d be painful if she tried to walk without a cane.

Nevertheless, Lily was perfectly happy with her new home. Her positive impact on the village’s economy brought her respect and love from the locals.


However, deep within her, Lily would often think about Maddie, and to a lesser extent, Kuro. She would wonder how were those two doing.

Is Maddie eating well?

Did Kuro finish the book he started reading?

And what about the other maids and paladins?

And then, just before she’d close her eyes to sleep, Lily would offer a prayer to Maddie, which she hoped her friend would hear…

“Hey, Maddie! If you’re worried about me, I’m already okay. I was found by good people, and they treat me like a family. Yes, I already forgave you and Kuro, and so I hoped that you’d also do the same for me. I am missing you guys, but I think this village needs me more. Please bless me, Maddie, so that my people could recover from their past, thank you!”

She would unconsciously utter that loud, that Grandma Margie—who initially thought that something’s wrong with Lily—heard the entirety of it on over one occasion. The old lady would just sigh with relief and reciprocate her guest’s prayer with one of her own.

Surely, this lady is one of the rare kind-hearted nobles in the entire land, Grandma Margie thought. She couldn’t help but to thank the Saint that she sent this girl to help them…

And so, that’s the start of the Mahan School of Swordsmanship, whom Lily named after her late brother, Arthur Mahan.


***Sometime later…***

High above the slopes of the cliffs overlooking the village of Hagena was the castle of the local liege Baron Sir Nathan Willis Gray. Just like the people from the houses below, Sir Gray was also a refugee hailing from Nerfes to escape the Bloody Witch.

Well, that was before. Now, his loyalty lies with the king of Calabria, and for his services to him, he was given the small fief of Hagena and its surrounding land to govern.


However, the times had certainly changed a lot, and so was his standing with the current monarch. Politics had taken root on him, and he was often forced to come to the capital to fix things so that he won’t be surprised by his many, yet hidden, enemies.

And this was one moment that Sir Gray was free to come home to his fief.

Without a wife or a child to oversee things for him, he had to rely on a secretary to take care of things while he was away. But now that he had arrived, his assistant came running to him even before he could alight his carriage.

“Welcome back, my liege!” the middle-aged secretary greeted him the moment he opened the door.

Ah, good to see you alive and well, Hanson,” Sir Gray replied in his usual boisterous manner, “Is everything okay back here?”

“Of course, my liege,” Hanson answered, “However, there are some things I’d like to call your attention to.”

Hmm? Such as?”

The secretary then pulled a piece of paper from his coat and began reading its contents before Sir Gray, “To begin with, the tax collected from the local fishermen had gone lower this season than the previous.”

Oh? Why?”

“They say the seas were pretty rough than it was before, so they can’t go to the deeper areas.”

Hmm…it’s what they always reason out when they want to keep a huge part of the catch for themselves,” Sir Gray quickly dismissed the explanation, “Tell Sir Humphrey to enforce a more stringent tax until the deficit has been covered.”

“Right. I’ll note that.”

“Alright, what’s the second concern?”

Err…this is connected to the first problem. It’s about a new arrival in the village.”

“New arrival? Someone came and settled there?”

“Yes, my liege. The guards reported it was a beautiful girl from Colveente, and she’s extremely skilled with the sword.”

“Hoh…” Sir Gray nodded as if he understood, “That’s pretty rare, I should say. Hope she enjoys the place. What’s the problem with her?”

“Well, she established a sword school. For a while now, the guards have been taking combat lessons with her, and other people from the neighboring lands are also coming to learn of her techniques.”

“I can’t see any problem with that, as long as the guards are shelling out their money for their training. Why don’t we tax it as well?”

The secretary stared at his lord as if waiting for some other reaction. However, Sir Gray continued to check and nitpick on the state of his castle. So Hanson took the matter to him once again.

“Sire, are you not concerned about this girl?”

“Is there anything about her that interests me, aside from her beauty and sword skills?”

Hanson wanted to click his tongue in dismay, but he kept his cool over his clueless lord, “Sire, don’t you think this girl is a threat? She could teach those guards and the villagers how to fight, and by the time you realize it, they may revolt against you! Besides, if this matter reached the ears of His Majesty the King, I doubt he’ll remain unsuspicious; after all, who needs the skill with the sword when war is forbidden?”

