Grace Dances Upon the Clouds

Dreams are better than reality – that is what Haru believes. Given the choice, he would rather sleep than work towards anything. One day, a dream fairy named Grace appears, dancing upon the clouds in his dreamscape.

“Hope lies within you. It is lovely." Those words and her bright smile change everything. Having stumbled upon his 'dream girl', Haru seeks out real world experiences to enhance his nighttime encounters with her.

Though Grace only lives within his head, he can’t help but look up at the possibilities, even as others notice his changes. Will Haru stick with his elusive dream, or will he find ‘grace’ in the real world?

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

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Jun 02, 2023icon-views 2.6 Kicon-reaction-186
Chapter 0: Prologue – Grace Born from Desire
Jun 04, 2023icon-views 1.7 Kicon-reaction-160
Chapter 1: I’ll Sleep on It
Jun 06, 2023icon-views 1.2 Kicon-reaction-157
Chapter 2: It Takes Two
Jun 09, 2023icon-views 849icon-reaction-154
Chapter 3: Dream Conjuring
Jun 11, 2023icon-views 705icon-reaction-148
Chapter 4: School Daze
Jun 13, 2023icon-views 618icon-reaction-148
Chapter 5: Let Them Eat Cake
Jun 16, 2023icon-views 516icon-reaction-147
Chapter 6: Dance Fever
Jun 18, 2023icon-views 470icon-reaction-145
Chapter 7: Splash Zone
Jun 20, 2023icon-views 454icon-reaction-144
Chapter 8: Fever Dream
Jun 21, 2023icon-views 453icon-reaction-143
Chapter 9: Touching Greener Grass
Jun 23, 2023icon-views 420icon-reaction-145
Chapter 10: Just a Bit Jelly
Jun 25, 2023icon-views 517icon-reaction-142
Chapter 11: Harucchi the Rock (1)
Jun 27, 2023icon-views 372icon-reaction-140
Chapter 12: Harucchi the Rock (2)
Jun 28, 2023icon-views 222icon-reaction-138
Chapter 13: Interlude 1 – I Exist
Jun 30, 2023icon-views 462icon-reaction-135
Chapter 14: Deez Balls
Jul 02, 2023icon-views 318icon-reaction-134
Chapter 15: Kara-Oh-No!
Jul 03, 2023icon-views 315icon-reaction-136
Chapter 16: The Aftermath of a High
Jul 05, 2023icon-views 314icon-reaction-135
Chapter 17: Eyes Wide Open (1)
Jul 07, 2023icon-views 277icon-reaction-133
Chapter 18: Eyes Wide Open (2)
Jul 09, 2023icon-views 296icon-reaction-134
Chapter 19: Rock and Stroll
Jul 10, 2023icon-views 265icon-reaction-131
Chapter 20: The Place For Haru
Jul 12, 2023icon-views 265icon-reaction-130
Chapter 21: Summer Break
Jul 14, 2023icon-views 278icon-reaction-133
Chapter 22: Maid Up His Mind
Jul 16, 2023icon-views 239icon-reaction-129
Chapter 23: The Five Man Band
Jul 17, 2023icon-views 267icon-reaction-129
Chapter 24: Reality x Dream
Jul 19, 2023icon-views 233icon-reaction-129
Chapter 25: Bent-Oh!
Jul 21, 2023icon-views 232icon-reaction-129
Chapter 26: Curried Favors
Jul 23, 2023icon-views 233icon-reaction-127
Chapter 27: Play That Song
Jul 24, 2023icon-views 230icon-reaction-127
Chapter 28: Hidden Meanings
Jul 26, 2023icon-views 213icon-reaction-126
Chapter 29: Festival Games
Jul 28, 2023icon-views 210icon-reaction-128
Chapter 30: Endless Sky
Jul 30, 2023icon-views 198icon-reaction-125
Chapter 31: Fly With Me
Jul 31, 2023icon-views 226icon-reaction-127
Chapter 32: Haru’s Promise
Aug 02, 2023icon-views 189icon-reaction-126
Chapter 33: Last Chance
Aug 04, 2023icon-views 110icon-reaction-125
Chapter 34: Interlude 2 – How Do I Say Goodbye
Aug 04, 2023icon-views 206icon-reaction-125
Chapter 35: The End of a Dream
Aug 06, 2023icon-views 189icon-reaction-125
Chapter 36: A New Normal
Aug 07, 2023icon-views 190icon-reaction-124
Chapter 37: I Dream, You Dream, We all Dream of…
Aug 09, 2023icon-views 196icon-reaction-125
Chapter 38: Connected
Aug 09, 2023icon-views 109icon-reaction-125
Chapter 39: Interlude 3 - ‘Grace’
Aug 10, 2023icon-views 239icon-reaction-124
Chapter 40: I’m Here
Aug 10, 2023icon-views 180icon-reaction-123
Chapter 41: Dreams of the Future
Aug 11, 2023icon-views 300icon-reaction-123
Chapter 42: Epilogue – With Grace
GenreComedyDramaMusicRomanceSlice of Life
UpdatedAug 11, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count58,963
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