Gun Girls Online

An unwanted college student who takes comfort in online games. A child idol haunted by the horrors of war. A abused teen who fights daily to protect her younger siblings. A online MMRPG that only the broken and desperate can find.

In a futuristic Japanese city ravaged by crime and terrorism, a classified devision of the Defense Corps uses cybernetic implants and advanced technology to create super-soldiers to serve as front-line defense agents. After secretly being implanted with chips that allow them to access the powers and transformations of their in-game characters, three girls with nothing to lose agree to become weapons to fight for justice and protect the innocent. Day after day, as FLA's for the top-secret Simbelyne project, they risk losing their humanity for the sake of others. Thrust into a world even bleaker than their individually hopeless existence's, they are exposed to the complexities of guilt, innocence, humanity, and justice as they seek a reason to truly live.

GenreGun ActionPhilosophicalSci-FiCrimeTragedy
UpdatedApr 21, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count25,472
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