Sir Gray then became genuinely concerned. He cast an alarmed look at his assistant and asked, “That is indeed a possibility. What do you suggest we do, Hanson?”

“Why don’t we try to talk to this girl?” the secretary suggested, “For all I know, she could be of use to us. And if not, we could always sell her to the Imperial slave-masters. I think such beauties fetch a high price there.”

“Sounds good!” the lord approved of Hanson’s plan, “Well then, see to it that you invite this lady to my residence as soon as possible.”


The training session had just ended when the carriage of Sir Gray arrived in front of Grandma Margie’s gate. Lily, by then, had finished giving her last instructions to some of her students and was resting on the front porch. Mariya was talking to her while Grandma Margie was about to go in and prepare for their dinner.

It was Roland who went into their yard first. Mariya was quick to meet him.

“What’s up, Tin Head? You forgot something?”

Roland’s face was visibly distraught, “Mariya, please move aside. I need to talk to Miss Lily. This is extremely important.” He directed her attention to the waiting carriage, as well as the fully armed man sitting inside.

Upon realizing that it was the carriage of the lord, Mariya asked, “What have we done wrong?”

“I don’t know. But I need to speak to Miss Lily right now.”

Mariya then moved aside. Grandma Margie was already assisting Lily to stand.

“Is there anything wrong, Roland?” the old lady asked.

“My apologies for the disturbance, Granny,” he began, “But apparently, Lord Gray wants to meet Miss Lily about the swordsmanship school she founded.”

Lily and Grandma Margie exchanged glances. And then the former head maid stepped forward, “Well, if he wants to talk about it, then lead the way, Sir Guard.”

Roland then took Lily’s hand and assisted her as she made her way to the carriage. Grandma Margie and Mariya watched her, and they both felt the same thing…

“Mariya, come with me. But before that, tell Anton that we’re going to meet the lord.”

Mariya disappeared as fast as she could. Grandma Margie fixed the scarf on her neck and called out to Roland to have her brought before Sir Gray as well.

The old lady decided Lily won’t face their liege alone…


It was the secretary of the lord, Hanson, who met them at the courtyard once Lily, Grandma Margie, and Mariya arrived at the castle. Though he was putting on a professional air, Mariya could still see the hidden scowl beneath his smile.

“Are you the teacher from that sword school in the village?” Hanson asked.

“Yes, Sire,” Lily did a curtsy, “I’m Lily Tamriel, and I just arrived from Sekhtem recently, my lord.”

Ah no. I’m not him,” Hanson was secretly impressed with the way Lily handled herself, despite walking on a cane, “I am Hanson, secretary to the lord of Hagena, Baron Sir Nathan Willis Gray. Now, if you please come in, milady…”

And with that, Lily obliged. Grandma Margie and Mariya closely followed behind her, but Hanson blocked them.

“And what business do you have with our liege?”

“Please, Sir,” Grandma Margie pleaded, “That lady over there is my responsibility. It was I that invited her here, in the village. I’d like to speak with our lord for her, if possible.”

It took Hanson several moments of silence to find out whether to allow them. However, upon realizing that they posed no threat, he eventually allowed them in, followed by the captain and the vice-captain of the guard.

The secretary then led them to several long and bare corridors inside the castle. Since it was a castle—not a mansion, the place was naturally dark, compared to the bright interior of the palace back at the Holy Palatial Gardens. The only light source was the candles that lined along the corridors, and the windows with parted curtains.

“Our lord rarely comes home, so the windows are covered in curtains for most of the time,” Hanson explained, “Please head this way; the court is in this room.”

After tinkering at the keyhole, the secretary opened an enormous door that led into a large hallway that served as the Baron’s court. Just like the entire castle, the place had bare walls—the bricks that were used in its construction were visible; the only furnishing inside was a long carpet that eventually led to a dais at the other end of the chamber where a modest throne was located.


Two guards were posted at each side of the lofty chair, but the lord himself was missing. Hanson then asked them to wait for a few distances away from the foot of the dais, as he told them he’d have to call Sir Gray for a while.

