Chapter 4:

V1 Chapter 2-A Kissing Game On The Second Girls Club Day. . .

My Everyday Life With A "Harem"

The next day arrived as I went into my first period class and sat down in my seat. I thought back to what happened yesterday after school, and how I decided to nickname the Girls Club, and how they told me that they don't take any romantic interest in me. Honestly, I was glad for that.

"Hey, Azuma, this is for you. It was left on my desk for some reason. . ."

I turned around to surprisingly see Ayano standing there with a note in her hand.

"Um, thanks." I said as I grabbed the note from her fingers.

"HEY AZUMA, WHAT YOU GOT THERE!" It was Taiki. Shit!

"Oh, it's a note just for me my friend!" I said. But Taiki then quickly grabbed it and opened it.

He laughed out loud and said, "Oh, good luck with that one my friend."

I grabbed the note from him and opened it, I read aloud, "Azuma Hozumi, this is from one of the members of the Girls Club, and I need you to do something: I've decided to come up with a kissing game and you have to kiss one of the girls from the club today. Did I mention that you have to use tongue? No! Oh, well you have to tongue kiss them. Just be glad it isn't anything sexual like licking down her neck and undoing her top and unclasping her bra and you dip down and start to suck on her-well, you get the idea. But, the girl you're going to have to kiss is none other than our leader, Kaori Hiroka."

By the time I said that, I went silent and hung my head low.

"Azuma?" I heard someone say.

"heh...hehe.......ha....haha......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh, I have to kiss the school supplies bitch today! Well then, I accept your challenge!" I said happily.

By the time first period ended, everyone was walking and talking in the hallways. But, more importantly, I was curious to see who gave me the note. Just as I was looking for the person, I suddenly heard,

"So, you got my note."

That voice, it was-

"Ah, Crown Sadist," I said as I turned around and noticed Megumi looking at me with an evil grin on her face, "You scare me you know that?"

"I know, but I came up with the kissing game so that way you can kiss Kaori, and probably the other girls." Megumi explained.

"Wait, EHHHHHHHHHHH??!?!?!?!!!! K-kiss the other girls?! My god Megumi, none of them, and even you, aren't interested in me at all!" I said.

"Romantically interested, not interested in general." Megumi stated. "But, you better hurry up if I was you," she held up a watch as she smiled her damn wicked smile, "time is ticking fast.


My 2nd and 3rd period went by as lunch came around. I looked to notice Kaori sitting by her group, being the Girls Club and a couple of other people. And I was right next Taiki.

I couldn't help but hear everyone in the lunchroom talking about me kissing Kaori, we weren't romantically interested in each other, and it's just a game. But the note I read aloud must've spread around like a rumor today.

I then got up as I went over to Kaori. "Hey, Kaori! Look, I want us to do something, it's just a simple game, that's all!" I explained.

Kaori angrily darted her eyes at me as she then got up from where she sat and walked over to me, "You wanna kiss don't ya?"

"H-how did you-"

"EVERYONE IN THIS FUCKING LUNCHROOM IS TALKING ABOUT IT!" When Kaori yelled that, the whole room then went silent as everyone looked at Kaori and I.

"Heh, of course school supplies girl! And don't worry, I'm ready whenever you are." I smirked.

"Tch, you. . ." I noticed Kaori getting red in the face.

"I mean, it's just a kiss that I have to do, so why not do it right here, right now?" I walked around her in a circle as her face got even more red. "Besides, I'm not going to do anything sexual on you right? Plus, I kind of wondered what it's like for you to be in this situation? Are you also a virgin Kaori?"

Kaori's face was getting redder as I "seduced" her more just to get her to kiss me. It was then that I wrapped my arms from behind her around her waist and moved up to her chest.

"St-stop. . .I am not going to ki-AH~!"

I noticed Kaori go red and I gently fondled her breasts. "Well, Kaori, we can do this in two ways: Either I keep fondling you and possibly bang you in front of the whole cafeteria, or you kiss me."

Kaori then slapped her hands away from me, turned around, and then kissed me on the lips. I used my tongue as Megumi said and moved under and over her tongue.

"Mmmm! A-azuma!" Kaori said as her face went redder. I then backed away from her mouth, leaving saliva as I then wiped my mouth across my shirt and said, "I thought you weren't interested in me romantically, so why is your face red?"

Kaori slapped me across the face and said, "I'm not romantically interested in you! Don't take it the wrong way idiot!"

What a tsundere.


It was the 2nd day of me being the Girls Club, as Megumi, Crown Sadist, clapped her hands happily with glee and joy.

"Well, that kissing game was quite fun! And I loved how you were trying to sound all sexy looking Azuma!"

"Shut it sadist, it was a one and done thing only. Just Kaori and that's it!" I stated.

"Oh, but what about the other Girls Club Members?" Megumi said with a grin, "You haven't played the kissing game with them yet!"

"Wh-what the hell?! No you female sadistic pervert!" I yelled as I started hitting Megumi.


Outside of the girls club and the school, there was a girl. She had short blue hair and was wearing sunglasses, she also had on a different school uniform. Her cell phone rang as she answered it, "Hello?"

"Hey! Are you in there yet?"

"No, not yet."

"Well then, you still have your plan right?"

"On getting revenge on Azuma Hozumi? Of course!"

"Well good, you know, how long have you've known this Azuma guy?"

"Since childhood."

"Ah, so you're his-"

"Childhood friend? Yes, I am. . ."