The Queen of Nowhere

Ahn Ji-Ho, a nineteen year old girl is on a journey to find a new home amidst her world's calamity when she stumbles upon a mysterious and beautiful woman.

Zhou Meihua, a beautiful yet inept girl saves Ji-Ho from certain death, capturing her heart in an instant.

The two converse, and Ji-Ho is invited to forever stay by her side. Yet, a promise is shattered when the mysterious calamity known as the Decay swallows their personages whole, removing their memory from the face of the ruined Earth.

Waking up in a new world beside Mei, Ji-Ho discovers she has gained incredible and unknown power.

Ji-Ho finds herself in a completely different world with a beautiful girl she barely knows, one where god-like power is completely feasible.



Art by @Qonnnarts

GenreAdventureFantasyGameSurvivalGirls Love
UpdatedMay 15, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count10,434
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