Online Love

I have this superpower or maybe you can call it strong intuition. Whenever something bad is going to happen, there is a weird uneasiness in my heart that I can't put my finger on.

When I was eighteen years old, that feeling started gnawing at me after which mom died. After my mom's death, now I am an orphan. Trying to take my mind off things I decided to indulge in social media. That was when I came across a Japanese girl on Twitter. We talked every day, about inane things and we were in perfect sync. I was growing more and more fond of her.

But, one day, she suddenly stopped responding to my messages. I was getting restless and texted her day in and day out. But no responses. Then it hit me that I would never be able to talk to that girl again.

"How can I miss someone I have never met?"

It was only after two years that I witnessed a major turning point in my life.

Prompt: Impossible Romance
Theme(s): #Drama
My themes: #Tragedy #HighSchool

Prompt: Impossible Romance
Theme(s): #Drama
My themes: #Tragedy #HighSchool

UpdatedJun 21, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count11,555
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