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Hello! I'm just your average American Otaku! Reading and writing have been my passions ever since I was little. I love coffee, books, little kids, cat-ear headbands, stuffed animals, and anything that is full of sugar! I'm a university student, so please forgive my irregular updates. Thank you so much for your support!

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    The Titan and The Witch

    A woman fell through a time warp to old Japan. While normal-looking on the outside, a mild mental disability has caused her nothing but pain, despair and continued isolation from others. She's now feared as a "witch" in this new time because of cultural differences and her social-emotional impair...

    Updated: Oct 11, 2020
    ActionDramaIsekaiRomanceShort Story
    Volume One Cover

    Somehow, I fell in Love With My School's Biggest Gal!

    Sora Kusagi was just an average 6th grade student, drifting his way through life with no clear direction, until the fateful day that he and his friends decide to play a cruel prank on their seemingly smutty classmate Aki Assagi. In an epic backfire, the two end up becoming friends and Sora quickl...

    Updated: Apr 16, 2020
    DramaRomanceSchoolShoujoSlice of Life
    Gun Girls Online Arc 1 Main Characters

    Gun Girls Online

    An unwanted college student who takes comfort in online games. A child idol haunted by the horrors of war. A abused teen who fights daily to protect her younger siblings. A online MMRPG that only the broken and desperate can find. In a futuristic Japanese city ravaged by crime and terrorism, ...

    Updated: Apr 21, 2020
    CrimeGun ActionPhilosophicalSci-FiTragedy