BokuKoi: I'm An Otaku, So Girls Can't Possibly Fall For Me vol. 1

Takuhiko Koizumi used to be the kind of otaku that gives others a bad name; always staying in his bedroom preferring to gaze at 2D girls rather than interact with real ones. This all changes one day when his mother (who is a manga artist so you know it's really sad) has had enough of his anti-social behavior and "encourages" him to make friends at his new high school.

Now Takuhiko must endure the torture that is the Japanese education system in the hopes of making friends as well as find possible haremettes, especially taking interest in a mysterious, silent 6 foot tall silver "angel" he met at the train station. From Weeaboos that ooze "Kawaii" to former Tsundere idols to cute cosplayers that aren’t really girls (it’s complicated), what Moe archetype do we not have in store?!

(Update: Ignore what happened earlier, I didn't know I could just change the E-mail the whole time....yeah I'm kind of an idiot. Either way: Major Edits since I am a notorious perfectionist)

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GenreComedyHaremSchoolSlice of Life
UpdatedMay 11, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
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