Chapter 19:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

It was the spread of the ‘Mahan Swordsmanship Style School’ that caused us to be rescued by Her Holiness and Her Fluffy Holiness. They also correctly suspected that Lily founded it, and so they rushed to Hagena, just in time to intervene on our side in the Battle of Hagena Castle.

With Lily returning with us to the Holy Palatial Gardens, there was no one left in Hagena to continue the school…that was, until Lily’s old student, Anton, took over it and began accepting pupils as well.

In time, Hagena would become a major city because of the Mahan Swordsmanship Style School, but it’s for another story.

As for us, we just wanted to arrive and take our well-deserved rest. Maddie was exhausted with all the arrangements she had to make in Calabria, for the king here wasn’t that cooperative once she meddled with his internal politics. Lily was itching to go back to her maid duties…but Maddie and I expressly forbidden her to, at least not until she had completely recovered from her injuries.

“I told you, I’m good!” she would often say to us.

“Nope. Back to your bedroom you go!” Maddie would counter her.

I think their roles were reversed for now. Maddie was the one who was monitoring her maid, for if she won’t, Lily would surely disobey her. I couldn’t help but watch them in amusement.

What an irony!

In the meantime, I needed to plan my next course of action.


The fallout of that affair back in Hagena caused Lily’s identity as the Iron Princess to spread around. Tales of her heroics in that battle scattered because of the traveling minstrels looking for interesting stories to sing. I was pretty sure that because of the relative distance between Nerfes and Calabria, the Calabrians may not know much about the ‘Bloody Witch’, even if that identity of hers was that infamous.

I’m talking about them not experiencing her terror, so she’s more like a distant, scary figure to them…more equal to a bogeyman than a real threat.

However, it’s of a different matter with the former refugees and their families who were alive during that time.

It took me some time before I convinced Grandma Margie about Lily’s true condition, and Maddie backed me up. However, we made her understand in the end…

The young girl, Mariya, was too innocent when those horrible things were committed by Lily, and so she was also quick to convince.

Well, it’s the benefit of seeing ‘Lily’s kindness and reformed character’—for short, living with them, first-hand.

But the other former refugees were stubborn. They, too, witnessed and experienced the atrocities committed by Lily as the Bloody Witch. However, the big difference was that they didn’t get to know the ‘other side’ of the witch, thus, they remained unforgiving and bitter.

Maddie considered punishing them, but Lily and I stopped her. Their sentiments were well-understood, and instead of forcing them to forgive, it’d be better if we make them decide on their if Lily truly deserved their sympathy.

And speaking of sympathy, there’s that issue with her family as well. I guess we should also tackle that problem, too? If we could, that is.

Another bunch of work for me…


It’s okay. I guess that’s the reason God played that chess with me before I was resurrected. To make me realize that she’s the ‘queen’ that I needed to save from getting trapped and isolated…

But what for?


And then the time for us to depart Sekhtem had finally come…

The holy envoy went to see us off, as well as the honor guard from the new Chancellor of Calabria, Sir Dane. Students from the Mahan Swordsmanship Style School, led by Anton, his sister Mariya, and the Grandma we rescued, went with us up to the Colveente border, at which the advanced party of the Paladin Corps under the Marquise of Monfort met us.

“Hello there, Lover Boy!” the Marquise greeted me with her usual cheerful smile, “Looks like you went in for a foursome at Calabria—”

“Shut up,” I snapped at her.

Hahaha! Adventure! What I mean is a foursome adventure! What else do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

The Marquise laughed heartily as she went back to the front to lead our convoy. As I was inside the carriage where Maddie, Lily, and Ruro were in, I sure wished they didn’t hear that.

But well, I needed to apologize to them, if ever they heard…

Uh…sorry about the Marquise…she’s just a jolly character.”

Ah, y-yes…” Maddie sheepishly answered, “W-We understand…”

Lily and Ruro both nodded. But what I noticed was that the ladies before me were all blushing; they must’ve heard that idiot talk about ‘foursome adventures’.


And uh, what’s the deal with these three? I mean, I get it that this carriage was all big and wide, but do they have to sit there on one side? Don’t they think there’s too much space on MY side?

“You know, if you’re kind of having difficulties with your present positions, this seat beside me is all free…”

“That won’t do, Kuro,” it was Lily who answered.

“And why not? It’s not like, this carriage is my property! In the first place, you have all the rights to every space in here!”

“Well, it’s just because…” Maddie hesitated for a bit to explain, but she did it anyway, “…we’re in a contest right now. We all have to start on an equal stage.”

“You mean, ‘that’ contest?” I was referring to the one they were talking about earlier; something about the ‘best woman wins’ stuff. I shivered every time I remember that ‘secret antechamber’ where the ‘Kuro collectibles’ were stored.

A desire to destroy that hellish place slowly rose within me.

Anyway, Lily and Maddie just nodded to answer my question. My eyes then fell on Ruro, who was averting her eyes from me…

“And what about her?”

“Well, no matter how you look at her, Ruro’s still a girl,” Maddie quipped, “And she’s automatically a contestant in this.”

Err…you mean for me? Don’t you think it’s stupid?” I asked, “Back on Earth, I was just a nobody. I tried courting several girls, but they just flatly rejected me. Something must be wrong with your eyes, guys!”

“Well, I don’t know about the girls in your world, but in here, you’re irreplaceable to me!” Maddie declared, “And to these girls beside me.”

“What? Even you, Your Fluffy Holiness?”

“I don’t know. Maddie just kind of dragged me in this,” Ruro finally spoke.

“Oh?” Maddie had a nasty look on her face, “Isn’t it you’re the one who suggested that we all sit on this side?”

