Every Night Has a Star

Nagase lays in bed listening to the birds' chirp outside.

She can feel the warmth of the sun from the window beside her.

A light spring breeze envelopes her, shifting the tiny hairs on her arms.

Chilly, yet the looming presence of the approaching summer was apparent.

She sits up and tries to get used to the room she will now be living in for knows how long.

She can smell the new paint as it continues to flood her nostrils blocking any chance of

enjoying the smells of spring.

Her mom told her the paint was baby blue because her mom knew it was one of the only

colors Nagase still remembered from when she was little.

She made a mental note to thank her for that later, yet at the same time, she hated it.

She wanted nothing more than to forget.

GenreDramaSlice of Life
UpdatedApr 15, 2019
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count4,498
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