Under The Shattered Eclipse

If the synopsis could be given in just a line, it would be,
"Love story between Killers".

Tamiko, a night owl and an introvert, who was enjoying his night life, walking under the beautiful starry night, suddenly noticed that his classmate, Yui, the most beautiful girl in the school who was also called 'The gentle princess', being followed by a mysterious stalker. Tamiko tires to protect Yui but escalates the situation in a way which aggravates the stalker into pulling out a knife and to kill Tamiko. But Tamiko was successful in protecting Yui. They slowly develop feelings for each other in the course of 2 months and started going out, until something wild happens that completely changes their life...

Someone from the shadows came out lurking. His motto?

"Love is the greatest curse."

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

It's finally complete! Its been a blast completing this story! Its my first ever novel that I wrote to completion. I am still an amateur writer, but I hope you would find this story fun to read!

And also, the chapter 0 has been rewritten just a few days ago.

If you think the story is too dark for the prompt anything like that, just hang in there till chapter 6! Things get a lot better after that! I promise I won't let you down.

Please do comment your thoughts to let me know how to improve, which part made you happy and anything in general!

Happy reading!

[Present-Day - Chance Encounter]

It's finally complete! Its been a blast completing this story! Its my first ever novel that I wrote to completion. I am still an amateur writer, but I hope you would find this story fun to read!

And also, the chapter 0 has been ...

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Jul 08, 2023icon-views 689icon-reaction-130
Chapter 0: Who is the main character?
Jul 09, 2023icon-views 317icon-reaction-124
Chapter 1: Its not a dream, but a nightmare.
Jul 10, 2023icon-views 266icon-reaction-124
Chapter 2: She was like a mirror...
Jul 11, 2023icon-views 249icon-reaction-121
Chapter 3: If you betray me, I will kill you.
Jul 12, 2023icon-views 234icon-reaction-119
Chapter 4: I trusted you...
Jul 13, 2023icon-views 250icon-reaction-117
Chapter 5: Remember, love is the greatest curse.
Jul 14, 2023icon-views 205icon-reaction-116
Chapter 6: A job date? Is that even real?
Jul 15, 2023icon-views 196icon-reaction-114
Chapter 7: We look like couples...
Jul 16, 2023icon-views 183icon-reaction-115
Chapter 8: This can't be what they call love, right?
Jul 22, 2023icon-views 178icon-reaction-114
Chapter 9: Aren't you jealous?
Jul 23, 2023icon-views 188icon-reaction-114
Chapter 10: She didn't have any clothes on...
Jul 30, 2023icon-views 174icon-reaction-114
Chapter 11: I don't mind being dead.
Jul 31, 2023icon-views 159icon-reaction-114
Chapter 12: You think I made dinner for you for free?
Aug 01, 2023icon-views 166icon-reaction-114
Chapter 13: Thank you for saving me.
Aug 02, 2023icon-views 172icon-reaction-114
Chapter 14: Who is that guy? Your boyfriend?
Aug 03, 2023icon-views 160icon-reaction-114
Chapter 15: Its just an indirect kiss.
Aug 04, 2023icon-views 150icon-reaction-114
Chapter 16: He was cheating on her...
Aug 05, 2023icon-views 139icon-reaction-112
Chapter 17: A ray of light, a ray of hope.
Aug 06, 2023icon-views 124icon-reaction-112
Chapter 18: We can... you know... live together.
Aug 07, 2023icon-views 113icon-reaction-111
Chapter 19: Did I fall asleep?
Aug 08, 2023icon-views 118icon-reaction-111
Chapter 20: Wearing a maid costume is...
Aug 09, 2023icon-views 139icon-reaction-112
Chapter 21: G cups? That big?
Aug 10, 2023icon-views 109icon-reaction-112
Chapter 22: ...do it... one more.
Aug 11, 2023icon-views 111icon-reaction-112
Chapter 23: You are just too beautiful.
Aug 12, 2023icon-views 94icon-reaction-112
Chapter 24: Thank you for everything.
Aug 13, 2023icon-views 97icon-reaction-112
Chapter 25: Seductive Yuki... sounds very erotic
Aug 14, 2023icon-views 86icon-reaction-110
Chapter 26: How many babies you want?
Aug 15, 2023icon-views 88icon-reaction-19
Chapter 27: Is she, going to be executed?
Aug 16, 2023icon-views 56icon-reaction-13
Chapter 28: He is coming...
Aug 17, 2023icon-views 44icon-reaction-13
Chapter 29: I will have no mercy today.
Aug 18, 2023icon-views 32icon-reaction-12
Chapter 30: Your advice truly works.
Aug 19, 2023icon-views 24icon-reaction-11
Chapter 31: W-well, you wanted a kiss...
Aug 19, 2023icon-views 29icon-reaction-11
Chapter 32: Close your eyes.
Aug 20, 2023icon-views 37icon-reaction-11
Chapter 33: My wife is pregnant.
Aug 21, 2023icon-views 29icon-reaction-11
Chapter 34: Under the shattered eclipse [END]
UpdatedAug 31, 2023
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