You Want Me? No Way!

At the age of ten, she had her first crush.
At the age of thirteen, she had her fourth crush turned puppy love.
At the age of eighteen, she had fallen in love.
Got her first ever major heartbreak.
At the age of nineteen, her first love courted her.
At the age of twenty one, they broke up.
At the age of twenty three, she's still in so much pain.
At the age of twenty four, she finally moved on.
At the age of twenty five, her first love and first boyfriend came back. He said that he wanted her back.
Everyone around them is nagging and pushing her into his arms. The only exceptions are her two besties and...
Her ex-boyfriend's rival?!
Wait.... What?! This stoic and nonchalant guy?! Why?!?
“Because i said so.” was the only reply he gave to her.
“You want me for yourself, eh!” she triumphantly said in a sarcastic way.
“What if I do? What can you do?”
“Really? You want me? Hah! No way!”
“Well... Let's see...”
“W-what?!— Hey! Come back here!”

GenreRomanceSchoolSlice of LifeShort Story
UpdatedFeb 24, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count656
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