Chapter 15:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

Ah, finally! I reached the capital of the Kingdom of Calabria, the city of Sekhtem…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

My search for Lily in the kingdom of Colveente produced nothing. But well, it’s not that useless at all, for I finally learned about the true identity of the witch.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

It’s just that I couldn’t believe that Lily was both the Iron Princess and the Bloody Witch of Meldech. Just what is happening? I thought she and Maddie fought and killed that noble…Maddie was protecting the witch, after all!Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Nevertheless, it hadn’t sunk into me. The Lily I know was a gentle, kind, and protective girl. This witch that everyone feared was someone that could qualify as the evilest demon on earth, Satan.Bookmark here

Haa…I took out a piece of paper where I wrote some useful information for this matter. My eyes immediately fell on those words: ‘Iron Princess’.Bookmark here

According to what I researched; the ‘Iron Princess’ was the moniker given to Lily after a certain bloody battle that caused her to kill a thousand men single-handedly. Her fame increased because of that, and the ruling royal family during that time, the House of von Leese, was forced to grant her a fief in honor of her achievements.Bookmark here

The official records stopped here, at this part.Bookmark here

And then, I saw this in the other books. ‘The House of von Leese’. They were one of the two royal houses that ruled the throne of Nerfes, the other one was the House of Reed. Compared to the other regal family, the von Leese produced much of Nerfes’ military generals of great ren in the past. However, I noticed one common denominator in many of those ‘famous generals’ lives …Bookmark here

All of them went insane in the end. One ancestor of Lily infamously slaughtered his family and drank their blood while squeezing it out from the cut-up body parts. Another one tortured her soldiers on a whim, and she was similarly killed in the end. Despite that, another went on a rampage in one of Nerfes’ towns, murdering random people with the body of someone he had killed before.Bookmark here

Everything that I read brought shivers up my spine. And it was not rocket science to see that the tales about the Bloody Witch were eerily similar.Bookmark here

What caused them to become like that? Is it in their DNA? They’re a family, after all!Bookmark here

Further reading led me to another clue: the ‘Bloodbath Curse of the Last Duke of Nerfes’. Its origins hailed back to the last Human-Demon War, where facing certain defeat, the Duke of the Duchy of Nerfes agreed with the hero Cassandra David to grant him the power to save his people. The Bloodbath was a spell tailor-made by Cassandra David that gave the Duke superhuman strength, speed, and an acute sense of battlefield awareness whenever he chose to activate it, helping his armies overturn the potential defeat to a sure victory.Bookmark here

However, it came with an unintended price: the Bloodbath had a side-effect that made the Duke extremely sanguinary—with horrible stories similar to the von Leese generals. Long after the Human-Demon War ended, he was ultimately killed, executed when he became deranged.Bookmark here

That Cassandra David sure made a mess of the Nerfes royal family, huh?Bookmark here

Though it was not stated, I’m sure that this ‘Bloodbath’ curse passed on the Duke’s descendants, for it was written that he had many sons and daughters that gave rise to several noble houses that ruled Nerfes up to the present.Bookmark here

These poor guys must’ve thought that the Bloodbath curse ended with the death of the Duke.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Haa…this is bigger than I initially expected, huh?Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

I’m sure Maddie knows, even partly, about her friend’s condition, that’s why she kept her close within the Holy Palatial Gardens. For one, there were only a relatively few numbers of people that would see Lily there. Second, she would be far away from her family, thus she’s safe. And third, in case the need for it arose, Maddie could quickly come to her friend’s aid.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And so that’s why Mister Gregg was having second thoughts upon learning Lily’s true identity. Looks like I’m in deep shit…Bookmark here

But well, who cares? It’s not like I’m keen on living on for too long; every human would die at some point in their lives. And I’m not someone who’d abandon a friend just because he’s afraid he might get killed.Bookmark here

Heck, I even jumped with my students to hell, and lost my job as a result! Things like this won’t easily stop me! Hahaha!!!Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

For goodness’ sake, I’m scared to get involved with Lily anymore…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And now, as I was saying, I arrived here at Sekhtem.Bookmark here

Well, I was planning to search every nook and cranny inside the Kingdom of Colveente for Lily. However, it was during one of my library stints that I got a clue on her whereabouts…Bookmark here

Ah, welcome back, Mister Kuro!” the librarian greeted me. She became my friend already because of my frequent return trips to the library.Bookmark here

“Thanks Miss Greta.” I smiled back, “Can I go to the forbidden section again?”Bookmark here

“Sure! Just sign over on this part of the logbook.” she handed me a quill pen and a bottle of ink.Bookmark here

While I wrote my details, another girl came to Miss Greta. I heard her say, “Hello, Josephine! Looking good, huh?Bookmark here

The girl named Josephine smiled, “So you noticed it too?”Bookmark here

“Why yes! Your body was toned beautifully!”Bookmark here

“Not only that, I learned a sword-style that I can use!”Bookmark here

“Ohh!” Miss Greta commented. I didn’t know if it’s allowed in such a place like a library, but since I’m the only one who was there, they continued their chat as usual.Bookmark here

“I tell you what, you head to Calabria’s Sekhtem, and then head north to a village called Hagena. There’s a female knight there who teaches this ‘Mahan Swordsmanship Style’ for only 5 silvers or 50 bronze coins.”Bookmark here

“Wow! Please give me more details about that! I’m interested in learning some martial skills lately.”Bookmark here

“And so do I.” I interjected in their conversation, “I’m sorry for overhearing, but could you please tell me about this ‘Mahan Swordsmanship Style’ teacher?”Bookmark here

“Well, she’s a pretty girl with short light-brown hair and beautiful light-brown eyes.” Josephine explained to me, “I’m also envious of her skin, which is like that of elves!”Bookmark here

With such descriptions matching those of Lily, I asked, “Uhm…if I may put one more question, what’s the name of this teacher you speak of?”Bookmark here

Oh…well, I haven’t been able to get her first name, but if I remember correctly, her family name is Tamriel?”Bookmark here

And with that answer, I hurried from Colveente to Calabria, intending to head to that village called Hagena. This Tamriel she spoke about was, without a doubt, Lily!Bookmark here

Heh! You won’t escape me now, Bloody Iron Witch Princess!Bookmark here

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