UZUME | Whispering: Files

Nothing ever changes, nothing ever stands out of the ordinary, nothing ever matters. Anything that does happen has already been decided; what’s decided are things that are bound to happen. We all just play our part. We all just follow along. We all just tread the path that’s been decided for us… until someone doesn’t. Until someone’s actions deviate from the expected. Until someone points out how strange our world really is. Then what? Do we shift out of the ordinary? Do we do the unexpected? Or do we weed out the cancer? The person that’s making things change, the person that’s acting as though what we do matters… The person that’s acting… strange.

Where did she come from? No one knows. Who is she? No one knows. How and why did she come here? No one knows. But she’s here now, and she’s different. Different than the rest of us, different… than me. And her name is Uzume.

GenreHorrorMysteryPsychologicalThrillerShort Story
UpdatedJan 07, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count9,876
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