Chapter 5:

V1 Chapter 3-What Turns Out Being An UNcliche Turn Of Events

My Everyday Life With A "Harem"

 It’s been two weeks since I’ve been with the Girls Club, and I’m still not used to them yet. I hate them, they hate me, and we have no romantic interest in each other at all. PERIOD.
Today was gym and we were playing volleyball. I had teamed up with Kaori, as well as Maria Momoko, the Class Representative. We actually did beat the other team, the score being 10-15, and after it, the girls still glared at me.
I swear I hate them so much.
Kaori’s POV:
“So Kaori, what are you doing after school today?”
“Mm?” I turned to see Maria looking at me and I shrugged. I simply replied by saying, “Nothing much really…”
“Oh, okay!” Maria said as she kept getting dressed as did I. But I couldn't help but actually realize why she was part of the Student Council as well: Attractiveness.
I mean looking at her, from her short brown hair to rather sized breasts and its it's just perfect! She's bubbly and clumsy and UGHHHH! WHAT AM I THINKING?!
“Hey Kaori, you o-”
“Totally Fine!” I stated as I slapped Maria’s hand away.
I heard the door open and looked to see Azuma. Right at the door, holding a jacket, in front of not only me, but all the other females.
Azuma blushed slightly but then said, “Look, I know this is a cliche situation right now, but I'm not averting my eyes away at all! MARIA, YOU FORGOT YOUR JACKET!”
Maria, wearing her shirt and panties on, walked over to Azuma and snatched the jacket.
“Azuma...Hozumi…..” Maria’s head was low as she said those words.
“Yes?” Azuma casually replied.
“GET OUT YOU CREEP!!!” She didn't hit Azuma though, rather, she pushed him out the room and slammed the door.
It was a rather UNcliche turn of events….