The Demonlord's Babysitter

What do you get when the Isekai'd hero introduces advanced technology and firearms to a world of sword and magic, only to screw off with his harem after defeating the Demon King?


And lots of it.

In the city that never slumbers, three survivors from the Hero's War carve out a living as sellswords and "Fixers." Unique individuals hired to do odd jobs.

Bob Hamilton, a grizzled war-mage augmented with cybernetics.

Lilly Butterfly, a catgirl with a penchant for miniguns and stabbin.

And finally, Pablo Vázquez, a gentle excommunicated priest with an unwelcomed guest living in his head.

From dungeon diving, blowing up city blocks, and getting in shoot-outs with local gangs, Special Services Inc. barely manages to scrap by no matter how many jobs they take.

Luckily an offer from a dubious contractor gives them a job, one that might allow them to avoid their kidneys being taken by loan sharks. The task? Steal a box.

Simple enough, right?


UpdatedOct 24, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count3,528
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