“Grandma…” it was Mariya. Her voice was shaking.

“Don’t worry, I know Sir Gray is a reasonable liege,” the old lady reassured her.

Lily’s face was unperturbed. She remained standing with dignity, though she struggled with the cane to support her. Roland and his superior took their places just below the foot of the throne dais to the side. It took a long while before something stirred in the chamber. From the far end of the room, they heard the secretary talking to someone, as if convincing him to appear.

“Milord, please. Just a little talk wouldn’t hurt.”

“But do I have to? It’s already a pain to get up from my bed!”

“Milord, if you’d just appear, I’d appreciate it. It’s for your lands, anyway!”

Now Lily’s having an idea about what Grandma Margie was keeping from her when she first came to Hagena. The nobility around these parts were all lousy and decadent…

Some rustling sounds and a little shuffling were heard before the door finally opened. Hanson then went out first, carrying a candlestick, with a big, bearded man following closely behind.

“May I present, the lord of Hagena, Baron Sir Nathan Willis Gray.”

On cue, the guards immediately stiffened themselves while Grandma Margie and Mariya held hands. Only Lily remained as she was before.

The lord, Sir Gray, took his time to reach the dais, and with help from the secretary, settled on his throne lazily. It had been clear to everyone in that chamber that he was reluctant to conduct any conversation with the people he invited to his castle.

“Now let’s see…” Sir Gray reached out his hand to Hanson, “Where are my glasses?”

The secretary quickly gave him his spectacles, followed by a piece of paper. The Baron then read its content, illuminated by the candlestick held by Hanson.

Hmm…so you’re Lily? The teacher at the swordsmanship school in the village?”

“Yes, milord,” The former head maid did a curtsy before Sir Gray.

“I see…well, it’s not that I don’t like what you’re doing, but how can you prove to me that your school’s purpose is peaceful and harmless?”

“What do you mean, milord?

“Well, with your skills with the sword, how can we be so sure that you’re not planning a rebellion against me? Against the king?”

Milord, I assure you, in the name of Her Holiness the Great Saint of Chersea, that I am not planning such things! I only aim to train them in self-defense, and they would pose no threat to the peace of this land. What I do is only out of the need for employment. Besides, your guards are also studying under me; if I’m planning trouble, then I wouldn’t do so.”

Hoh…you’re brave enough to utter the name of Her Holiness in this matter,” Sir Gray was secretly impressed, “Well, I get your point. Who, in their right mind, would plan a rebellion and train their potential enemies as their allies? Hmm…I understand the situation now.”

Grandma Margie winked at Mariya, who was equally relieved to hear the lord was fairly reasonable.

“In that case, Miss Lily, would you care to show your fealty to me by paying proper tax? My secretary here, Hanson, would be more than glad to help you with the arrangements.”

“Of course, milord,” Lily agreed.

“Alright, this matter is settled then!” Sir Gray then stood up from his throne and extended his hand that has a signet ring on it, “Then if your words and feeling true, swear by this ring, and kiss it. On the pain of death, you will never break your oath made before me.”

Lily then stepped forward, closer to the lord, as she reached out for his hand.




The otherwise peaceful ending to the incident was suddenly interrupted when Sir Gray immediately withdrew his hand upon laying his eyes on Lily, whose face was illuminated clearly by the candlestick Hanson held.

“Is there something wrong, milord?” the secretary asked.

“Hanson? What is that vermin doing here?” Sir Gray screamed at the top of his lungs towards his assistant, as he stumbled down while trying to get away from Lily.

“Vermin?” Hanson was bewildered by the reaction of his liege, “But milord, we invited Miss Lily here!”

“That is no ‘Miss Lily’!” Sir Gray’s voice was shaking, “That girl is the Iron Princess, Lilyhaven Tamriel von Leese of Nerfes!”

Upon hearing those words, everyone’s eyes in the chamber fell on Lily, who was equally frozen in shock because of what was happening.

“What are you staring for, you idiots?” the lord turned to his guards, shouting, “That she-devil before us is the Bloody Witch of Meldech! Arrest her! Don’t let her go!”