The No-life's Regression

Gwok Jung-won has given up on having a decent life. If he always gets cheated on because what he has is pitiful, then why bother dating. If he has to meet his ex-girlfriend at work, who always smirks at him, then why bother working. Why, just why does he have to live, anyway??

But sometimes, someone can be so radiant that makes people forget what made their day bad or stressful, even just by her presence. Eun Dona is like that, so sometimes, she can inspire others to do something other than freeloading. Therefore, after a long long time, Jung-won takes his first step, into the outside world.

Even though the outside world has been wrecked by monsters and dungeon gates. It's the chad mindset, man!

#misunderstanding #bitch_slap #Seoul

#misunderstanding #bitch_slap #Seoul

GenreShounenLitRPGTime travel
UpdatedDec 06, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count4,941
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