“Hey! I just did that because you and the Nerfes princess might go over the top with your stupid rivalry once again!”

“And didn’t you also pleaded to us to let you in our rivalry game, Your Holiness?” Lily further added fuel to the fire.

“What? Stop making stories, Princess!” Ruro was indignant, “I ordered you to include me, not plead! Those are two different things!”


“Ah!” When she realized she played herself, Ruro’s face suddenly blushed, and her ears visibly stood stiff on both sides. She retreated silently back to her seat, with steam steadily rising from her head.

Well, I believed I could relate this to the typical situation in those ‘harem’ rom-coms I’ve read. The ladies would just fall in love and throw themselves to a single, dense, and clueless guy for no apparent reason. But hey! I was not that dense! I could read when someone’s got feelings for me, it’s just that I don’t assume things quickly until I was very sure of it!

And when I was positive, I’d look for the reasons. Because for most of the time, it’s just shallow, spontaneous reasoning that led them into this. It’s science over emotions!

Better be safe than sorry.

As for this situation, I just don’t know what to say. I mean, I just couldn’t comprehend why these high-standing ladies would fall for an otherworlder like me. I got no money, no noble title for myself, not even a face that only a mother could love!

Something must be weird with these girls to see me as someone to be a potential partner…


Oh well, never mind that. After taking a short stopover to the capital city of Colveente, Falias, we crossed the border as soon as possible. And then, the next thing that I knew, we’re back at the peaceful, serene scene that was the Holy Palatial Gardens…

I missed this place. I knew it’s not that long, but somehow, it felt like it’s home for me. A home away from home, just as the tourism advertisements say.

The other servants were already waiting for us by the time we arrived. Once the carriage stopped, they quickly swarmed around and greet their Head Maid.

“Welcome back, Lady Lily!”

“We’ve missed you Head Maid! Where have you been?”

“Kitchen Head Maid Jessica has been crying the whole time you’re gone, Head Maid!”

“I’m not!”

Since she’s the celebrity, Lily was the first one to alight from the carriage. And with all the love being showered on her, soon she was carried and thrown into the air by her maids.

Well, what a touching scenery.


I felt someone touch the palm of my hand. Turning around, I saw Maddie locked her arms with mine.

“Good work back there, Mister Kuro!”

“Well, thanks! But I don’t think we’d survive that if you hadn’t come.”

“Of course. I would always come running over if it’s the people I love.”

In fairness with this Saint, she knew how to smooth-talk someone. I could feel my cheeks get flustered upon hearing her words.

Oh right, I remember that her mother’s a real smooth-talker as well…

Ah, anyway. I had a question for Maddie.



“I’m just wondering, a lot of nobles knew about the ‘Bloody Witch’, but never about that persona being Lily herself.”

Hm? Are we talking about what happened back in my failed engagement with the Imperial Prince?”

“Yep. They even backed her up.”

Oh, that? Well, only a few people knew Lily’s identity as the ‘Bloody Witch’, her family included. She killed most of her men back then, torturing them until they died. What most people knew about Lily herself, was that she’s the Iron Princess…the Nerfes heroine of the last human war.”

“So basically, they think Lily and the Bloody Witch are two separate people.”

Maddie nodded.

“I see.”

“Well, they thought that the Iron Princess, and I fought against the Bloody Witch, which led to her ‘death’. Of course, that’s a lie. And I won’t kill Lily.”

Of course. Lily’s your blood-sister! Anyone can understand your sentiments.

“Thank you for understanding us, Kuro!” she playfully pinched my cheeks, “But, hey!”


“You’ve always been wondering what made us attracted to you?” Maddie must’ve read my thoughts again, “Well, for one, what would happen if Lily died in that torture chamber? Or got sold into slavery, just as what was originally intended?”

I could feel the hairs on my skin stand up every time I remember what just happened. It’s just way too close. A second later, and we could’ve lost Lily forever…

“Aren’t you the one who searched for her? The one who desperately defended her to the people whom she wronged before? The one who protected her, even though you hurt yourself?” Maddie smiled, “It’s the same as me! You did all of those to me!”

“That’s why, you know, my heart will always be yours, Kuro. And if you chose Lily, I’m still glad; for I know I can trust you to take care of her.”

Hearing those words warmed my otherwise stone-cold heart (well, if it comes to romance, that is). But there’s something in her words that I thought was not right…

Oh? And what is it? What’s my mistake?” Maddie’s got a smug look on her.

“Well, I’m your fiancée,” I told her with straight, unwavering eyes, “What makes you think I’d look for another girl?”

Now it was Maddie’s turn to keep silent. The smile on her face vanished, and she blushed so terribly her ears were redder than scarlet. Then, when she tried to walk away, she moved like a robot…complete with steam rising from her head.

Well, sorry Your Holiness, you messed up with…uh, well, Kuro (I can’t remember my true name).


I guess all’s well that ends well, huh?


***On the entrance of the town of Arles on the other side***

An exhausted horse gave its last breath as it fell dead on the ground. With it came the rider, who was just as tired.


Good thing he narrowly avoided injury by jumping away before the entire weight of the dead animal crushed him. Checking on the contents of his shirt—a small piece of folded paper, the rider dragged his way up unto the waiting militia of the town.

Sir Osmond was the first to approach the man, “Hurry and get the stretcher!” he yelled orders.

A pair of soldiers came in with the item in question and put the exhausted, barely conscious man on it. As they were about to carry him away, the rider pulled Sir Osmond towards him and pushed the paper on his chest.

“T-The…A-Arm…ada…” he said in between breaths, “…is…c-close…” the man then expired.

Sir Osmond barely understood what the rider meant. But, despite that, he kept the letter with him.